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What is the Spiritual Meaning of A Blue Dragonfly? Symbolism and Omens

If a blue dragonfly has come dancing into your life, it’s time to pay attention. These delicate creatures have great significance and lore associated with them. In particular, a blue dragonfly can have greater meaning than you realize.

Because of their iridescent wings, dragonflies are often seen as mystical beings. Indeed, they can embody a spectrum of colors and this adds to their special significance. While the sight of any dragonfly should be taken seriously, if you see a blue dragonfly, it may be a special species. Emperor dragonflies and this gives a particular connection to finding your power and awakening to your gifts.

So, what is the spiritual meaning of a blue dragonfly? what does a blue dragonfly symbolize? Let us see..

Blue Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism:

Blue Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism:

Dragonflies have existed on this earth for longer than humans, no wonder they are considered special messengers who guide us on our path. Long believed to be symbols of change and transformation, dragonflies are often associated with the realm of fairies and psychic awareness as well.

When you see a blue dragonfly, the association with dreams, intuition, and emotional connection is heightened.

The color blue is associated with the water element and as such, it is a creature that reminds you to pay attention to your emotions. You may have an opportunity to heal past wounds when blue dragonfly is near.

They can also symbolize the connection to the Goddess and to maternal energies. You may be inspired by a mother figure. An emotional situation can bring transformation. You may be called to remember your playful side even if you are in the midst of emotionally heavy issues.

Creativity, the arts and music can be key to release and rebirth when you see a blue dragonfly. Blue is also the color of the throat chakra and as such is associated with communication and ideas.

Since dragonflies are also associated with the air element, seeing a blue dragonfly can symbolize the time to let your dreams and ideas take flight. You may have prophetic visions or need to communicate your unique message to others when blue dragonfly crosses your path.

Dragonflies are born on or near water, giving them a connection to the subconscious and to healing of the emotions and psyche. Although they go through various life stages, their adult lives are brief. Symbolically, blue dragonflies can indicate an opportunity that will not last forever. You may have to act fast or bring an idea to fruition quickly so as to not lose an opportunity.

Act on your instincts. Now maybe the time to speak your mind and express yourself artistically. Share your intuitive insights with others. You may only have a short window of opportunity to have your voice heard.

Meaning of Blue Dragonflies in Different Cultures:

Meaning of Blue Dragonfly and omens

Blue dragonflies are associated with vision, creativity, prophecy and insight. Blue dragonflies in particular are symbols of the higher wisdom you gain when you connect your higher mind with your conscience.

You may be on the verge of making a breakthrough. An insight you gain can lead to a stronger connection with others. Seeing a blue dragonfly is universally associated with wisdom, imagination, and playfulness. Yet specific cultures also have their own associated meanings.

In some cultures, the color blue connects blue dragonflies to the symbolism of purity, gentleness, feminine energy and nurturing. This association can also lead some to connect the blue dragonfly to the importance of expressing your feelings for others.

In Chinese lore, dragonflies are considered lucky. A blue dragonfly could indicate good luck coming from expressing ideas or honoring your intuitive vision. You may also have a lucky connection with someone who comes into your life soon.

Although blue dragonflies are often considered a symbol of growth and awakening, they are also viewed in some cultures as a symbol of death. This has to do with dragonfly’s continual transformation of form throughout their lifespan.

In some Navajo stories, dragonfly is associated with good fortune and a time of prosperity and much excitement. The blue dragonfly may further represent an active time in your social life on the horizon.

Interestingly, in some ancient European lore, dragonflies are associated with sinister meanings. They are sometimes called “Devil’s Needle” because their long tails are confused with other stinging insects and they are portrayed as creatures to fear. Yet dragonflies can’t sting nor is their tail any kind of “needle” at all. Thus, a blue dragonfly can also symbolize facing something you fear or learning the truth about a much feared situation.

When blue dragonflies are around, you may have to open your mind to learn the truth rather than making assumptions and jumping to conclusions. Some believe that blue dragonflies symbolize a connection to angels. Others view blue dragonflies as symbols of abundance on the horizon. Blue dragonflies also teach us to be alert to misunderstandings or deceptions.


It’s always a good idea to make note of the circumstances you are in when you encounter a blue dragonfly. These creatures can indicate a change is on the horizon. Usually, this change is associated with open communication, psychic insight and awareness.

Sharpen your psychic senses, you may be called to discern the truth from illusions. This can also be a sign that angels or fairies are trying to work with you and bring harmony and connection into your life.

Angela Kaufman is a Certified Intuitive Consultant, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Empowerment, Life Coach and an LCSW. She is an amazon published author and was Featured on several shows like Discovery Channel’s A Haunting, Echoes from the Past (2007) 14 Degrees: A Paranormal Documentary, Tune In to Wellness Today with LisaMarie Tersigni, and Empowering Entrepreneurs with Melissa Carter as well as numerous radio interviews. She is the author of Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down - Unleash the Power of Your Inner Tarot Queen and also co-authored three books on metaphysical spirituality (Sacred Objects, Sacred Space; Everyday Tools for the Modern Day Witch | Wicca What's the Real Deal? Breaking Through the Misconceptions | The Esoteric Dream Book; Mastering the Magickal Symbolism of the Subconscious Mind). Angela regularly conducts workshops, the Inner Queen coaching program and loves writing articles, that blend social criticism with spirituality.