The Spiritual Meaning Of Hole In the Ear: Preauricular Pit Spiritual Meaning

The idea of someone having a hole in their ear may seem common. Most of us are born with a canal in both ears that allows us to hear. Yet for a small part of the population, a reference to a hole in your ear takes on a whole different meaning.

This is because some people are born with a tiny hole near the ear, just outside of where the upper ear attaches to the side of their head. It may be unnoticeable, but if you see this at all, it will likely look like a piercing.

A person can be born with such a hole on one or both ears. From a distance, it may be invisible or just look like a tiny freckle. Yet in some cultures, this unique characteristic has deeper significant meanings.

So, what are the various spiritual meanings of a hole in the ear? Does it symbolize anything? Is the preauricular sinus actually mentioned in the Bible? See The Powerful Reading to tap into all future events heading your way (It works)

Hole in the Ear Spiritual Meaning:

The technical term for this phenomenon is a Preauricular Pit or Preauricular Sinus. It’s estimated that only one in every 12,500 people born will have this unique trait. Because it’s rare, some people may feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Yet there’s no reason to fear a Preauricular Pit. In fact, it may be a very important sign about your destiny and life path.

Hole in the Ear Spiritual Meaning
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Different cultures have a positive association with this tiny hole in the ear and good fortune. In fact, spiritually speaking, there aren’t really any negative connotations associated with this trait. If you have this additional hole in your ear, you may be blessed with a life of abundance.

The Yoruba people of Nigeria believe it gives the ability to attract wealth. As an indicator of abundance and good fortune, it is a blessing to be one of the few people to be born with an extra hole in your ear, not something to be ashamed of.

Others associate the Preauricular Pit with added supernatural abilities. Among these is the ability to see spirits. Since the ears are associated with hearing, communication, and perception, an additional hole in the ear is considered a sign that you have an open channel of communication with other realms.

Consider also that one Preauricular Pit may as opposed to one in each ear may indicate the intensity of your sensitivity to the spirit realm. With a pit on each ear, it is believed that you are highly attuned to the spirit world and can sense more than others. See Is this the most amazing way to predict all your future events? (154,845 People tried this)

To people in Ethiopia, if you’re one of the few people born with this characteristic, it is believed that luck and wealth will come easily to you. This trait may make you the focus of others’ admiration, but potentially also attract the attention of those who may be jealous of your fortunate nature.

Preauricular Sinus In the Bible: (Hole in the ear Biblical Meaning)

There are also ancient beliefs about a hole in the ear that relate to a passage in the Bible. In Exodus, a passage speaks of a master bringing a servant to the door to pierce their ear with an awl as a sign of voluntary bondage. Elsewhere, Psalm 40 reads, “Mine ears hast thou opened.” As this psalm speaks to the importance of devoting your body to God as a Servant of the Divine, this passage suggests that a hole in the ear is a sign of servitude. This passage speaks of being a willing servant to a master, in this case symbolically, a servant of God. Therefore, a preauricular pit may suggest a life of service to others based on your spiritual or religious beliefs.

Some believe this passage also describes the ancient Hebrew practice of piercing the ear with an awl. Though it is important to note a true preauricular pit is not formed with the use of an awl, nor any other instrument. It occurs naturally at birth.

Some have come to associate this with devotion to God and a connection to the Holy Spirit. This again draws on the idea that a preauricular pit opens you up to a stronger connection, being able to “hear” the messages from God that others may miss if only listening with their mundane senses.

Spiritual Meaning of the Preauricular pit vs The Inner Fish Theory:

On the crossroads where science and spirituality meet, there is a theory that a hole in the ear is a throwback to our evolution from fish. Paleontologist and biologist Neil Shubin poses a theory that these holes are evidence of human evolution from fish, or what he calls signs of your “Inner Fish.”

While this theory is not based on religious belief, it does create a synchronistic connection to the powerful symbolism of the Fish in many spiritual paths. In Christianity, the Fish is symbolic of Jesus, as well as the concept of offering, nourishment and divine connection.

More broadly, Fish is associated also with abundance, good fortune, and the ability to see into many realms. As the symbol of the highly psychic sign of Pisces, this connection also suggests one who has a compassionate nature, gift for healing, and attuned psychic senses.


The presence of a second hole in the ear or preauricular pit is rare, but can be regarded as an important symbol. If you are one of the few people to have this trait, consider how you may devote your life to healing or serving others in alignment with your beliefs.

When you encounter someone with this characteristic, you are in the presence of someone widely believed to be gifted. This person may be psychic, empathic, and may also have great fortune. Though specific beliefs vary among different traditions, the general consensus is that a person with a second hole in one or both ears has a special path ahead and their connection to the spiritual realm may be part of their apparent luck in this world.

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