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Elegua Offerings: The 8 Offerings to Invoke Eshu Eleggua Orisha

Elegua is the messenger deity for the Orishas; he is both wise and youthful, and his energy is very dynamic and often attention-seeking.

Elegua is also the Orisha of change and life, which is why he manifests himself through various social roles and in various human situations and interactions. He is an indispensable force that helps his followers start a new action or work that needs to be done.

However, Elegua is prone to pouting and refusing offerings, which is why this article can be of great importance. So, what are the various offerings that can be given to elegua? How to invoke elegua with offerings that he likes/eats? How to build an altar for elegua? Well, let’s find out everything today..

Elegua Offerings: How to invoke Elegua for Help?

How to invoke Elegua for Help? Elegua Altar
Image: Happycheetha32 via wikimedia commons cc4.0

In order to appease and approach Elegua in the right way, there’s one thing you need to know – he’s very childlike and loves attention, thus whenever your offerings are refused, or prayers are not answered – pay more attention to Elegua, and you’ll make him more merciful and attentive to your wishes.

Elegua is also considered a portal to the other gods, which is why it’s crucial to give offerings first to him, to appease him and make a strong bond with him, for he is, in a way, a conduit to all the other Orishas.

Elegua Altar: Since he is considered a traveling deity, the best place for his altar and offerings is near the doorway, or nearby entrances/exits to a household.

Elegua Offerings Timings: The best time to give offerings to Elegua is Monday, his favorite days of each month are 1st, 3rd, 7th, 11th and 21st, and his preferred colors are red and black. He’s also very fond of palm oil and Elegua oil.

The 8 Offerings to Invoke Eshu Eleggua Orisha:

Elegua Offering #1:

Since Elegua has very childlike energy, it’s only natural that this deity is fond of sweets and colorful wrappings. This is why it’s great to offer hard candies, or rum-filled chocolate candies in bright wrappings, to him on Mondays.

Offering toys, pennies, corn juice, and childhood regalia can also be very effective and prosperous in communicating with Elegua.

Elegua Offering #2:

Offerings of a more “serious” caliber are great when you have a “bigger” wish in mind or a deeper desire in your heart.

Thus, offerings such as rum, cigars, fish, beans, rice, chicken, and palm oil are very welcome. However, when offering meat, make sure to offer it either on a red plate or in a red cloth. You can also add black details such as adornments or cotton threads.

Elegua Offering #3:

Heard of offering ‘Red and black candles dressed in palm or Elegua oil’ to Elegua. Yes, you offer these when you want to show your gratitude to Elegua for any reason, but especially when your wish has been fulfilled, or your plea has been heard.

You can use other colors, but in that case, be prepared for rejection; remember, Elegua has a very childlike energy, and he is prone to tantrums when even the slightest thing is not to his liking, which is why it’s best to stick to the tried and proven offerings, which in this case, include red and black colors for candles and cloth.

Elegua Offering #4:

Elegua likes stones and crystals as well, this is why it’s a good idea to offer precious or semi-precious stones from time to time. Elegua altar can be very crowded, this deity won’t mind that, what’s more, he’s prone to like it.

In which case you should consider adding all kinds of interesting stones you found at the beach, as well as Sunstone, Citrine, Blood stone, Red Jasper, and Mokaite. If you find stones that have odd shapes or holes in them, make sure to offer them to Elegua.

Elegua Offering #5:

Aromatic oils; Elegua likes strong and fruity smells, which is why it can be a good idea to diffuse a little bit of plum and peach oil as an offering for him. If you like to offer a lot of cigars for Elegua, make sure to choose oils whose scent goes soothingly with that of the cigars.

Elegua Offering #6:

Eleke, or Elegua necklaces that are made from red, black, and sometimes white beads or white seashells can also be given as offerings to him. Since Elegua has a very childlike energy and demeanor, he’ll love Eleke as an offering, especially if it was hand-made or made with special beads/seashells.

Gathering materials for his offerings by yourself can add a very intimate and personal touch to your offerings, which can make Elegua more prone to answering your prayers and petitions.

Elegua Offering #7:

This is a special offering; Ota de Elegua is a consecrated stone in an Orisha ritual that corresponds to a certain deity to whom the owner of the stone feels the closest.

This stone is usually extracted directly from the mountain, and as such, it has the power to either form a special and very intimate bond with Elegua or to strengthen the already existing one.

Elegua Offering #8:

A bottle of brandy, a straw hat, and keys to door; all of these combined as an offering have a power to connect you with Eleggua directly and help you achieve your ambitions and make your goals come true.

Itana Rakic is a certified Theta Healing practitioner, Tarot reader, Astrologer, and a Reiki Master who lives in Belgrade, Serbia. She majored in Japanese Language and Culture at the University of Belgrade and went on to write many holistic articles for various magazines and sites, including 'Witch's Review'. Itana Haos Rakic is currently writing a fantasy book that has heavy uses of Astrology, magic and the occult sciences. She loves writing and is an experienced spiritualist too.