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Did Brooklyn and Bailey Get Nose Jobs? Before and After Pictures

The internet has gone wild with speculations about Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight recent changes and whether or not they had a nose job.

The all star identical twins are seemingly starting to look different when posting on their social media accounts. Fans are beginning to question whether or not they have had some procedure done.

So, did Brooklyn and Bailey have a Nose job? How can we know? Well, let’s find out today..

Fans Doubts regarding Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight’s Nose job

The duo started their route to fame from March 2013 with a YouTube channel, creating content for all things teens interest, such as fashion, beauty and other things. Their following grew year after year, and fans seem to be pretty invested in their lives and daily activities. Most of the fans even grew up with them and watched them mature with the audience.

Now that the 19 years old girls are all grown up, the focus seems to be on their image and their looks as well. In an Instagram post on July 22, 2018, besides the comments about the girls’ beautiful eyes, the fans started to notice something different in their looks. Brooklyn and Bailey seemed different from what they usually do in other pictures. Especially, a noticeable change was their noses, since it always was a prominent feature for them. Fans started to question this change, asking if they have had a nose job or as the procedure is called, rhinoplasty.

However, neither Brooklyn nor Bailey answered any of the questions put in the comments and continued to post pictures as per regularly, including their ongoing video content on their YouTube channel.

Since there was no response from them on the matter, fans begin to put more and more attention to their posts and videos. A YouTube channel, surely from one of their fans, with little views speculated that the girls may have had a rhinoplasty and compared their recent pictures with older ones, indicating that their noses really do look different. In the video is also the insinuation that the girls may have had the procedure done in one of their flights to Jersey, although it cannot be confirmed.

So, Did Brooklyn and Bailey get Nose jobs?

Since the girls were not addressing it, the rumors never died down with fans continuously asking in the comments whether they had or not, In fact, the nose job.

Fast forward, a year later, in a new video for their YouTube channel, Brooklyn and Bailey finally decided to bring the answer to this topic, among other things that the fans were curious about.

In a video posted 8 August 2018, called “Are ASA and Bailey really COUSINS? |Rumors Squashed!”, on other facts that the fans always commented, in 04:11 minute of the video they finally address the nose job controversy. Bailey starts to explain how they always had breathing problems, their dad has had septoplasty – a procedure to regulate a deviated septum – their grandmother has had it done twice, their aunt once, so it’s something that runs on their dad’s side.

They went to check if Brooklyn had any breathing problems, and the diagnosis was that she was breathing with five percent of her nose. Nonetheless, they didn’t immediately do the procedure until Bailey also had her nose checked, and she found out that she was using even less of her nose for breathing, so her condition was even worse than Brooklyn’s. In this case, they both decided to go and have the procedure called septoplasty which is done to straighten the bone and cartilage dividing the space between the two nostrils called septum.

They specifically stated that the surgery was done to help with the deviated septum and the breathing problems, to help them breathe better and sound less nasally when speaking. But upon consultation with the doctor, he also offered them to change something about their noses, such as the bump and the shape of it, to make it also look aesthetically pleasing, beside functionally better.

The girls decided that while they were to have the procedure, to go all for it, so they did also change the nose’s shape and look overall. In addition, they added jokingly that now they are breathing better and that was about it, so the rumors were squashed.

That’s it! Fans seems to be pretty satisfied with the reasoning behind their decision to get the rhinoplasty done, and also of the fact that they finally decided to speak openly about it, without fear of judgment and without choosing to sweep the case under the rug, in hopes that the fans one day just didn’t ask anymore about it.

The comments were positive and appreciative of the fact that they both explained the situation and set an example for other celebrities who generally deny when asked about the surgeries that they may or may not have had.

Brooklyn and Bailey Nose job Before and After


Replying to @Haley Hendricks (Conover) #greenscreen since everyone was so curious!!

♬ original sound – Brooklyn and Bailey

In the above Tiktok we could see the pictures of bailey, before and after getting her nose done. We could also hear her saying that they have their nose job in 2018 before the college started and after their high school ended. Most importantly, we could hear her expressing that it was their best decision ever to get their noses done.

Brooklyn and Bailey in 2017 before Nose Job (Walt Disney Television cc2.0)
Brooklyn and Bailey Now after Nose Job (Twitter)

Brooklyn and Bailey on seeing a photo of her before Nose job


One thing is for sure, the girls look stunning either way and the fact that the procedure helped them breathe better is a relief for both them and their fans, that now can continue to enjoy their content and always be sure that Bailey and Brooklyn will be 100% honest and transparent with them.

Eralda Baholli is a Culture and Arts Journalist and a Professional Makeup artist who lives in Albania. She was graduated in Journalism and Communication and went on to work as a Culture and Arts journalist in Fashion Network Industries. She worked as a Makeup artist at several top brands including Inglot Cosmetics, Olsi Hair System, Beauty Fair Albani, TESS and several others. Eralda is also the creator of the natural handmade skincare line Aura Skincare. She loves being creative and constantly contributes her writing works in Cultural Journalism.