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Meaning Of Red Cardinal At Window: What Does it Mean when a Red Cardinal Appears/Hits at your Window?

It can be exciting to see a Cardinal perched outside your window. A special visit from the bird realm can leave you feeling particularly blessed. You may also wonder what it means when a Red Cardinal comes to visit.

Well, a visit from a Red Cardinal outside your window indicates growing passion or interest in a new opportunity that is on the horizon. Some people believe that your loved ones in Spirit are also nearby and watching over you when you see a Red Cardinal outside your window. Others talk of visits from Red Cardinal indicating the presence of Angels or Spirit Guides.

But, what does it actually mean when a red cardinal appears or taps at your window? What is the meaning of red cardinal at the window? What is its spiritual meaning and symbolism? Let us see

Meaning Of Red Cardinal At Window – Spiritual Meanings, Symbolism and Various Beliefs

There is much lore about a visitation from a Red Cardinal who comes to call outside your window. The visits are typically seen as a good omen, and one tied to the Spirit realm.

Thus, it’s important to be prepared and flexible, since a red Cardinal is a messenger of lucky breaks coming your way.

You are in for a special treat if a Red Cardinal comes to visit you, that is according to lore that describes a visit from this bird as a sign that you are also being visited by the spirit of a recently departed loved one. This can be a sign of reassurance that your loved one is still watching over you.

You are protected by your loved ones even those who have departed. When a Red Cardinal visits outside your window, they are showing you that there is someone in the Spirit world who cares about you and wants to check in on you.

What does it Mean when a Red cardinal is pecking/tapping at your Window?

According to some cultures and lore, a Red Cardinal tapping outside a closed window is a sign that a loved one may be dying soon (a commonly believed superstition in some cultures). This is a more macabre interpretation but nevertheless shows that you are being sent love and support from the Spirit realm as others are giving you a warning of what to expect.

Meaning Of Red Cardinal At Window: What Does it Mean when a Red Cardinal Appears/Hits at your Window?
Audrey via Flickr cc2.0

Some see a Cardinal pecking or hitting outside your window as a sign that a positive blessing is on the horizon. You may be getting a sign to prepare for blessings coming your way.

Red Cardinal Outside Your Window and Luck

In some cultures, there is a belief that the striking and brilliant red color of a Cardinal has meanings associated with the Sun. This is also a bird associated with passion because of its red color.

When you see a Red Cardinal outside of your window, there are folk beliefs that indicate you are about to have a lucky breakthrough related to something you are passionate about. Since these birds are associated with the spring season, it is often believed that a Red Cardinal visiting your window is an omen of new growth in your life or a new direction you’re going to undertake.

This can give Red Cardinal associations with being lucky. You may be given a message from the Universe that you have the ‘go ahead’ to delve into a project you are passionate about. Seeing a Red Cardinal outside your window is also an indicator that your own energy is about to get a boost.

You may have enhanced vitality when this bird is around. Their association with passion and energy can mean that when a Red Cardinal appears at your window, they are encouraging you to move forward and assert your desires and all will work out for you.

What to look for when a red cardinal at your Window?

You can delve deeper into interpreting the meaning of a visit from a Red Cardinal outside your window, if you pay close attention to a number of factors. For instance, is the bird watching you from the window? Are they looking to the side? Did it fly into the window from a specific direction?

A Red Cardinal that flies in from the west and looks directly at you from the window is reaffirming the association between the Red Cardinal visiting and a connection to the Spirit world and a departed loved one. The western direction is associated with the afterlife. When a Red Cardinal faces west it could be directing your attention to the Spirit realm and informing you that someone could be passing soon.

When the Cardinal arrives at the window from the west, it indicates that you may be receiving a message from an already departed loved one. This often carries a connotation of good luck as well, because it is a reminder that your loved ones are close by and thinking of you.

If a Red Cardinal faces east, it is notifying you of new opportunities on the horizon. Prepare for something new and exciting. If a Red Cardinal flies to the window from the east, it can be indicating that you are being given a message from your Spirit guides.

If a Red Cardinal faces south, you are being encouraged to share and express your passions and also to protect your interests and territory. If this bird comes in from the north or faces north, you are being encouraged to seek higher guidance and wisdom from elders. It can also be an indication that elders may be visiting you physically or in Spirit.

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