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5 Clear Signs Bastet Is Calling You | Egyptian Cat Goddess

Bastet is the Goddess associated with cats, whose worship began in Ancient Egypt and spread worldwide. Her worship endures to this day, and her lore and symbolism remains popular among modern spiritual seekers.

She is associated with cats because of her depiction as having a cat’s head and woman’s body, or sometimes she is portrayed as a black cat. She is the sister of the Lion headed Goddess, Sekhmet. Yet Bastet has important significance as the daughter of Ra and bringer of protection and power.

Bastet is associated with health, pleasure, and abundance. She is an important deity to appeal to for protection of home and family. Yet, like all deities, sometimes Bastet comes to you. But how would you know if this Goddess is calling you? What are the signs Bastet is calling you?

Well, let’s find out how someone would know if goddess Bastet wants to work with them..

5 Signs Bastet is calling you:

5 Clear Signs Bastet Is Calling You | Egyptian Cat Goddess
Eddi van W via Flickr cc2.0
  1. Cats begin visiting you

Sometimes people believe that a love of cats indicates a connection to Bastet, and while this may be true, when it comes to understanding spiritual symbolism, it’s best to look for signs of unusual connections.

If you love cats, it is reasonable to expect you would go out of your way to be around them. But what if you are indifferent toward cats, or don’t go out of your way to be around them, and they seek you?

If cats suddenly begin showing up at your doorstep, outside your work place, or if feline friends begin randomly following you on your morning walk, there’s a better chance Bastet is calling to you.

Cats are often her messengers. If you are repeatedly finding black cats in particular, you can expect there is something spiritual and otherworldly at play. So, when you are constantly finding cats on your path, pay attention, it’s likely Bastet is trying to send you a message through her earthly diplomats.

Thus, when you can’t escape from the random appearance of cats, you may need to meditate to connect with Bastet more directly.

  1. You dream of strange cats

It’s normal to dream of your cat or of cats you lived with who passed on. But if you begin dreaming of cats you don’t recognize from your waking life, you could be getting summoned in your sleep by Bastet.

Also pay attention to dreams that repeat, as these are most likely to be the most significant. They are trying to get your attention for a reason.

So yes, if goddess Bastet is calling you, she can signal to you in your sleep by using her most recognized symbol. Thus, she may show you dreams of cats in need of nurturing or rescuing because she is trying to protect you or lend her energy to benefit you in some way.

  1. You feel connected to Bastet’s symbolism

If you suddenly start feeling a connection to Bastet’s lore and symbolism, there is a good chance this Goddess is influencing you on a subconscious level.

Bastet is not just a Goddess associated with cats. She protects the home and guides people. She is an advocate for women and protects children. You may be summoned by Bastet if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant and then become interested in her lore and symbolism.

You may also be called by Bastet when you are suddenly interested in protecting your home and advocating for children. Thus, If you suddenly feel compelled to do Bastet’s work, it is an important sign that she is calling you, whether or not you experience any overtly supernatural occurrences.

  1. You are surrounded by Bastet synchronicity

In addition to suddenly feeling interested in Bastet’s lore and symbolism, you may also be called by Bastet if you are surrounded by synchronistic symbols and messages related to Bastet and her lore.

You may suddenly have numerous messages related to the need to protect your home, or may simply have an urge to protect your home or family. This may be a communication from Bastet.

You may also randomly encounter Bastet statuary or art without trying to find these symbols.

You may find yourself enjoying a movie only to find part of the plot has to do with Bastet or her lore.

Perhaps Bastet imagery appears in a psychic or Tarot reading.

Thus, you can be reasonably assured Bastet is summoning you, when symbols appear on your path without your intentional search for them. Pay attention to these incidences. One or two are coincidence, but if they continue it may be something more.

  1. Bastet speaks to you directly in dreams or trance

Sometimes a powerful Goddess like Bastet has to just get to the point. She may reach out to you through a dream or trance. You may encounter her in a direct message in which you recognize the form she is portrayed in. She may deliver her message to you through direct communication in a dream.

Bastet can also come to you through meditation or trancework. You may feel her presence or see her symbolism. You may even see Bastet as a cat or similar figure speaking to you when you are in these altered states of consciousness.


Although not all conversations with the Goddess Bastet are as direct as others, you can be reasonably assured that Bastet is communicating with you when you are surrounded by her lore, symbolism, and characteristics without seeking them.

Of course, you may be able to connect with her intentionally, but this is not the same as being called to her. A calling is initiated by the Goddess, not you. When you are called to the Goddess Bastet, she will usually use symbols and references that you can recognize but which also require you to dig deeper to connect the dots.

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