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Levi Haircut: Everything About Getting The Levi Ackerman Haircut

If you are a fan of anime and manga you have probably already seen Attack on Titans. A well-popular, super loved and worldwide known series that is incredibly well done and highly ranked on Google. One of everyone’s favorite characters is Levi Ackerman, the captain of the squad.

Both men and women love him, and a lot of guys are crazy about his bold appearance, and stylish haircut. So, What is Levi Ackerman’s haircut called? How to get Levi haircut? What is the step by step tutorial on getting Levi Ackerman haircut and how does Levi haircut look in real life?

Don’t worry, If you want to know how to get the exact same haircut & looks as captain Levi Ackerman, then keep on reading and find your answers down below.

Firstly, Who Is Levi Ackerman?

Levi is a 30+year-old male who is exceptionally talented in combat. His skills in battle are phenomenal and described as god-like, and he is the best in the manga among his peers. He is the most prominent soldier in humanity’s battle against Titans.

Did you also know that due to his mega popularity that he got his own short spin-off series called No Regrets?! How many other characters do you know that have had that honor? Yeah, not a lot.

Thanks to this humble approach, loyalty, cleanliness, and a serious sense of style it is no coincidence that everyone loves him and thinks of him as a role model.

What type of Haircut does Levi Ackerman have? What is Levi’s Haircut Called?

Levi Haircut: Everything About Getting The Levi Ackerman Haircut
Image – Reddit

To be straight, Levi Ackerman’s haircut is called a ‘curtain undercut with long bangs’.

Basically, it is a cut where the hair at the top is long and left looking straight/simple while lower parts are shaved off. The hair is even and done in the same length all over, with not a lot of volume.

In some parts of the world, this cut is also known and called a ”Levi” haircut. This character has given it so much popularity that everyone wants it and keeps on booking it at salons.

How To Get Levi Ackerman Haircut?

This hairstyle was super popular in 1990 and throughout 2000. The Backstreet boys also used to wear their hair in a similar way (Nick Carter in particular).

You can also get this hairstyle by giving it time to grow out and by focusing on its length and maintenance. Your hair should be up to your ear-length all over, with long and wispy bangs for proper cutting, shaving, and styling.

Once your hair is at a certain length it is time to get an undercut detail and maintain the length.

Who Can Go For this Levi Undercut Hairstyle?

Unfortunately, not everyone can pull off this hairstyle. This is because the cut itself is meant to be worn straight. If your natural hair texture is wavy or curly, you might not be able to pull it off as easily.

However, any hair color will go just as well! You might enjoy it a tad bit more if your hair is naturally black or dark brown, just like Levi’s is. In the end, it is up to you to find a good barber who knows how to do similar looks based on pictures of fictional characters.

Step By Step Tutorial On How To Get The Levi Ackerman Haircut

Step 1: Make sure that your hair is already cut at a barbershop in this curtain buzzcut way. Once it is, wash it and dry completely. It is always easier to work with clean blow-dried hair.

Step 2: Go for middle parting and comb your hair out with a thin tooth-comb. Make sure that it is left looking even on both sides.

Step 3: Once combed through, take a bit of your favorite hair pomade or clay and apply it to your bangs. Don’t overdo it since you want to avoid a greasy look.

PS: If your hair is curly or wavy you can set it in place with a flat iron. This way, you will get rid of any frizz and end up with the exact same outcome. You can also spray it with a bit of hairspray to prolong its wear time and longevity.

Levi Haircut in Real Life:

Is The Levi Ackerman Haircut Pricey?

If you plan on giving it a go just know that the price won’t stop you! This hairstyle is usually around $40 and will take less than one hour to achieve.

Make sure to find a hairstylist or a barber who knows how to cut long hair and create undercut details, you’ll be good to go! Aim for hair cutting appointments every 3-5 weeks to maintain the look.

PS: It is also important to have your hair on a longer side so that your barber can truly recreate the look the best they can.

Want To Book Your Hair Appointment?

So, are you ready to embrace and awake your inner Levi Ackerman?! Feel like you can pull it off? Women will love this look on you, and guys will envy you for trying it out and stepping out of your comfort zone. Give it a go and see how it compliments your face, despite your age!

Ajla Suceska is a Certified make up artist and a professional Nail Technician who lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has successfully completed 3 distinct make up diplomas and also worked as makeup artist in Etre Belle (A German makeup brand). Besides being a professional makeup artist, and a nail tech, she loves writing beauty articles and contributed to a number of top websites online. In simple, Ajla Suceska is a 23-year old beauty expert who simply lives and breathes fashion and beauty