30 Unusual Crossbreed Dogs That Will Baffle Your Mind

  • Cormation (Dalmation + Corgi)

If you have ventured to this list in search of one of the strangest yet ultimately coolest crossbreeds on the market, your search can stop with the Cormation. This is probably one of the strangest dogs to look at, but his cool coat and physique make for something we can’t- and don’t want to look away from.


The Cormation is designed with a small and fairly long Corgi body, but he is covered in those beloved Dalmation spots everyone knows and loves. So, the Cormation is simply a miniature-sized Dalmation with the body of a Corgi and face of a Dalmation. He is quite a sight!

Although this cute unique breed is not given a particular official name, many people commonly refer to it as ‘corgimation’. Although its origin was quite unknown, it is said to have created by the breeders to obtain a distinctive dog that has unique dalmation coat and also the small ground structure like that of the corgi.

The cormation/corgimation is quite intelligent in nature and is popular for its playfulness and companionship. He loves playing with toys and is a cute, adaptable, rare, cheerful designer dog available today.


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