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What Is The Rizz Face? Meaning, Origin, Memes, and More

With new slang words popping up all the time, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. One of the latest ones that even got the award for word of the year in 2023 is Rizz. It’s a slang word that was added to both the Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster.

But what is this “Rizz Face”? What exactly does it mean? If you’re not sure, then this post will shed some light to help you understand what Rizz Face and other Rizz face related memes, emojis, and characters are really about.

What is the Rizz?

To understand what Rizz Face is, we first have to consider the term “Rizz”. Well, Rizz is a latest slang word that basically shortens the word “charisma”. It has a similar meaning to charisma, but there are different ways that people have actually explained the term. This means that while the basis for the term remains the same, people see it from different perspectives.

As the term started to become popular, a lot of people decided to share their own explanations of what it meant.

According to one TikToker, Murican Mike, Rizz means to have the ability to charm a love interest. Another TikToker Kai Cenat explains that Rizz is having a “game” and being able to use your charm in a situation.

It’s basically a way of saying someone is charming and a “smooth talker”. You’ll notice that in a lot of cases, it refers to men who are smooth when it comes to flirting with the ladies, but the term has evolved a bit.

What is the ‘Rizz Face’? Meaning, Origin, and Spread of Memes

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Once the word Rizz started to surface, another trend soon followed. This was the Rizz Face trend, which basically involves a certain expression that shows off the “Rizz” you have.

Even celebrities started to join in on the trend and show off their Rizz Face for fans.

Everyone has their own opinions, but in general, the best kind of Rizz to have is what people now call “W Rizz”. There’s also “L Rizz”, but that’s actually the opposite of “W Rizz”.


This Rizz face trend actually started with a TikTok and YouTuber, Kai Cenat. He actually used the term Rizz Face with his friends at first, and then it started to become a trend.

Kai was born in 2001 and is known for creating a variety of different videos on social media platforms. He’s also an online streamer and has become popular for the comedy in the videos he posts.

While he talked about Rizz being charming, Kai actually had a lot of fun expressing things when he started with the whole Rizz Face trend. The second time he mentioned the term was in 2021, the 9th of July. He mentioned the term “W Rizz” at the time. Kai then became a trend, with some YouTubers creating video compilations of Kai, focusing on his Rizz Face.

Following all of the hype, Kai decided to publish one of his Twitch streams on his YouTube channel. He titled the video “Kai Cenat Opens Rizz Academy”, and that video really took off at the time.

This is where the Rizz Face started, but since then, several new variations of the Rizz Face meme have popped up on the internet.

Spread of Rizz face Memes, Rizz face emoji, and several people/characters making a Rizz face:

A particularly popular variation of this is the Donkey Rizz. It refers to Donkey in the movie Shrek, who used his “Rizz Face” to charm a dragon and eventually even had babies with her.

Also, there is the Miles Morales Rizz Face. It refers to Miles Morales (A comic book character and the second predominant Spider-Man in the Marvel comics) who uses his W Rizz face to flirt with Gwen.

Next, there is the Rizz face emoji, which represents a face with raised eyebrows, one hand resting on its chin, and a facial expression showing the charisma and Rizz.

Likewise, several other Rizz face memes gained popularity, with each depicting various characters and people trying out the Rizz face trend therefore making a Rizz face. This includes the Shrek Rizz face, Jax Rizz face, Roblox Rizz face, Monkey Rizz face, Uncle Aaron Rizz face, etc

Trey Kennedy, a well-known comedian, even created a video with his understanding and version of Rizz.

Tom Holland said in one interview that he lacks Rizz, although soon after, Zendaya came out telling the world that shy Rizz, which is what Tom has, according to her, is also a thing.

Some people even think that Tom Holland’s use of the word Rizz is what gave it that extra push it needed to become 2023’s word of the year, according to Oxford Dictionary.


Rizz basically means charisma, but it’s also about having a “game”. Once the word Rizz started making its rounds, other related memes and trends began taking off as well, including Rizz Face, with several celebrities even joining in on the fun and showing their charisma through the TikTok’s Rizz Face trend.

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