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Closing The Third Eye: How To Close Your Third Eye Chakra?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Third Eye, the mystical chakra point associated with psychic awakening and divination. We all have a Third Eye, though some of us aren’t consciously utilizing it.

This is often referred to as the Third Eye being “closed.” But during a spiritual awakening or psychic development, you can become more aware of events beyond the physical realm. This is often referred to as having your Third Eye “open.”

Yet this wording can be confusing. Should you expect an actual eye to open or close when working with your Third Eye? Is it something you can control? And once it’s open, can you close your third eye? Finally, how to close your third eye? Let us see..

Closing your Third eye? – Introduction

There are many misconceptions about the Third Eye. Some of this stems from the nickname of the sixth chakra as an “eye.” This is only an accurate description if speaking symbolically.

The Third Eye, or Ajna chakra, is an energy center like the rest of the chakras. Each chakra is associated with physical organs or parts of the body as well, such as the throat chakra being associated with the throat and also communication and listening. So, the Ajna or Third Eye chakra, is an energy center between the physical eyebrows but it is not typically visible unless using psychic perception.

Like all energy centers, its power and potential can be maximized in a state referred to as being “open.” It can also become clogged with energetic debris or less efficient in a state referred to as being “closed.” Yet this is a matter of symbolic terminology and is not the same as opening or closing one’s physical eyes.

Can You Close Your Third Eye?

Can You Close Your Third Eye?

When you understand the Third Eye’s function as one of several chakras, or energy centers, you’ll understand that yes, you can close your Third Eye. Yet doing so may not be what you expect. Any energy center has the potential to become hampered by toxic energy patterns or unhealthy daily life activities.

This is what is commonly referred to as a chakra being “closed” as opposed to open. Yet it’s important to understand that even in a “closed” state, the chakra still maintains some of its functions and may still be working, it is just not working as accurately or efficiently.

What this can mean for the Third Eye is that in a closed state, you may be disconnected from your psychic instincts and awareness. You may also have a build up of energy that makes it difficult to discern true psychic vision from fantasies or wishful thinking.

Your discernment, when it comes to psychic matters, may be off when your Third Eye is said to be closed. Yet there are some important reasons why someone would want to intentionally close the Third Eye.

Reasons to Close Your Third Eye

When you activate your Third Eye, you begin consciously opening up to many realms beyond the physical. You are opening yourself up, for example, to Spirit communication or divination potential. This can be exciting and inspiring, but it can also become overwhelming and confusing.

Thus, someone may seek to close their Third Eye under certain circumstances and then open or activate it when it is needed. Closing the Third Eye under these conditions is a protective matter that helps to maintain concentration and prevent becoming overwhelmed and burned out.

You may also close your Third Eye when you are going into situations that you don’t want psychic awareness of. For example, if your Third Eye being open gives you psychic insight into the lives of others and you are going into a crowded place or a place associated with distress like a hospital, you may wish to close your Third Eye to avoid being bombarded with psychic impressions.

Also, when tending to matters that require logical and rational focus rather than psychic awareness, such as completing certain work tasks, you may wish to close off your Third Eye so you can improve your concentration on matters in this realm. In this way, closing the Third Eye is like shutting down extra tabs on your computer so your system isn’t losing energy trying to run too many programs at once.

So, How to Close Your Third Eye?

How to Close Your Third Eye?

For most people it’s easy to close the Third Eye. Rest assured, you can also activate (open) this chakra again when needed. Most people live in a state of having the Third Eye closed more often than not. But if you’ve had a spiritual awakening or psychic development that has activated this chakra, here are some ways to close it.

Like any energy center, intention and visualization help to direct energy which can influence how and where your energy is flowing. You can close your Third Eye through meditation in which you visualize and sense this area of your body and the energy center associated with it closing down as a shield of protection.

Some people also associated the rotation of energy in a clockwise direction with a chakra being open and counterclockwise with an energy center being closed. Thus if you use a pendulum or your own visualization and intention to see your energy of your Third Eye circling counter clockwise, this can be a way some believe you can close off the energy.

Others prefer more neutral visualizations such as a door or window or even the image of an eye in this energy center location that is intentionally closed at will, preferably during a meditation.

Things That Can Unintentionally Impact Closing Your Third Eye

Your Third Eye can also be closed because of things in your daily life that bring your attention away from psychic awareness.

Some believe that shifting to logical focus or “right brain” activities can take energy away from the Third Eye and thus naturally close or diminish this chakra center. Focusing on mundane matters with disregard for spiritual matters for an extended time can also have a diminishing effect on the Third Eye.


Although it’s exciting to think of the psychic perceptions and heightened awareness that come from an open Third Eye Chakra, there are some reasons to consider closing this energy center occasionally. Remember, it’s not fully “closed” nor does it completely stop working just because you bring it to a closed state.

This just means there is less energy focus in this center and it becomes less efficient for a time. This can be helpful when psychic matters would pose a distraction or create overwhelming feelings. Closing the Third Eye can be part of a practice of setting boundaries that helps psychically aware people avoid burnout.

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