30 Unusual Crossbreed Dogs That Will Baffle Your Mind

  • Cheagle (Chihuahua + Beagle)

If you are looking for one of the absolute cutest crossbreeds available to the public, your search can stop with the Cheagle. The Cheagle has the sweet, tiny body of a Chihuahua, but the face is all Beagle. This is one of the cutest dogs you will find on this list.


It is also called the Chi-Bea, Chibeagle and is a compact fun-loving dog.

With one of the parents being a medium-sized breed (beagle) and the other being a small breed, the cheagle can obtain the physical traits of either of the parents or even both mixed. However, in most cases, the cheagle is out to be on the smaller side as that of the chihuahua.

With gentleness and friendliness as that of the beagle, and the cuteness and smallness as that of the chihuahua, cheagle is a toy breed and is one of the popular mixed-breed dogs ever.

Watch the Funny video of Cheagle

Most importantly, those long, floppy ears, they have.. you are gonna fall in love with them instantly.


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