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Is Cocomelon Demonic? 4 Reasons Why Cocomelon Is Bad For kids

Cocomelon is a viral YouTube channel with millions of subscribers and plenty of toddler fans who love the videos’ characters. But the opinions regarding Cocomelon are split.

Some people find this channel fascinating and educative, while others consider Cocomelon demonic and damaging for young children.

So, is cocomelon demonic? Is it evil or bad for kids? What are the various reasons why cocomelon is bad for kids? Or Is it any good? Well, let’s look at both sides and understand the polarity of Cocomelon!

Firstly, What is Cocomelon?

If you have a toddler, or even if you don’t, you have most likely heard of Cocomelon. This YouTube channel reached impressive popularity, with the video views getting into the million fast.

The show’s main character, split into a multitude of YouTube episodes, is JJ, who is a toddler but does activities specific to both babies and pre-schoolers. The other main characters in the show are JJ’s parents, his brother TomTom, and his sister YoYo.

This show can be watched on both YouTube and Netflix and follows JJ’s daily life with his family. The animation is colorful, and the characters’ features are exaggerated (somewhat creepy), such as wide eyes, large heads, and ear-to-ear smiles. Also, the music and rhymes are extremely attractive, and the entire show can keep toddlers watching for hours. 

4 Reasons Why Cocomelon is Considered Bad or Demonic for kids:

When it comes to Cocomelon, you either hate it or love it. There is no middle ground. The toddlers love it and stay glued to the screen for hours each day to watch it if allowed. Check out the show’s negatives (and later positives) through the parents’ eyes! 

  1. Mind-numbing:

Some parents consider the animation, music, and overall dynamic of the show mind-numbing. The music is repetitive and hypnotizing in a way that seems to brainwash the little ones into staring at it all day or as long as they can access the screen.

You will hear the same tunes and instruments repeatedly, and the characters perform the same or very similar moves from one shot to the next. Also, many parents find the characters’ facial expressions to be eerie alike and numb, almost robotic.

  1. Unrealistic animation:

Starting with the square-shaped watermelon that has a face and seems pleasantly surprised, which introduces every Cocomelon episode and ending with the particular features of each character, there is a lingering sense of unrealistic perceptions.

The heads of the characters are large, the eyes are way too big, and their features don’t match their age. JJ, for instance, has the teeth of a 7-month-old baby; he has the reactions of a one-year-old and goes to school rather than kindergarten. He also has hair just in the middle of his head, which is unrealistic and portrays a false image of children. 

  1. Too many short shots.

A major problem signaled by many viewers is the significant number of quick shots. A short shot is a shot that lasts less than 5 seconds, and these types of shots are the majority in any Cocomelon episode. And what is the problem with short shots, you might wonder?

Parents consider that so many short shots in a cartoon affect the children’s focus ability. The kids don’t have time to process the action in the video, and as soon as they understand a scene, it switches to another one.

While toddlers might be calm and still watch this type of video internally, they might also build up anger due to the agitation that so many shots create. 

  1. A Tantrum generator.

While having your toddler stay still in front of a screen for half an hour can be a great relief, what happens when you turn Cocomelon off? Most likely a tantrum, as many parents testify.

Mothers claim that toddlers react violently when not given their daily dose of Cocomelon. They forget how to find entertainment in other activities and don’t interact well with other people.

3 Reasons why Cocomelon isn’t Bad or Demonic:

  1. Good message.

It is hard to argue the message Cocomelon sends, which is, without a doubt, a positive one. JJ goes through daily lessons that teach him how to be polite, use the potty, and eat and brush his teeth or baths.

All these things are helpful for toddlers to watch and learn. So, regarding the message it conveys, most parents see Cocomelon as an educative show. 

  1. Catchy songs.

The music in this show is beautiful for toddlers. The rhymes are simple, and the songs are easy to learn. Most of the songs are based on nursery rhymes, but you will find other types of songs in the show, too, inspired by the hits in the pop music industry. 

  1. It is very entertaining.

Parents admit that Cocomelon fulfills the goal of keeping toddlers entertained and still. This gives the parents time to catch up with work or house chores while the little ones sit still in front of a screen, watching JJ go through his daily activities. And they might learn valuable things from him as well. 

So, Is Cocomelon demonic? Why is it mostly seen as Demonic?

Is Cocomelon Demonic? 4 Reasons Why Cocomelon Is Bad For kids

Many adults, especially Christians, find Cocomelon to fall more on the evil/demonic side of the spectrum rather than the positive one. This happens because the show gives the kids a false sense of reality. Being a musical channel, Cocomelon episodes have no plot or storyline; they are mainly descriptions of basic activities in a numbing and repetitive musical fashion. 

The characters’ big eyes and soulless smiles also make parents find this show rather eerie or scary. And toddlers watching it tend to mimic the characters’ blank expressions and repetitive behavior in the videos, particularly JJ.

On top of that, the reaction of the toddlers when Cocomelon is off tends to be unusually violent. Mothers reported their children hitting themselves as a protest when they stopped the show. Thus, as a result, most people consider Cocomelon as demonic. 

Final thoughts 

Knowing the impact of Cocomelon and everything else your child watches is crucial. But since different people have different views on this popular show, it is essential to watch it with all these views in mind and see what you think of it.

Ultimately, Cocomelon is one of the top toddler content channels and remains a favorite for millions of children worldwide. 

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