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Which Is Divorce Line In Female Hand? Divorce Line Palm Reading Guide

Palmistry also known as palm reading, chiromancy, chirology, or cheirology, is the art of divination that takes place through the study of the palm. Originally, it was practiced by the Hindu Brahmins, dating back to the Hindu sage Valmiki.

Palmistry is also indirectly referenced in the Book of Job, although it was classified as one of the seven “forbidden arts”, along with necromancy, geomancy, aeromancy, pyromancy, hydromancy, and spatulamancy, by the Catholic Church in the 16th century.

Nevertheless, Palmistry, is still one of the most popular practices that is followed all over the world. But, how does such a divination practice predict about divorce in a particular woman’s life?

So, Which is divorce line in female hand? What line indicates marriage divorce in palm reading? How to read it on the female palm/hand? Well, Read this divorce line palm reading guide now..

Divorce line Palm reading guide:

Which Line Is Divorce Line In Female Hand? Divorce Line Palm Reading Guide
Psychic 2Tarot via Wikimedia Commons cc2.0

There are many lines to read in a palm, and although (usually) two palms belong to one and the same person, they are never the same. There are variations on which palm to read; (usually) for men you will look at a right palm, and for women a l eft palm, however, the latest trend in palmistry is to look at the palm of the dominant hand, regardless of the gender of the person.

Whichever palm you opt to look at, the lines and their meaning remain the same.

So, when we’re looking at the female hand, first we must opt at which hand are we going to look, the left hand because it’s a female hand, or the dominant hand (whichever hand that might be). Once we’ve decided that, then we can proceed to find the Heart line in the upper left or right corner, (depending on the palm) of the palm.

Above the heart line lies the marriage line, and to this line, we turn when we want to see if there is a divorce present in the future of the native. In fact, it is believed by the palm readers that if there is more than one line above the Heart line, that indicates multiple marriages for a woman.

However, some palm readers tend to interpret those lines as the optimal years of when you can get married. If the most prominent line is the one closest to the Heart line, you’ll probably get married in your 20s, if the next line is the most prominent one, you’ll get married in your 30s, and if the 3rd line above the Heart line is the one who is most prominent, then your marriage will take place in your 40s or when you’re older.

Which line is Divorce line in Female hand?

divorce line in female hand

One must mention the Union or the Relationship line on the female hand in order to talk about the Divorce line. Often (or in many female palms) these lines intersect with each other, and are very interwoven. Thus, it can make it hard to discern (by yourself) what is going to happen in your relationships, and if your marriage is fated for success or failure (according to palmistry, of course).

Also, when you’re looking at a divorce line in a female hand, you need to be aware of multiple signs, such as forkings at the end of the Marriage line, as well as small “bubbles” or islands in the middle of the Marriage line.

Divorce Line #1: Forked Marriage Line and its Meaning:

The first and biggest indication that the divorce line is present (in a female hand) is the forking in the Marriage line, which is located above the Heart line, despite the palm we’re looking at. So if there’s a fork in one of these lines above the Heart line, then that means that there’s a definite divorce in your future.

The forking in marriage lines is considered bad luck, as it is believed to represent the separation of the lovers who were married into one union. At times, maybe the forking of the marriage line(s) just means that you just need to try that much harder to make your marital establishment work, or perhaps to be more careful in choosing your optimal marriage partner. Either way, the forking of this line is considered unwell in most palmistry readings for a woman.

divorce palm reading marriage line

Now, when you look at the side of the palm of your dominant hand, right below the pinky finger, you’ll see several lines. These lines represent your marriages, separations, and when/if there’s a fork at the beginning of the line (as observed from the side of your knuckles), this foretells a difficult start of a relationship. For example, there’s a lot of commotion from the environment and a lot of interference against the union.

This doesn’t mean that the relationship will end in a divorce, however, it just means that the union is expected to have rocky beginnings.

Alternatively, if there’s a forking at the end of the line, towards the inner side of the female palm, then this can represent a clear sight of divorce, or a falling apart, of a once very close-knit relationship. The factors can be various, but in most cases, this forking suggests that the disagreement came from within the couple.

If there’s more than one forking in the marriage lines, then that means that you’ll probably have more than one failed marriage, aka more divorces.

Divorce Line #2: Island in Marriage line and its Meaning:

Also, if an island is in the middle of the Marriage line of a female palm, then this can mean that you are going to have a lot of quarrels and arguments with your husband and that you have to be careful when and how you go about these troubles.

So be auspicious of the Lunar phases and the special dates, for these islands often represent separation and divorce, as well.

Divorce Line #3: Intersecting lines over the Marriage line and its Meaning:

When we’re looking at the female hand, apart from forkings and islands, there are also intersecting lines that can come from either above or below.

It is said that if these intersecting lines (that come before the forking) come from above the line, then the intervention in the form of the interruption of the marriage was magical (or divine). Yes, If there’s a thin line making a cross over the relationship line just before it forks, then this means that the divorce didn’t come strictly from within the union of the two people, but rather from their surroundings.

However, if the intersecting line comes from below the Marriage line on the female hand, that means the interruption comes from within the couple and their subconsciousness.

It’s also believed that the couple can overcome the difficulty in their marriage from the line that comes from below the Marriage line, but that it is difficult to overcome the troubles that are represented by the line that is intersecting from above.


You have to remember that your fate mostly depends on you and the (conscious) choices you make, so in turn, your marriage depends much more on you and your behavior, than it does on the line on your palm, just saying.

However, if your marriage is not working, and you’ve been feeling unwell in your marital relationship, then this forking in a Marriage line (of a female hand) can be a clear indication that you will undergo a divorce. So, you shouldn’t feel bad because of it, instead relieved, for you are about to leave a bad living and emotional arrangement that has been holding you back.

So if you are hoping for a divorce, then the forking of a Marriage line on one or both of your palms is good news, right?

Itana Rakic is a certified Theta Healing practitioner, Tarot reader, Astrologer, and a Reiki Master who lives in Belgrade, Serbia. She majored in Japanese Language and Culture at the University of Belgrade and went on to write many holistic articles for various magazines and sites, including 'Witch's Review'. Itana Haos Rakic is currently writing a fantasy book that has heavy uses of Astrology, magic and the occult sciences. She loves writing and is an experienced spiritualist too.