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SS Haircut Guide: What is the German World War II haircut called?

Are you curious about the WW2 German haircut?

This might be because you’re intrigued by historical facts and the Nazis, or perhaps because you want to give it a go with this hairstyle yourself.

Although it might be a bit controversial or weird for you to ask for it at your barbershop, the look itself is often described as clean, formal, and elegant, as well as very easy to achieve and maintain. Today, We will teach you how to ask for it without calling it the ‘Nazi haircut’.

So, What is the German ww2 haircut called? How did German SS soldiers style their hair during the World War II? Finally, how to get a WW2 German soldier haircut?

Well, If you want to know more about it and if you’re intrigued by it, keep on reading! Here is all that you should know!

What is the German World War II Haircut called? The SS Haircut Explained:

During the WW2 period, there was a plethora of looks for guys to choose from, but still not as many as there are today. Among the hairstyles, a slick back with an undercut was known as Schutzstaffel haircut (SS haircut), since it was worn by the German protection squad Schutzstaffel (but more on that later below).

So precisely, the most famous German SS haircut was a slick back or a side-swept undercut hairdo, often paired with a subtle beard, and thicker mustache.

It wasn’t too hard to style, and it was a signature look for almost all German military men. It was shaved from the neck and tapered up to the top above the ears all the way around the head. However, don’t have this mixed up with the Hitler haircut. Hitler wore a Prussian military crew cut where the sides and back were almost shaved off and the top was left super long and parted.

How German SS Soldiers styled their Hair During The WW2 and How ‘The Nazi SS Haircut’ originated?

Wondering why or how this German SS haircut originated? Well, remember how we said that we’re gonna talk about Schutzstaffel later down below?

Well, the Schutzstaffel was the well-known and popular German protection squad. It was originally established as Adolf Hitler’s personal bodyguard unit. As time went on, it had become the ultimate guard during WW2.

Compared with soldiers from other countries, German SS soldiers had to give in a lot of thought and care to their looks, including their hairstyle. This was mostly influenced by Hitler and his demands for a strict, clean & hard-working ethic.

In terms of hairstyling & maintenance: hair was maintained short, with the primary requirement being that it be kept off the collar and away from the ears. The styling process took 2 minutes to do and included hair gel or grease of any sort, just so that their locks would be set in place throughout the day.

Not only that, but every camp had a trained hairstylist who was there working on all the soldiers who needed a haircut. In return, soldiers would keep the barbers safe & protected during any shift or fight.

For many years, everyone wanted to be a part of this squad, which is why a ton of guys have looked up to the unit. Therefore, everyone tried to copy the Schutzstaffel look and aesthetic, including the haircut (which we termed as “The Nazi SS Haircut”).

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Get A WW2 German SS Soldier Haircut?

Step 1: Bring some inspirational pictures of the German Schutzstaffel soldiers. Although it was popular years back during the World War II, the SS haircut has had a ton of variations, and it is not the same as it once was in terms of its type, length, and name.

Step 2: Go for a fade detail and short-defined sides. Clean and sharp edges and a 0 or a 1 on the side will do the magic, which is also very easy to explain to your barber.

Step 3: Get rid of any facial hair and opt for an elegant, clean, and masculine look, which is all about showing off your jawline. You should shave yourself every 2-3 days, just as the Germans soldiers did.

Step 4: Make sure that you give it enough time to grow out your top. It should be 5-8 cm long all throughout to achieve the same design.

Step 5: Go for a heavy slick-back cut or for a side part. It is vital that all of your hair is in place and that no hair is poking through. Comb out the look and push it in one direction with your favorite hairbrush.

Step 6: Use a thick & heavy pomade to set your strands in place. Rock the look with confidence everywhere you go! It is appropriate for any gathering.

If you want to give this German SS haircut a try, please, don’t hesitate! Although a bit retro & old-school, this cut does have a unique story, as well as the history behind it. Grow it out and don’t rush the process when it comes to its styling, you’ll be loving the results.

Ajla Suceska is a Certified make up artist and a professional Nail Technician who lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has successfully completed 3 distinct make up diplomas and also worked as makeup artist in Etre Belle (A German makeup brand). Besides being a professional makeup artist, and a nail tech, she loves writing beauty articles and contributed to a number of top websites online. In simple, Ajla Suceska is a 23-year old beauty expert who simply lives and breathes fashion and beauty