Spiritual Meaning of Broken Blood Vessel In Your Eye

People following a spiritual path understand that the body, mind, and spirit are connected. Thus, whatever happens to the body has implications for the soul and vice versa. When your physical body is injured or when you become unwell, it can also be seen as a sign of some symbolic message that you should take to heart.

One example of this is a broken blood vessel in the eye. Myth and lore have followed this condition since antiquity and even today. So, what do broken blood vessels in the eye mean spiritually? What is the true symbolism of blood in the eyes?

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Spiritual Meaning of Broken Blood Vessel in Eye:

The simplest way to interpret this (broken blood vessel in the eye) from a spiritual perspective is to break down the basic components of this condition. A problem to the eye represents a “breakthrough” in how you see the world. This can be a shattering of illusions or a break in your sense of reality.

Symbolically, you can also see this condition as a dramatic break in your self-image or self-awareness caused by some shocking secret coming to light. As the old saying goes, “the eyes are the windows to the soul” and so there may be some dramatic breakthrough that brings your conscious and unconscious awareness together. This level of epiphany may feel unsettling at first.

Just as the condition is usually not painful but is greatly unsettling to look at, this period in your life may be marked by some important truths “breaking through” to the surface and causing a transformation that is unpleasant on the surface but rejuvenating on a deeper level.

Thus, the popped blood vessel in the eye spiritually signifies a breakthrough of illusions or a break from an important image that brings you into a higher awareness of the truth. Because it involves bleeding, you can also look at the spiritual significance of blood.

Blood is associated with vitality as it is the crucial life force in the body. Thus, it is also associated with passion, energy, and strength. When someone has a broken blood vessel in the eye, they may have a breakthrough that brings their strength and passion to the surface and lead them to a new understanding or new perception.

A broken blood vessel in your eye may seem an unlucky condition because it can change your appearance temporarily. However, if you consider it well worth the pain of disillusionment to gain new wisdom, this can turn out to be a fortunate time of breakthroughs in the long run. See Is this the most amazing way to predict all your future events? (154,845 People tried this)

Broken Blood Vessel in the Left Eye – Spiritual Meaning

Now that you have a basic understanding of the spiritual significance of a broken blood vessel in the eye, you can take the symbolic message even further by examining which eye is affected. If you have a broken blood vessel in your left eye, the implications are slightly different.

The left side of the body is associated with receptive, feminine energy and with your psychic connection to the larger Universe. You may have a breakthrough that changes your perception of the world and opens you to your larger connection with the spiritual realm. An intuitive breakthrough may be on the horizon as well when the left eye is affected.

You may need to internalize a message from your intuition now, even if part of the message involves dramatically changing your view of yourself. You may have to examine your inner motivations and subconscious desires now. You may also be shocked to learn that your true mission or purpose is not what you thought it was and this revelation can change the way you see yourself.

Broken Blood Vessel in the Right Eye – Spiritual Meaning

Contrasting this with the symbolic meaning of a broken blood vessel in the right eye. When the condition impacts the right eye, consider the spiritual meaning of this side of the body at large. The right side is considered projective. It is associated with your relationship to the outside world rather than your subconscious and inner world.

When someone has a broken blood vessel in their right eye, they may have a shocking revelation that changes how they see their relationships with others. A broken blood vessel in the right eye is associated with an unexpected or even challenging situation that may change how you see your friends, allies, partner, or the world around you rather than changing how you see your role in the larger world.

You may need to express your vision with greater passion. If you’ve been stifling your ideas and views, this broken blood vessel can be seen as a reminder that you need to break out of your shell, even if others are shocked or upset by what you have to say.

The association with such a dramatic, unexpected, and sudden condition like this is usually made to some subconscious awareness or secret coming to the surface in a striking or disruptive way.

Historic Symbolism of Broken Blood Vessel in Eye:

The historic symbolism of a broken blood vessel in the eye can be found in texts dating back to the time of Pythagoras. Under the Humoral Theory of medicine which assigned physical systems and body parts to one of several humors, it was believed that all body issues were associated with imbalances of various humoral substances.

Image: researchgate.net via cc4.0

By this theory, a broken blood vessel signaled an imbalance of sanguine energy in the personality. The sanguine personality is associated with an excess of blood and the element of air.


If you have a broken blood vessel in your eye, it is a sign of a significant message and is definitely a condition that can have a deeper symbolic meaning.

You may have to face something disturbing to see or confront. You may be challenged to change your view of yourself or of your ideas about others. Though new information may be shocking or disruptive, this can also be a time of great epiphanies and psychic awakenings.

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