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Is Blue Jay A Sign From Heaven?

If you’ve ever noticed a Blue Jay flying by, you no doubt thought this bird must be delivering a special message. They seem so determined and their coloring makes them so noticeable.

If you’ve ever wondered if Blue Jay was sending you a message, you’re not alone. In many cultures, Blue Jays are considered messengers from the divine/heaven. Blue Jays are thought to visit you when you are in need of divine inspiration.

So is this true? Is blue jay a sign from heaven? Are blue jay birds messengers from our deceased loved ones? What are the various blue jay meanings/beliefs that consider them as a sign from heaven? Let us see..

Is Blue Jay a sign from Heaven? The Blue Jay’s Message From Heaven:

Is Blue Jay a sign from Heaven? The Blue Jay's Message From Heaven:

Blue Jays are often considered messengers because of their unique calls. People stop and take notice when these birds call to each other. Blue Jays are seen as confident and sometimes thought of as bossy and territorial. But when they have a message to give you, they are assertive about getting noticed.

Many people believe Blue Jays as a sign from heaven or messengers from Heaven. They seem to be intent on making sure you see them because they are harbingers of positive change and growth.

They are associated with faithfulness, protection, and courage. When you’re going through a difficult time, you may notice Blue Jays come across your path to try to send you a heaven’s message to not give up. They are messengers who signal your luck is about to change for the better.

These divine messengers are thought to appear to show you when you need to express yourself. Take their example and use your voice to get out of a difficult situation. Blue Jays are prolific singers who make their communication known loud and clear. As heaven’s messengers, they are believed to encourage confidence and also to offer protection and guidance.

Are Blue Jays Messengers from our Departed Loved ones from Heaven?

Not only are Blue Jays considered a sign from Heaven, but they are also thought to be messengers from deceased ancestors. Some believe that Blue Jays are sent by your spirit guides and loved ones in Heaven.

Some people believe that ancestors and spirit guides take the form of a Blue Jay when visiting you. Yet whether ancestors use Blue Jays to communicate, they can also send the bird as an intermediary.

When you see a Blue Jay shortly after a loved one passes, you can rest assured the Blue Jay is showing you that your loved one is not far from you. But even when Blue Jays appear months or years after someone passes, it is still possible they are a divine messenger from your loved ones from heaven.

Many mediums and psychics in modern times share a belief that messengers like Blue Jay indicate the spirit of a departed loved one is nearby. They see Blue Jays as messengers from Heaven who appear when someone is mourning or longing for connection with a departed loved one.

‘Blue Jays as Messengers/Sign From Heaven’ – Beliefs and Meanings in Different Cultures

In particular, Celtic cultures viewed Blue Jay as an intermediary between different realms (from heaven and earth). They were thought to be messengers from the other worlds.

In other cultures, the prolific singing of the Blue Jay is associated with confidence and the need to express yourself. But their persistence is also a sign, to many people, that Blue Jays are determined to get their message through to us. Their behavior and assertiveness is interpreted as Blue Jay having an important mission, to get their message from Heaven to you.

Other early American lore tells that Blue Jays could pass into other realms, particularly the afterlife, and would bring grains of sand as offerings to departed souls. This belief was common in the Midwest regions.

While there are many modern beliefs associating Blue Jay with departed ancestors from heaven, this bird was not always seen in such a positive light.

In some Native American traditions, Blue Jays were not to be trusted and were associated with arrogance. They were thought of as similar to Raven. Blue Jays were considered trickster birds and not specifically associated with messages from Heaven.

In the American south, Blue Jays were not trusted as signs from Heaven. In fact, the Blue Jay lore from Appalachia is far more sinister. Blue Jays were believed to be witches’ familiars who would deliver messages to and from the Devil.


Though beliefs about Blue Jays have changed over the years and vary among different cultures, one common theme is that Blue Jays are messengers with the ability to visit different realms. But are they messengers of good or evil? That depends on the nuances of specific cultures.

In modern times, Blue Jays are usually perceived positively. Their symbolism as messengers from Heaven or intermediaries who work with spirit guides and ancestors paints them in a much more positive and helpful light compared to their connotation as tricksters in other lore.

Whether you believe Blue Jays are tricksters or a sign of a message from heaven or both, you can’t deny they are persistent, vocal, and know how to get your attention.

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