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Red Cardinal Biblical Meaning: What does Red cardinal Mean in the Bible?

Although there are several thousand beliefs on birds, one of the most commonly heard one is regarding the red cardinal bird.

Yes, some believe that a red cardinal is a spiritual messenger.

Some believe that is a red cardinal is a representative of our loved ones.

And some even believe that when a red cardinal hits a window, it is a bad omen representing death for someone in the home.

But what does red cardinal actually mean according to the bible? What does the bible say about this red cardinal bird? Here is the truth..

A Biblical Perspective of the Red Cardinal:

red cardinal biblical meaning

Many sayings and traditions are continually passed on from generation to generation.

The Golden Rule is a great example! We have been taught to treat our neighbor how we want to be treated. One more illustration of words being passed on is that if your ears are ringing that someone is talking about you.

Similarly, A fairly popular biblical belief is that – “According to the bible a red cardinal represents God”. Many believe that a red cardinal is nothing but a god’s messenger showing you, what a loved is thinking about you from heaven.

However, the reality is completely different.

Yes, while I conducted a biblical study of the red cardinal, i found out that this specific bird was nowhere to be found throughout the biblical text.

There were several places in scripture that talked about objects being crimson red, such as the blood of Jesus and the scarlet cord that the prostitute Rahab hung from her window in Joshua 2 to keep Joshua and his men safe in Jericho. Although these specific instances put high emphasis on the color red, there is nothing directly referred to the red cardinal bird.

What has been astounding is when conducting a word study from the bible for cardinal there are absolutely no instances where the word can be found.

Then, where did this Red cardinal belief start from? Why is it believed by people as a part of biblical belief?

“The blood of Jesus that washes us clean!”

“We have gone from being stained, to being washed white as snow.”

Many people believe that the cardinal, in fact, is what represents the blood of Christ. There are many websites and even clubs that the cardinal is of great importance. But as i said, while conducting this study, specifically finding a red cardinal in the word of God was nowhere to be found.

There are people who have been ordained cardinals in the Catholic Church. Could this be where this false information derived from? As comical as it is, these ordained Cardinals do wear red!

Well, what about the birds? What does the bible say about the birds?

what does a red cardinal mean biblically

I swore that birds were talked about somewhere in the bible!

There are several occurrences throughout scripture where God talks about different types of birds, such as sparrows and crows. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus is speaking about not having to worry about what you will eat or what you shall drink, your heavenly father already knows what you need!

He goes on to speak about how birds do not worry about what they shall eat or where they will lay their head, for they already know that God has made a way. Jesus continues to put emphasis about how much more loved we are than the birds of the earth and God shall supply our every need, if we seek the kingdom above all else.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Jesus tells Peter that he will deny Jesus as the Messiah three times when the rooster crows. For further study, one can find this in John 18.

Yet again, another example of a bird found in scripture is the promise that God will renew our strength like the eagles. God promises us we will walk and not grow faint! There are several instances in the Holy Bible where birds are specifically talked about. Jesus loved to speak in parables and often used nature as a reference. Yet, there is not one place in the bible where the bird species cardinals are talked about.

Finally, The Truth about red cardinal birds: (According to the Bible)

So, do our loved ones come back to let us know they are thinking of us?

Does the red cardinal actually represent the blood of Jesus Christ?

The red cardinal has been passed on from generation to generation known as a representation of the blood of Jesus and a sign that our loved ones, that have passed on, are thinking of us.

Unfortunately, according to the bible there are no instances in scripture where a red cardinal is even mentioned! Some traditions are passed on because of the previous generation telling us and we hold onto it because it seems legitimate.

The red cardinal is a beautiful creature that God has created. If we are to be reminded of anything when seeing a red cardinal, we should be taken back to the story in Matthew where God tells us not to worry about what we shall eat, drink, or wear; For he knows what we need and everything should be added to us if we seek the kingdom above all else!

If you are personally reminded of what Jesus has done for you by a red cardinal, I believe that he would be honored of you thinking of him and thanking him in that moment. When it comes to a deeper study of God sending us reminders from loved ones in heaven, that is for another time.

Tanja Lunney contributor

Tanja Lunney is an author/writer who is currently pursuing her Christian Ministry Leadership Emphasis In Counseling B.S. degree at the Lee University. She owns a popular Christian blog namely (Speak Life A Blog) where she constantly writes on a variety of things all with a religious perspective. Tanja loves reviewing Christian titles and also publishes her own youtube videos on biblical prayers.

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