30 Unusual Crossbreed Dogs That Will Baffle Your Mind

  • German Chow (German Shepherd + Chow Chow)

People love German Shepherds because they are smart and caring, but people also love Chow Chows because they are just so cool to look at. The German Chow, also known as the chow Sheperd is a crossbreed between a German shepherd and the Chow Chow.


The distinct look of the Chow Chow remains in the German Chow, but he gets a bit of a slender makeover when combined with the German Shepherd.

While the German chow’s face and muzzle resemble that of the German shepherd, it does have the mane-like fur as chow chow. Thus overall it looks quite unique almost looking like a cute bear.

Watch this HD Filming of German chow

Surely you won’t see the German Chow on any police forces anytime soon, but we can’t deny the fact that we love seeing the dominant appearance of the German Shepherd making its way onto the fun-loving Corgi’s body and perky, upright ears.


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