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What Is A Root Tap – Root Tapping Process, Cost, How Long Does It Last and More

In need of a quick hair touch-up? Looking for a fun way of coloring your hair that is not too hard to do on your own? A lot of women are giving it a go with a root tapping method, and you should as well!

If this is your first time hearing of the root tap technique you’re in luck since we’re going to extensively cover this topic while answering all of your most-asked questions.

Keep on reading and find your answers down below.

Firstly, What Is A Root Tap?

The answer can be found in the name itself: root taps.

A root tapping technique is for women who only wish to color their roots and the middle portion of their head while doing no coloring toward the ends. The whole focus is on roots that are being gently tapped with a brush and hair dye (or bleach) in a way that gives out the perfect blend.

This is for clients who want to look as if they’ve just gotten out of a salon! The tapping technique slightly softens foil lines and keeps the grow out soft and non-visible.

Root Tap: How Is The Process Done?

If you have had your balayage or ombre highlights done 2-3 months ago this might be the perfect technique for you to indulge in!

The process is done only to your roots in a gentle way without smearing or smudging a lot of colors. Time-wise it is quick and fast to do, and it will take only 20 minutes at most hair salons. If you plan on doing it at home rather aim for 60 minutes, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Step By Step Process For Root Tapping

Step 1: Your hairstylist will start at a mid-shaft portion of your head. They will section your hair in bits and slices for optimal coverage.

Step 2: Now it is time to tease the hair and apply hair foil underneath to protect lower strands from coming in contact with bleach or color. Your hairstylist will use a blur brush so everything is fully saturated.

Step 3: Time to soften the lines with tapping. They will cover with foil when done and work with another section on top of the foil and so on, till your hair is covered in color.

Step 4: Most hairstylists will make upward motions with their brush since it allows them to get closer to the root. Most of them will also use feathering motions.

Step 5: Now it is time to sit for 25 minutes and check out how the color is developing gradually. Once done it is time to rinse it out and tone it. They will counteract any warmth with the right toner. Your roots will easily blend in with the rest of the color.

Step 6: Your hairstylist will detangle the hair with the right conditioner or spray. They will brush it out, blowdry and style per your preference.

How Long Does It Take To Do It & How Long Does a Root Tap Last For?

What Is A Root Tap - Root Tapping Process, Cost, How Long Does It Last and More

Touching up your roots can take 10-20 minutes to do and the end result will last for up to 10 washes! In most cases, you will enjoy coloring your hair every 5-7 weeks for flawless upkeep.

For optimal results, you should always do the technique on top of your freshly shampooed, towel-dried, damp hair, so it’s free of product build-up. Time frames and this period can vary depending on your approach and the condition that your hair is in.

How Pricey Is Root Tapping?

The cost for a root touch-up starts at $65 and goes up. Prices are subject to the length and condition of your hair, along with the expertise of your hairstylist. The longer your roots, the more time it will take to get ideal results, heads a higher price.

Root Tap at Home: Can You Do It Yourself At Home?

Yes, as long as you feel confident and have some time to spare! Here is how you should do root tapping at your home:

Step 1: Use bleach or your preferred dye and apply it with your favorite brush to your roots only. Make sure that you protect the lower parts of your hair with a foil.

Step 2: Apply the color to your roots using a tapping motion. Use a thin tooth comb to brush out the color evenly. Wash it out after 20 minutes.

Step 3: Use a hair toner to help neutralize any unwanted brassiness and yellow pigment. Style per preference and blowdry.

Who Should Do Root Tapping?

Not too sure if this is the right technique for you? Here is a list of potential candidates and good reasons of trying out this technique:

  • Perfect for women who have highlights
  • Ideal for those who have balayage or ombre highlights
  • Great for blonde women or light brown hairdos
  • Perfect for quick & easy touching-up off your roots
  • Ideal for those who can show gray hairs quickly
  • Ideal for women who have fast-growing strands
  • Great for DIY home color touch-ups
  • Perfect for women who can handle the maintenance and always want a flawless transition

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