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Blue Heron Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Perhaps you’ve seen these regal wading birds standing tall and silent at dawn. The Blue Heron, sometimes called a Great Blue Heron, is slender and impressive. They’re almost as tall as the Great White Heron. A creature like this makes such an impression, its spiritual significance can’t be ignored.

Just the sight of a majestic Blue Heron is enough to make you feel as if you’ve drifted into a mystical place. These birds are indeed associated with lore and magic. Encountering a Blue Heron is not just a coincidence. They have important meaning and messages to share with you.

So, what is the spiritual meaning of the great blue heron? What does it symbolize? What spiritual message does a blue heron give us? Let us see

Blue Heron Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism:

Blue Heron Meaning

When you see a Blue Heron you may be stricken by the bird’s grace and beauty. But it’s also a good idea to consider the spiritual significance of these birds, as they have important meaning.

As a wading shorebird, the Blue Heron is associated with the mystical state of growth and transition between emotion and manifestation.

They are often seen or depicted standing tall, gazing out over the waters. This gives them the image of being watchers or gatekeepers. Thus, their meaning is also related to your journey. Blue Herons are associated with travelling between the realms of the conscious and subconscious.

When you see a Blue Heron, you may be called to get more closely in touch with your spiritual side. Your dreams may be calling to you as well. So, this is an important time to pay close attention to.

Heron feeds in the early morning and so seeing a Blue Heron may be a symbol of your need to rise at dawn and make the most of an early start to your day.

Blue Heron is associated with the magical powers of the element of water and as such relates to emotion, healing, empathy and relationships. Heron may be warning you to guard your boundaries or to open your heart and show your empathy.

Yet Heron is also linked to the ability to traverse the realms of concrete reality and imagination. You may be called to straddle the practical realm as well as the deeper subconscious mysteries.

Blue Heron Symbolism & Meaning in Cultures Worldwide:

Blue Heron Symbolism

In various cultures, Heron is associated with trusting your intuition. The color blue links Heron to the energies of the Divine Feminine and thus this bird is often associated with Goddess energy.

In Celtic culture, Blue Heron is considered a divine messenger. These birds are regarded as being of superior intelligence and are seen as mentors and guides. When you see a Blue Heron, it is time to draw on your wit and intellect. You may also have to be more resourceful than usual.

Because Heron can both glide gracefully through the sky and also swim and walk, this bird inspires lore worldwide..

In one Native American story, Heron helped two weasels to cross a lake. A nearby wolf saw this and witnessed the weasels politely asking for safe passage across the lake. But the wolf approached the Heron in a rude and demanding way.

Rather than trying to defend himself against the wolf, the story tells that Heron lifted the wolf in the air and began to fly across the lake, dropping the predator into the lake to drown. Thus, when you encounter a Blue Heron, you may have to outsmart an opponent or bully.

You may not be able to win in a battle of arms, but Blue Heron asks you to be clever and win over your adversary by using all of your strengths.

Blue Heron is considered adaptable. They are able to eat a variety of small animals and fish to survive. When you see a Blue Heron, you are being guided to make the best of your situation and use your brains and creativity to create abundance from the tools you have at your disposal.

In Greek mythology, Blue Heron is considered a messenger from Athena, who is a Goddess of wisdom and also of warfare. Thus the connection between Heron and strategy is again established.

Blue Heron is also associated with Aphrodite and as such is associated with love, beauty, the arts and relationships.

Seeing a Blue Heron may be a message that you are on the verge of attracting love or improving a relationship. Walk lightly, like Heron, in matters of the heart. This is a time to plan a cautious strategy rather than showing too much passion.


Blue Heron can stand still watching over the waters. This indicates their symbolism related to the need for stillness and reflection. Blue Heron can guide you when it comes to matters of relationships, love and navigating emotional issues.

When you see a Blue Heron, it is a sign that you may need to nurture your deeper emotions. This can also be a good time to pay attention to your intuition as Heron is associated with your deeper subconscious wisdom.

Blue Heron is symbolic of your intelligence and resourcefulness. You may be a guardian of mysteries and strategies now, so be sure to pay attention.

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