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Are Tan Lines Sexy? Do Guys Find Them Attractive?

Summer days come with plenty of summer activities to enjoy with your friends and family. Time at the beach, water sports or simply spending more time outdoors are just a few of the most popular things people want to do during the hottest days of the year.

With tan lines being difficult to avoid, we wonder whether these tan lines are perceived as sexy by others or not. So, Are tan lines sexy? Do guys consider them attractive?

Well, personally I know guys who see tan lines as a bonus to the gorgeous tanned skin. Now, let’s look more in-depth at how men see and perceive tan lines.

Are Tan lines Attractive? What do Guys think about Tan lines?

Different individuals may have different opinions on tan lines. However there are some men who not only like tan lines, but they find them very attractive. They tend to believe that women are more attractive when they have tan lines and are not afraid to show them. 

According to a study by Smita C. Banerjee, S. Campo, K. Greene, men not only perceived tanned women as more attractive but also as being thinner. Participants were given pictures of models with skin tones from light to medium and dark tan. And the response was over 66% in favor of tanned women.

With that being said, there are, of course, different subjective opinions on the matter. But the majority of guys tend to appreciate tan lines and the way they highlight the tan on a woman’s body.

Many guys appreciate tan lines in women as they are a hint that they have a tan in the first place. But there are studies such as one performed by the Missouri School of Journalism, that show a light tan is more attractive to men than a dark tan.

Tan lines also seem to be considered more attractive on a light to medium tanned skin rather than a darker tan.

Even beauty magazines promote tanned skin, and they are not a fan of hiding those sexy lines that come with this beauty standard. And several surveys on adult men of all ages showed that they are more interested in women who have tan lines than in women with pale skin. 

On the other hand, Women also tend to find tan lines sexy even if some are still insecure about showing them in public. In a study by Imedeen, over 57% of women considered that having a tan and showing their tan lines made them look and feel more attractive.

Why do Men like Tan lines so much?

Why do guys like Tan lines so much?

We know that most guys and even women find tan lines sexy, but why is that? Besides personal preferences which have an important say in this aspect, it is a cultural aspect to consider as well. 

Yes, an interesting perspective goes even deeper than the aesthetic aspect of tan lines. If not all, some mature men tend to find women with a tan that is suggested through visible tan lines to be wholesome. This perspective is based on the understanding that tanned women spend more time outdoors, enjoy the seaside, and they are more active. All of these are qualities that men appreciate in a partner and they touch deeper compatibility notes than simply the appearance of their partner.

Some men also view tanned skin as being a sign of strength. Western culture, in particular, promoted tanned skin as a sign of beauty and strength since the 20th century, and the rise of media and television only added to that idea.

The beauty industry also set a certain standard for tan lines. Actresses, models, and VIPs often have tanned skin and easy-to-notice tan lines. this industry associated tanned skin and the lines that come with it with a level of femininity that men aspire to find in their partner. 

Therefore, women with tanned skin are seen as more desirable and role models in terms of beauty. Men are very responsive to this, and so, tanned women have a higher level of popularity.

Lastly, the individual factor has to be taken into account as well. After all, in spite of the opinion that is common among plenty of men, there are still some who would not be thrilled about tan lines.

Irina Maria Tracy is a published author, writer, and journalist who lives in Bucharest, Romania. She completed her journalism and mass communication degree from the University of Bucharest and went on to publish some top books in the fiction genre. Some of her top books include 'Haunted Aliens' 'Vampires Rapture' 'Adverbs of Love' etc. Irina also worked as an investigative journalist for a year and even collaborated with a TV channel for a political talk show (Bah TV). She loves writing and has contributed to many top magazines and newspapers such as the 'Story Magazine' 'Curentul Newspaper' and many others.