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Tell me….

Whom you’ll ask… when you are ill – A Doctor or a Barber?

Whom you’ll ask.. when you are depressed – A Psychiatrist or a Carpenter?

Whom you’ll ask.. when you want to get styled – A Stylist or a Driver?

But.. What are you doing when you seek online information?

A completely random person.. teaching a completely random topic.. Yet, you are still blindly listening to him.

Yes, This is the Real Truth.. In fact, 90% of the online information is created by big companies, creating a bunch of bullshit articles daily. They neither want to provide you value nor want to hire experts to get the job done.

Thus you finally end up reading THE BULLSHIT online, which is written by BULLSHIT people.

So.. With ‘Digest From Experts’, we are gonna put an end to this.. FOREVER

DigestFromExperts is a readers’ digest where we publish content only from THE EXPERTS. Yes, with 100% Real experts, there will be ZERO bullshit.

And We welcome to a new online world, where you’ll receive the right information from the right people..

So.. Next time, when you read a fashion article from a random woman, or

when you read a Relationship article from a random guy.. Close that Bullshit website and open our, and seek whatever you want from the Right People.

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