30 Unusual Crossbreed Dogs That Will Baffle Your Mind

  • Dachi (Dachshund + Chihuahua)

We can confidently say that chihuahuas are a favorite, and they just so happen to blend well with a whole lot of other breeds, too- and that includes the Dachshund. You will love this breed because it completely meshes the breeds together and creates a unique appearance, unlike anything you have seen before. But don’t worry- the cute factor is still very high!


This chihuahua-dachshund mix dog is popularly called the Chiweenie and is one of the most unique crossbreed dogs in this list. Although Chiweenie’s started recently in the 1990’s it became quite popular with hundreds of people sharing its images on the internet. Some people even funnily term it ‘the Mexican hotdog’ and quite popular on social media humor.

As both chihuahua and dachshund both being great lap dogs, the Chiweenie also is a great lapdog for any individual. However, they are known for braveness, confidence and daring attitude. Thus some owners may keep them out of children and kids.

Funny Chiweenie loves hair dryer

The Dachi’s may be available in various colors and even in bi-colored too. They are caring and loving dogs who are loyal to their owners every time.


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