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Everything about Dread Braids: Hairstyles, Tutorial, Pictures and More

Both men & women have been obsessed with dreads ever since 1970, and even today many are highly in love with this hairstyle!

But what about dread braids? Is it just braiding your dreadlocks? If yes, how can you get them actually?

For those who don’t know about these dread braids hairstyles, this article will bring you some limelight today. Yes, Not only will I let you in on a few secrets on how to create a dread braids hairstyle, but also will suggest a few different dread braids looks you can try.

Firstly, What Are Dread Braids?

Dread braids are a category of hairstyles in which one’s dreads/dreadlocks are braided. For most people, braiding locks bring an added uniqueness to thier already stylish dreadlocks.

In simple, they are nothing but free formed dreadlocks which are connected into a braided style. Although they may look a bit dirty once you initially spot them, however, they can be well taken care off with the right set of residue-free shampoos.

So, How To Achieve Dread Braids – (Tutorial)

For those who want to do this step on their own, make sure you have:

  • Several hair ties
  • Hair straightener
  • Bobi pins

On the other hand, you can also get colorful beads which can be used all throughout your hair. This little accessory is super stylish, decorative, and inexpensive for those who are on a budget.

Option 1: Getting Dread French Braids

Step 1: Since you already have dreadlocks it is time to form them into a braid. If your dreads are long, make sure you put them in 4 different sections at the back.

Step 2: You can do a traditional French braid by making three equal sections of your dreads and form them into a braid. Always start at the top and move down the bottom of your head. Secure the braid with a hairband. You can also add colorful pieces down the bottom to give yourself an interesting ‘twist’ to your braid.

Option 2: Getting Dread Dutch Braids (Curly Ponytail)

Step 1: Curl your dreads with a flat iron by wrapping them into the iron and then twist the iron inwards. Keep doing until all strands are curled.

Step 2: The curled pieces will give your hair a lot more volume & texture, and make sure you emphasize this look. Pull the hair into a ponytail, and leave the curled dreads in the back. Create simple Dutch braids with the leftover curled pieces of hair and do as many as you prefer.

Option 3: Getting Dread Mohawk/Fade Braids

Step 1: If you want to do mohawk or a fade, try to leave the dreads on top in order for them to stand out, and for you to gain volume.

Step 2: Form the braids starting at the top of your head and do a dutch braid/any other braid. Then secure it in the back with a hair tie. You can also use a few Bobi pins to secure the dreads along the sides from moving or from falling out.

6 Dread Braid Hairstyles You Should Try Out Today

1. High Top Dread Braids:

This is a super clean & easy to maintain cut which also has its unique elements. The dreads at the top are formed into several different braids, and are ideal for men who prefer minimalistic looks. This one could be office friendly and is most definitely targeted towards older gentlemen.

2. Dread Mohawk Braids:

As you know it by now, a dreaded mohawk is achieved by adding volume and texture at the top, while shaving off the sides. Once paired along with some braids, this hairstyle won’t go undetected! People who love bold & unique hairdos will enjoy this one the most.

3. Dread Braid Ponytail:

A dreadlock braided ponytail is ideal for athletic guys, or simply those who prefer practical hair styles. By getting your hair into a ponytail, you will easily move around and always enjoy the fact that your hair isn’t touching your face. This look will suit everyone, and is definitely Summer-friendly.

4. Dreadlocks braid High bun:

If you have a lot of hair make sure you put it in a high bun. The bun itself will attract looks, while your defined braids and a sharp beard will round up the look. In case you end up going for this style, make sure you use the right residue-free shampoo in order to maintain the bun’s texture. This look can be worn by any guy, but it may be the most appropriate for athletes.

5. Dread Fade Braids:

A high & defined fade can look attractive and is something that women will easily spot. Once paired with the dread braids at the top, this can be a killer look! Guys who end up getting this haircut should revisit their barber every 2-3 weeks since this way they will easily maintain the texture, as well as definition of their cut.

6. Dread Box Braids:

A style which will never go out of fashion are definitely box braids. They are simple, easy to maintain, and they suit everyone’s head shape, as well as hair type. However, these are very special & unique since they’ve been formed into a braid, after being dreaded! Not that many guys will think of getting this type of braids, so make sure you rock them first among your friends while they are still a trend.

The Maintenance Of Dread Braids:

Usually, men prefer dread braids because they can easily match them with their beard and round up the look. If you are thinking about getting dread braids, make sure you are well aware of their maintenance, such as:

  1. Wash your dreadlocks and the braids at least once a week, but make sure you use a residue-free shampoo.
  2. Dry the strands by using a towel and avoid creating friction, simply tap and pat.
  3. Sleep with a silk cap on your head or on silk sheets to maintain the texture.
  4. Use a lock-in pomade to smooth out the braid whenever you are washing your hair.
  5. Use a small needle or tweezers to hide the broken or fallen out strands once they are out of the braid by pushing them back in with your tool.

Ajla Suceska is a Certified make up artist and a professional Nail Technician who lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has successfully completed 3 distinct make up diplomas and also worked as makeup artist in Etre Belle (A German makeup brand). Besides being a professional makeup artist, and a nail tech, she loves writing beauty articles and contributed to a number of top websites online. In simple, Ajla Suceska is a 23-year old beauty expert who simply lives and breathes fashion and beauty

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