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Can You Wear Mascara with a Lash lift? Will it Actually Ruin Your Lash lift?

If you are a fan of naturally lifted lashes and you crave that additional volume, why not get a lash lift?

Women who have naturally long lashes but they lack a feminine curl will love this treatment! It can be done by anyone who wishes for luscious and voluminous natural lashes.

A lash lift is super affordable and customizable per your preference. However, the biggest doubt in many women is whether or not they are allowed to wear a mascara, with this lash lift!

So, can you wear mascara with a lash lift? Will it actually ruin your lash lift? Here’s all that you should know about this beauty treatment and mascara!

Firstly, What Is A Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a semi-permanent solution for your natural lashes. It reminds a lot of a perm because it has a stronghold and it can set your lashes in place.

A lash lift is perfect for any woman, no matter her age, lash count, type, or color. The best & most noticeable results are achieved once you use a lash curler for that phenomenal and Hollywood-like volume.

The lash lift became popular 5-6 years back, and it has been a well-loved trend ever since! The entire process takes only 30 minutes to do, while its results are immediate!

The best part? You get to wear your favourite mascara and express your feminine beauty style even after getting your lashes curled! Yes, you heard it right, you can wear mascara even after a lash lift. We’ll discuss this more later.

Can Anyone Get A Lash Lift?

You can get a lash lift as long as if you’re not prone to allergies. Your skin shouldn’t be too sensitive, and you should be well-aware of your allergies before you book your appointment.

If the lifting lotion doesn’t irritate you, you are more than welcome to get a lash lift.

Will A Lash Lift Ruin Your Natural Lashes?

No, it won’t! In fact, you should redo the treatment every 5-6 weeks to maintain flawless results. A lash lift will give you a defined curl each time after getting it done.

Some women also love to get a lash tint every couple of weeks along with their lash lift. This will ensure an amazing and noticeable color payoff, along with curlier lashes.

So, Can You Wear Mascara When You Have A Lash Lift?

Can You Wear Mascara with a Lash lift

A lot of women are worried that their everyday makeup routine is going to change after they get a lash lift. However, this is far from the truth! Luckily, you are allowed to wear mascara after getting your lashes lifted, and you can enjoy your typical makeup routine! So, mascaras, in general, does not ruin your lashes after a lash lift.

In fact, your natural lashes will look even better once you approach them in the following order:

  • Prime your lashes with a mascara primer
  • Use a lash curler
  • Add two coats of your favorite mascara

You should also redo the lifting process every 5-6 weeks, as previously mentioned.

Now, while some people simply prefer lash lift for their eyelashes, others opt for both Lash lift and tint. A ‘lash lift with tint’ treatment combines the lash lift procedure with the addition of tinting the lashes with a specialized dye to darken them.

So if you are getting your lashes lifted and tinted, again the same question keeps ticking on your mind. “Can I wear mascara with a lash lift and tint?“. Well, I have already told you that one can wear their favorite mascara even after a lash lift. But what if you have undergone a ‘lash lift with tint treatment’ for your eyelashes?

Well, the answer remains the same. Yes, you can indeed wear mascara after getting a lash lift & tint treatment too.

How Long After a Lash lift can I wear Mascara?

The only rule that you should obey is to wait it out during the first 24-hour period. Your natural lashes may need some time to set and bond with the firming lotion.

So, make sure that you avoid the use of your mascara, lash curlers, or even facial cleansers till the very next day.

Also, try to avoid steamy places since you want your lotion to set, and not lose its hold.

Best Mascara after Lash lift: What Mascara Should You Use, And Which Ones Should You Avoid When You Have A Lash Lift?

If you wish for long-lasting results after your beauty treatment, make sure to use the right products! You can use any mascara brand you like, as long as your product is:

  • Quick-drying
  • It has to be free of oils
  • Non-waterproof

A runny, smeary, and oil-based mascara, that is also waterproof, will ruin the curl pattern that you’ve achieved. Avoid these mascaras at all costs, and you will enjoy that curl for a longer time period!

How To Remove Mascara after Lash Lift?

Your favorite mascara and a lash lift will go hand in hand together! You shouldn’t be worried about the removal process of your mascara since its removal is the same as it is with your natural eyelashes and your everyday mascara.

Make sure you use an oil-free makeup remover since this kind is the best for your natural lashes. Be very gentle with your movements, and slowly wipe your eyes in the upward motion.

Use a few cotton rounds and you’ll be left with clear skin in no time!
PS: Don’t tug on your lashes a lot and avoid picking them since this can weaken your curl.


A lash lift is easy to do + it still allows you to wear your holy-grail mascara, at all times. Get your flawless curl on soon, and simply implement our set of rules that we’ve listed. You’ll love the outcome, as well as the fact that you get to wear your favorite mascara!

Can You Wear Mascara with a Lash lift? Will it Actually Ruin Your Lash lift?

Ajla Suceska is a Certified make up artist and a professional Nail Technician who lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has successfully completed 3 distinct make up diplomas and also worked as makeup artist in Etre Belle (A German makeup brand). Besides being a professional makeup artist, and a nail tech, she loves writing beauty articles and contributed to a number of top websites online. In simple, Ajla Suceska is a 23-year old beauty expert who simply lives and breathes fashion and beauty

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