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Did Steve Wilkos Ever Have Hair? The Whole Story About His Hair

Steve Wilkos is best known for his role as the host of “The Steve Wilkos Show,” a talk show that debuted in 2007. He initially gained popularity as the director of security on “The Jerry Springer Show.” Throughout his television career, Steve Wilkos has always been bald, and there is no evidence to suggest that he ever had a full head of hair.

In fact, Steve Wilkos has often embraced his bald appearance, and it has become a signature part of his image. He has been known to make light-hearted jokes about his lack of hair during his shows, contributing to his recognizable persona.

But, What kind of hair did Steve Wilkos have during his younger years? Are there any pictures of Steve Wilkos with hair? Did he ever have hair? Well, let’s find out today..

Steve Wilkos with Hair: Did Steve Wilkos Ever Have Hair?

steve wilkos with hair
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Before his television career, Wilkos served in the United States Marine Corps and later worked as a police officer in Chicago. It is possible that he had hair during his younger years, but since his rise to fame, he has maintained a clean-shaven, bald look.

In fact, there are no known pictures of Steve Wilkos with a full head of hair. Throughout his public appearances and television career, he has consistently maintained a bald look. While it is possible that there may be private or personal photos of him with hair from his earlier years, they have not been publicly shared or circulated.

Given that Steve Wilkos gained prominence and recognition as a television personality with a bald appearance, it is unlikely that he had a significant change in his hairstyle during his time in the public eye. The bald look has become his trademark, and he has embraced it as part of his image.

So while some television personalities may experiment with different hairstyles or wear wigs for specific roles or appearances, there is no evidence or documentation to suggest that Steve Wilkos ever had a full head of hair. His bald look has become a defining characteristic and is how most people recognize him.

How did Steve Wilkos go bald?

Steve Wilkos does offer a reason for his no-hair look that is quoted on the IMDB website. When asked why he decided to shave his head, he answered “Actually, it was after Richard Dominick’s executive producer, who told me to shave my head for the show, Jerry Springer (1991), and I shaved it.”. But this answer doesn’t give any further reasoning as to why he remained bald.

So without specific information from Steve Wilkos himself, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for his baldness. However, it is commonly attributed to the natural progression of male pattern baldness that affects many men as they get older. (Although, there are no public statements from him regarding this either.)

It’s important to note that many men experience some degree of hair loss as they age. While few individuals may try various things to slow down their hair loss, there are also individuals who may choose to embrace their natural baldness, as Steve Wilkos has done.

Did Steve Wilkos ever admit to having hair? What kind of hair did he have during his younger years?

Yes, there is one YouTube video on The Steve Wilkos Show channel that leads the public to deduct that Steve Wilkos had long, blond hair. The video is titled “Steve Wilkos had long hair” and shows a discussion between Steve Wilkos and a lady who asks him if he recalls that they were colleagues in biology class back in school.

The lady also asks Steve if he recalls having “beautiful, long hair” that he was flipping around proudly during that time. Steve Wilkos not only admits to having long, blond hair back then, but he also expresses his regret for not being able to do that hair flip anymore.

During the same video, Steve Wilkos admits to getting a B in biology, which according to him was one of the highest grades he got. But the entire discussion is covered in a humorous vibe so it is difficult to verify the truth in it beyond what is shown in the short YouTube video.

Apart from this 27-second video, there are no other pictures or videos that lead to the fact that Steve Wilkos had hair.

Final thoughts

Without the video on the Steve Wilkos Show YouTube channel that surprises the conversation between him and one of his ex-classmates regarding his “long, blond hair”, we would have no reason to believe that he ever had hair. There are no other public statements, pictures, or videos that show Steve Wilkos with hair.

Despite this being a public curiosity, Steve Wilkos has no concerns regarding his baldness, and he embraces that completely. Everyone knows him bald, and it became an important part of his image.

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