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Itchy Right foot Meaning | What does it Mean when your Right foot itches?

The belief system is an essential aspect of our existence as a human being.

In fact, different people from different spiritual backgrounds follow a normative set of unshakable thoughts, that is passed on to them right from their ancestors.

One such belief.. that is quite popular even today is the itching of one’s right foot.

Yes, an irritating sensation on the person’s right foot has a unique importance in our society. That too with different meanings in different cultures.

So, what does it mean when your right foot itches? What are the lists of beliefs surrounding this itchy right foot? And finally, what you should believe at the end of the day?

Meaning 1: What does it Mean when your Right foot itches? (According to the Historical Perspectives..)

Although there are different beliefs surrounding an itchy foot, the one that is quite popular is “You will be going on a journey to a new place”.

Yes, Majority of people around the world thinks this way. They sometimes even share their interpretation of this experience.

The belief strongly points an itching right foot’s sole as a predictor of an exciting journey. It means that your feet are not going to stay still and your trip will begin soon. The journey will be somewhere to a place where you will be welcomed, appreciated and admired to a greater extent. Added, the results of the journey will be very much beneficial for you.

The belief is almost similar across different cultures but one opposite meaning is “your travel might be filled with sorrow.” But there is no real mention what the sorrow actually is.. Maybe you need a new pair of shoes. or May be you will face confusion in deciding where to travel.. Who knows?

Meaning 2: What does it Mean when your Right foot itches? (According to Turkey Natives)

Turkey is an Islamic state. The natives here believe that an itch on your right foot signals good luck that is approaching you speedily. Itching at the start of your day is a hint that you will have a good time.

According to Turkey beliefs.. if your right foot itches at the beginning of a new job, business, relationship or journey, then most probably you will be getting success in that work. In fact, this itch predicts that your new stage will be prosperous.

Meaning 3: What does it Mean when your Right foot itches? (According to Tales from Ancient families of Asia)

Old wives tales and superstitions in Asia about itchy right foot belong to both rural and urban population. Interesting information about this itchy right foot is passed from generations to generations.

According to this, whenever a person has an itchy right foot, he/she must get up and immediately go out of the home for some time. They can go out for anything like work, outing, enjoying, eating, meeting someone etc.

Meaning 4: What does it Mean when your Right foot itches? (According to Spiritual and Religious Perspectives..)

Spiritual healers think that itchy right foot stands for “God’s truth teaching you to become active to change your destiny”. Another spiritual concept behind right itchy foot highlights a dissatisfied life in future.

Jews & Christians-

Bible followers show another meaning for an itchy right foot. According to them, if you have an itchy right foot, it indicates a constant desire to go farther. The desire to reach a better place from where you are at the moment of itch on your right foot.

From Jewish and Christianity viewpoints, itching on right foot would shift you to a new destination but without a real purpose in your mind.

Omens & Fortunes-

Another view pointed out that itchy right foot is a hint towards a profitable journey. This means you will be undergoing a purposeful trip with joyful outcomes.

Meaning 5: What does it Mean when your Right foot itches? (According to psychology)

Whatever may be the belief, the strong support is always cooked in your mind. Symbols, manifestations and latent meanings are often explored when you mix both spiritual interpretation and psychological principles .

According to this point of view, right foot itching is an indication of positive energy inviting you to the initiation of some opportunity. It asks you to suddenly prepare for a fruitful and beneficial journey. Psychology also gives you a message that you are capable of overcoming hurdles in your successful journey.

Conclusion: What you should believe at the end of the day?

Myths, faiths, or facts; if we closely analyze.. these all are interconnected to somewhat your anatomy. Surprised? Yes, Upon close analysis, you will find out that they are closely linked with each other.

Do you know, the right side is a term used to good, correct, and positive connotations. On the other hand, a foot’s function is to take you away, urge you to move on, travel, shift, and mobility in your life. Thus together, your right foot itching signifies the mobility of your foot in a positive direction. The meaning is it will take you away, urge you to move on and push to travel and shift to a better place.

This clearly summarizes that the extract of various beliefs has a similar root.

Written by Nazish Idress Chaudary, Edited by Team Digestfromexperts

Nazish Idrees Chaudhary is a psychologist who currently works at Dr. Khalid Clinic, Lahore. She completed her Master of philosophy, clinical psychology from the University of central Punjab and worked as a Sr. Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist at Lahore psychiatry clinic. She also has a master's degree in HDFS-Human Development and Family Studies and even worked as a lecturer and consultant. Her biggest hobbies include Astrology, Tarot reading and loves sharing her immense knowledge to people.

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