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Clix Haircut: How To Style Your Hair Like Fortnite Pro Clix

Do you play Fortnite? If so, you probably know about Cody Conrod. He is one of the most popular and famous Fortnite players, often described as a pioneer in this game and in the industry. You have probably watched him play a tournament in the past on your laptop and on YouTube. He is better known and goes by his nickname – Clix.

If you find him to be a great inspiration and you’re a fan of his work, but also his appearance, you’re going to love this article! Here, we’re going to talk about his looks and his hairstyle, as well as ways how you can copy the haircut and end up with the same outcome.

So, What is the name of Clix’s Haircut? How it’s done? Finally, How to get the Clix haircut perfectly? Well, keep on reading and find inspiration for yourself down below and finally look like your gaming idol.

Firstly, Who Is Cody Conrod AKA Clix?

One of the newest Twitch streams, YouTubers, and professional gamers is Cody Conrod, aka Clix. Cody Conrod, one of the top Fortnite players, became popular two years ago. All of his brilliant moves, gameplay techniques, and sponsorships have helped him earn over 2 million dollars by now, and it seems like he will not be stopping anytime soon.

With over 5 million Twitch subscribers, it is no wonder that this young man has a great future ahead. He is only 18 years old, yet is a great inspiration for people worldwide, especially young kids who are intrigued by the gaming business & industry. He often does gaming-sponsored videos and is very active on all social media platforms.

What Is The Name Of Clix’s Haircut + How It’s Done

Clix's Haircut: How To Style Your Hair Like Fortnite Pro Clix
Image – NRG twitter

Clix is all about rocking his voluminous hair with confidence! Since he is blessed with good hair and great natural texture, why not show it off?

In most cases, you will see him wearing a faux hawk hairdo with a subtle fade on the side, yet with wispy bangs. He is also sometimes rocking a messy fringe. Both of these are medium-length haircuts that can be styled on the sides or slick back.

Here is how your barber is going to approach you and leave you with this cut:

  • It is vital that you come to the salon with as much hair as possible.
  • Your barber will shave your sides and leave them at #1 or #2 on the sides while focusing a lot more time and attention on the top.
  • He will shape your bangs into a faux hawk, or he will cut them straight and leave them voluminous across your forehead.
  • It is vital that you book a hairstylist who is precise and understands symmetry, as this look can be hard to do & pull off.

Step-by-step Tutorial On Getting The Same Hairstyle as Clix

Once you leave your barber shop and head home, make sure that you approach your hairdo with the right styling techniques, as well as hair-care products. Here is how to get the look:

Step 1: Wash your hair with a nourishing shampoo. It is important that your strands are moisturized & as fluffy as possible. Don’t forget to include conditioner in your hair routine.

Step 2: Use a blow-drier to style your hair and push the strands into your preferred direction. You can use your fingertips to scrunch the bangs, but leave the back straight & sleek.

Step 3: Comb the back portion out, but don’t comb your bangs, as you want them to look as soft, wavy & natural as possible.

Step 4: Add a bit of hair oil to your fingertips and sweep it across your bangs. Go for a messy top and pile the product through without making your bangs look greasy.

Step 5: You can set your locks in place with your favorite hairspray. If you plan on being out for the majority of the day and you need a durable look – this is an important step.

For anyone wondering how to get clix’s haircut or what to ask for when at your hair salon, here is a helpful video that will answer all of your questions:

Clix Hairdo Time!

Are you ready to rock his cool hairdo? Although Clix is quite young he can be an amazing inspiration for most men who wish to look fashionable & stylish with their new hairdo.

So, do you want to look like Clix and show off your new cut everywhere you go? If so, make sure that you maintain your locks and hydrate them, as well as book a barber you love. You should also invest in your hair-care shampoos and styling products. Let us know how it all goes, we can’t wait to see you rocking something new!

Ajla Suceska is a Certified make up artist and a professional Nail Technician who lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has successfully completed 3 distinct make up diplomas and also worked as makeup artist in Etre Belle (A German makeup brand). Besides being a professional makeup artist, and a nail tech, she loves writing beauty articles and contributed to a number of top websites online. In simple, Ajla Suceska is a 23-year old beauty expert who simply lives and breathes fashion and beauty