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A10 Eyes: The Ice Blue Eye Color in the Eye Chart Meme

Your eye color is something that affects your appearance or, at least, that’s the case for some people. When it comes to defining your eye color, you’d usually look in the mirror and simply define it as the standard colors – green, blue, or brown. However, if you’re keeping up with memes, you might have seen a much more complex chart go around.

The A10 eye color has become especially popular, with mixed opinions when taking a closer look at all of these memes. So, What is the A10 ice blue eye color? What does it mean? And is there any science behind the claims? Let’s find out.

A10 Eyes: What is the A10 Eye Color?

If you have very light blue eyes, there’s a chance it might actually match up with the ‘A10 Eye color’ option of a doll’s 1998 eye chart. The eye chart actually circulated between 1996 and 2002, allowing people to customize dolls that were made to order. The A10 eye color was the lightest of them all and has also become a meme that’s received mixed opinions among people.

Well, when you think of human eye color, chances are, you’re likely not going to really take a look at a chart that’s meant for dolls. However, in recent years, we’ve seen some unique memes pop up, including one that either said those with A10 Eyes (light blue eyes or ice blue), will be leaders or, well, quite the opposite.

‘A10 Eyes’ Origin and Spread (1998 Eye Chart Meme)

Now, first of all, if you’re going to look at a regular eye color chart, you’re not going to see the A10 option. Instead, your eye color might rather fall between 51 and 53, although the numbers can differ depending on the type of chart you’re looking at.

So, how did these A10 Eyes start?

In 1996, a company started to offer custom dolls. The dolls were called “My Twinn,” and a personal profile sheet was sent out to the parents or person requesting that a doll be created. This sheet had a lot of information to fill out and was even refined over the next two years, with a more comprehensive questionnaire landing in 1998. The third question on the personal profile was eye color – and this generally began with the A10 eye color, which many people call Ice Blue Eyes.

The idea was to get details about the child, and then the company would create a doll that had similar characteristics as them – including eye color, hair color, hair length, eyebrow shape, and even freckles on the face.

In the early 2000s, the specific section related to eye colors started to circulate on the internet, with many people creating polls. These polls would show a picture of these eye colors and then ask other internet users where they sit in terms of their eyes. While the document was refined over the years, the memes continued to circulate on the internet, including on websites like Reddit and iFunny.

It led to the creation of what is known as the ‘Eye Caste System’ (from A10 to T50) – which is often considered one of the original memes to be made from this document. And when you take a look at this system, you’ll see that the A10 Ice Blue eye color actually sits at the very top.

A10 Eye Color Meaning:

Now, if you have blue eyes with a very light color, you might be wondering what it means. Maybe you’ve seen some of these memes on the internet and are unsure what they mean – especially if your eye color matches the A10 option that’s part of these memes.

Take a closer look at the description for A10 eyes in 1998 Eye Chart, and you’ll see it reads:

“Man destined to define eras and change history, who will be remembered for millennia to come.”

Clearly, this image portrayed A10 eyes as superior to other colors, sitting at the very top of the pyramid. However, it quickly led to other memes being created, essentially making fun of this description.

For example, one meme portrayed a trailer park where everything was a mess. And on this meme are the words: “POV YOURE DESTINED TO DEFINE ERAS”. It essentially flipped the pyramid and placed A10 at the bottom. The meaning behind this meme can be interpreted in different ways, of course.

Now, in terms of science, there are a couple of studies that have actually taken a look at blue and light eyes. One thing to keep in mind is that these studies don’t focus on the A10 rating from the doll chart, but can still relate to you if your eyes have a very light color.

In one study, a questionnaire was sent out to various female participants. They were between the ages of 15 and 65. What the study found was that blue was mentioned more often as other eye colors when considering things like attractiveness. However, the number of participants was somewhat limited, and this doesn’t provide any conclusive evidence.

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