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The Connection Between Dragonfly and Death | Various Spiritual Meanings and Beliefs

If you are familiar with animal symbolism and spirit animals- the spiritual meaning & symbolism of animals; you will know that the dragonfly has a very unique meaning and symbology.

The dragonfly is a symbol of change and transformation. It also represents light and color, the vibrancy and lightness of being, and joy. However, on the other hand, the dragonfly is also often associated with death. Yes, some claim that if you see a dragon it is an omen of death, some on the other hand deeply mention that dragonflies are nothing but the representation of a deceased loved one.

So… What is this strange connection between a dragonfly and death. Let us see

Dragonfly as a symbol of death:

In many cultures and belief systems, the dragonfly is known as a fairy-like entity, associated with the fairy realm.

The dragonfly is a spiritual animal as it is believed to further symbolize illusion. Meditating on the dragonfly, or choosing to connect to its energy and symbolism, can bring you closer to spirit.

Due to the symbolism of transformation, change and illusion, the dragonfly can be seen as a symbol of death. Death should not be taken literally, it can be seen instead as metaphorical death. It represents the death-rebirth cycle inherent within the natural laws of the universe and all of life itself.

dragonfly symbolism death rebirth transformation

If you keep seeing a dragonfly come to you when you are in a peaceful space, such as relaxing in your garden either chilled or in introspection, or reflecting by a local water stream in a nature reserve, forest or woodland, or outside nature space, the universe is trying to send you a sign…

This sign is a message of change and transformation, of transition and a rebirth approaching. Change can represent a number of things but the main point to be aware of is that old energy and space must be cleared in order for the new to emerge.

All life involves regeneration, transition and change. We cannot attract the opportunities, love, connections and experiences we deserve and desire until we clear old patterns of behavior and thought. To step into rebirth is to embrace death in a metaphorical and energetic sense, and to accept our spiritual and eternal nature.

This is also a reason why the dragonfly is sometimes seen as a reappearance of a loved one.

Dragonflies: Loved ones passed reincarnated?

dragonfly death symbolism of deceased loved ones

Dragonflies are strongly associated with the spiritual realm. This means that many feel a certain presence with the appearance of a dragonfly. There is a sense of mystical and divine contact, as if the dragonfly is a passed loved one.

This is amplified because of the association the dragonfly has with emotional depth and maturity. Dragonflies are seen to symbolize the realms of emotions and being connected to it.

In addition to the emotional connection and depth, dragonflies represent lightness of being, light, and color. The realm of light is historically, religiously and spiritually associated with the divine, the ethereal and transcendental realm- a realm where the veil between life and death is seen to be thin and multi-dimensional.

And multi-dimensionality is the main theme and key with the dragonfly. So, seeing a dragonfly appear next to or near you, or even land on you, can be seen as a passed loved one coming to show their love.

Even if you do not believe in reincarnation and the soul or spirit of your loved one actually inhabiting the dragonfly’s body.. on an energetic level it is still your loved one showing their presence. Again, there is an ethereal and spiritual quality with the dragonfly.

Other Indirect associations of Dragonfly with Death –


associations of Dragonfly with Death water

The element of water is linked to the dragonfly and this supports the connection the dragonfly has to death, rebirth and transformation.

The dragonfly is often seen around water such as ponds, lakes and rivers. It symbolizes the affinity with the emotional and subconscious realms, and it is in the subconscious where the opportunity for change and transition can arise.

In short, the subconscious is a direct link to the divine, spiritual awareness and being, and deeper insight into the self. You can learn a great deal about yourself, your shadow, your desires and hidden needs and wants, and internal currents and motivations through the dragonfly.

“Light within” and overcoming illusion:

dragonfly meaning death

You may think how this aspect of the dragonfly’s meaning and symbolism relates to death and rebirth/transformation, but the element of seeing and finding the light within is closely connected to death.

You might be being asked to show your true colors more and step fully into your inner light and divinity. This, of course, is intrinsically entwined with death symbology. Death involves letting go, releasing and working through the internal motions to become the best version of yourself.

We often have to go through many illusions in life to get to the root of the truth. Beauty comes from within, and seeing the dragonfly in relation to death is asking you to see through the collective shadow and your personal shadow to find the light.

Quite simply, you are being asked to shine!

Grace Gabriella Puskas is a Reiki master teacher and a published author who lives in Lincolnshire, U.K. She completed her diploma at "The School of Natural Sciences" and is a qualified Dream Therapist, Chi Kung Practitioner, Crystal Therapist & a Shamanic Practitioner.  Currently, she leads a number of workshops, circles, events on self - empowerment, spiritual development & psychic development and regularly offers psychic readings to people. Grace is the author of 'A Message from Source,' (An Amazon published physical book) and loves writing to several top magazines.

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