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How To Get Mike Trout’s Haircut? 6 Best Mike Trout Haircut Ideas

Are you a huge fan of baseball? If so, you are probably very well-informed about Mike Trout, as he is an amazing professional baseball player for the Los Angeles team. Guys love him for his approach toward the game & his brilliant moves, while ladies are all about his looks!

One thing that you may want to copy from this big baller? His hairdo! If you are a guy wondering how to get a Mike Trout haircut at a hair salon, this article is for you! Here is how to ask for that ‘Mike special’.

What Is Mike Trout’s Hair Called?

How To Get Mike Trout's Haircut? 6 Best Mike Trout Hairstyles
Erik Drost via Wiki commons 2.0

Michael Nelson Trout was born on August 7 of 1991. He has been making big moves ever since he stepped onto the grass twenty years back. He has won the Silver Slugger Award nine times, and has been named the American League’s (AL) Most Valuable Player for three years!

The Mike Trout hairdo is called a buzz cut, or a flat top crew cut hairdo. Mike Trout has shared a lot of social media posts, pictures & comments in regard to his appearance, as well as his hairdo.

In fact, he is well aware of his looks, and the fact that he has been rocking the same old buzz cut ever since kindergarten! He even made jokes about this himself on several occasions, which has led to him experimenting and trying out new looks.

However, he almost always goes for a flat-top haircut, simply because it is very easy to rock and style under the baseball cap or helmet.

Who Should Go For A Mike Trout Hairdo?

Guys who love practical, low-maintenance, as well as shorter hairdos will enjoy the ‘Mike Trout’ special. If you need something for everyday wear, the gym, or casual styling – this is it!

The best part about this haircut? Anyone can rock it no matter their hair length + you can dry the hair within 30 seconds when you’re on the go! If you have some bald spots and if you are a blonde guy, you can easily hide these minor imperfections with this design.

Mike Trout Haircut: A Step-by-step Tutorial For This Hairstyle

Here is how you can style your hair ‘The Mike way’:

Step 1: Make sure that you grow your hair out of the buzz-cut level. You should aim for a crew cut or a spike hairdo to recreate Mike’s newest look (or just go for a basic buzz cut if you prefer his old style).

Step 2: Clean and shave your sides every 2-3 weeks, but leave the top voluminous and longer.

Step 3: Grow your top portion out along with your bangs, and push them in one direction when styling. Mike prefers messy updos and locks that are stuck in place.

Step 4: Set your hairdo with your favorite hair clay and mask. You should make sure that you use something with a mattifying effect to prolong its wear time.

Step 5: You can use hairspray for special occasions and if necessary. Make sure that you cut the top every 6 weeks, but cut the sides more often than this.

For more info & help, you can check out this tutorial and follow its guidelines:

6 Best Mike Trout Haircut Ideas: His Different Hairstyles In The Past

Mike Trout has had a couple of different haircuts in the past decade, but most of us remember him as a blonde guy with a buzz or a fade detail. Aside from that, he is also known for his unique fashion sense and his charming personality, which allows him to assert dominance everywhere he goes (he is a big guy, after all).

Throughout the years, he grew bigger and bigger, and his style somewhat changed. In the past years, we saw him rock the following 6 cuts. So grab his haircut ideas and try them for yourself.

  1. A Mohawk
  2. A crew cut
  3. Buzz cut
  4. A fade
  5. Spiked hair
  6. Faux hawk

However, his hair never got longer than his ear point. It has always looked clean, professional, and practical.

Time For A Change?

So, are you ready to look like your favorite baseball player? If so, will you be ordering the ‘typical’ Mike Trout buzzcut, or do you plan on spicing it up with some crew cut and fade details? Either way it may be, make sure that you combine this look with a stubborn beard and you will achieve a full effect, no matter your headed destination!

Ajla Suceska contributor

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