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How Tall Is William Afton in FNAF? The Purple Guy’s Height

In the widely popular video game franchise, Five Nights at Freddy’s, William Afton is a fictional character who goes by the alias of the Purple Guy, owing to his inclination towards wearing purple attire.

William Afton is also known as Springtrap, Yellow Man in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, or Glitchtrap. As the primary antagonist in the series, Afton is credited with designing the animatronics that features prominently at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, the primary setting for the games. In addition to this, Afton is portrayed as having committed several heinous acts, including the murder of multiple children, including the sister of the game’s central protagonist. This event sets in motion the events that occur throughout the franchise.

Despite being an integral part of the story, Afton is a mysterious and intricate character, and his true intentions and backstory are gradually revealed over the course of the series.

But how tall is William afton? There is no official answer to this question, and the dilemma persists among the fans of the FNAF series. There is, however, some hypothesis that might indicate the approximate height of this character. And while certain speculations make sense and seem more realistic, others go far on the surreal side.

We will discuss the height of William Afton and why we believe we are correct.

What hints are there regarding William Afton’s height?


Even if there is no certain answer to this dilemma, there are some things we know about the Purple Guy from FNAF that might help us pinpoint how tall he is.

We can only see William in some minigames and sporadically through the series, and he is depicted as a purple figure with humanoid features. He has big eyes and a creepy grin on his face. In comparison with the other characters, he is taller. He is seen a bit clearer in the opening scene of Sister’s Location, and we can hear his voice in further parts of the series, which doesn’t really help us decide his height. 

Michael Afton, the son of William Afton and the protagonist of the series, might give us a clue regarding the height of his father. Michael and William have similar heights as Michael reaches his adult years. Also, the height of a person tends to be hereditary, which also helps us estimate the height of William more accurately if we know how tall his son is. 

Also, we see William next to Elizabeth Afton, who is in kindergarten and must be around 4ft2″ or a bit taller, in comparison to the rest of the children, as she is the tallest in her group. 

How tall is William Afton in FNAF?

How Tall Is William Afton in FNAF? The Purple Guy's Height

Well, enthusiasts of the series estimated the height of William Afton to be anywhere from 6’2″ (188 cm) to 17ft. This is a big range and perpetuated the confusion even further. While 17 ft seems an exaggeration, a height of 6’2″ seems more accurate, as this is closer to the supposed height of Michael Afton and makes sense in comparison to the rest of the characters. 

We can get an idea of the height of Michael by comparing him to Funtime Foxy, who is a bit taller than him. The two characters can be seen in the same scene in the auditorium. We know from the blueprints that Funtime Foxy is 5’9″ and 290 lbs. If Michael is a bit shorter, he would be around 5’5″ to 5’8″. 

Michael Afton and William Afton can also be seen together in Sister Location, and William seems slightly taller than Michael but only by a couple of inches. Although William is wearing the Spring Bonnie animatronic suit, which makes him taller than his actual height, it still gives us a good image of his height as he is in the same scene with Michael. 

However, no one knows the exact height of the William Afton, so we can appreciate it to be anywhere from 6ft to 6 ft5″. On the other hand, The 17ft theory is unreasonable, considering the setup of the game and the other characters in it. 

Final thoughts 

Despite the many theories regarding the height of William Afton, the best way to form your own might be to check out the series and pay attention to William in comparison with everything around him.

If he is a giant of 17 ft, that makes the rest of the characters giant as well, including the young Elizabeth, who seems to be as tall as her father’s waist. Given the malefic character of William Afton, it seems natural for people to estimate he is taller than the average man, just as he is meaner. But at the end of the day, all the evilness he bares is on the inside, and the series continues to express that in actions rather than threatening references regarding his height.

The reason for not offering so many physical details on the character is most likely due to the significance of his inner features, which is far more impactful than the physical features. 

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