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How to Get the Trendy Icy Blonde Hair – Complete Tutorial (with Images)

So, the time has come, the weather is cold and the trend is ice.

You may have already seen this hair color trending on social media and on the heads of some of your favorite celebs.

Now, the first question you’re probably asking yourself is.. How can I get this style to my hair? If done, how can I maintain it without damaging my hair.

Now, no need to look any further – all of your answers are here!

Now before we get started.. Go ahead and get your pen and paper ready (or screenshot techniques) as this is going to be highly informative.

How can you Get this Trendy Icy Blonde Hair?

There are many ways to achieve this white as snow, gorgeous hair color.

Firstly, the Initial Crosschecks (If you are still in doubt):

You may be doubting yourself on how this color would look on you. For a quick, cheap and easy way to try it out, go to your apple or android app store and download the highest rated editing app (go for the makeup and photo editing apps so you can have them for multiple uses in the future).

You could even go buy some extensions or have a stylist make you a wig. Wigs are great for trying out that daring color and if you’re like me, a type of person who loves change and will more than likely only want to wear this color for a season or limited amount of time.

Getting the Icy Blonde Hair (At the Hairstylist)

Anyone with any hair shade can achieve this icy blonde hair color.

Although you need to Keep in mind that, if you have a naturally darker shade of hair, this process may take a significantly longer time (but will definitely be worth it).

This may be my best piece of advice to you – do your research!

Getting the Icy Blonde Hair (At the Hairstylists)

If you are dying your natural hair, whether you’re already blonde or have a darker hair color – first, find a stylist who specializes in your hair texture and who also specializes in blonde coloring.

Make sure you are specific when explaining your desired look, bring a few pictures of inspiration. Stylists recommend one or two sessions to achieve this color if your hair is already blonde. If your hair is darker it could take anywhere from 3 to 10 sessions of coloring and treating your hair.

Contrary, If you hear anything different than this coming from any stylist, then run away …. Far….as fast as you can. This is your beautiful hair, take your time, do it the right way.

Getting the Icy Blonde hair (At your Home): Complete Procedure & Tutorial

Now it’s time to get a bit more specific if you’re going to be doing this at home.

After speaking with some hairstylists, I’ve gathered some helpful tips to not only help you achieve this hair color but also to maintain it perfectly.

Personally, I don’t recommend doing this at home unless you have some experience in hair processing and maintenance. Yet, it can still be done. The first thing you want to start off by doing is analyzing your hair.

Ask yourself questions like:

what’s my hair texture?

Has my hair been dyed before?

Is my hair healthy?

If you can answer all of these questions confidently, let’s continue. So go ahead and grab your mixing bowl, gloves and as well as these key products (that are a must for everyone):

Things Needed:

coconut oil:

ice blonde hair color products

This is an important product to keep your hair from drying out. Before you do anything else make sure you apply the coconut oil in your hair a few hours before dying to make sure it’s fully coated and has had a chance to cling to your hair.

Bleach powder:

violet or blue bleaching powder for icy blonde hair

When choosing a bleaching powder make sure you’re using a violet or blue tinted powder (this is essential for preventing brassiness in your hair). I love getting my bleaching products from sally beauty, however you can buy these powder packets from your nearest beauty supply store.


20 volume developer icy blonde hair color products

This is the product that brings everything together. It has a liquid consistency that you will mix with your bleach powder. Make sure to gradually add your developer as you don’t want your mixture to become watery. I recommend using a 20 volume developer (especially if this is your first time), you may have to leave this in your hair a bit longer vs using a higher developer. I wouldn’t go any higher than 30 volume.

Hair application brush,

Hair ties,

Comb, and a Mixing bowl.

icy blonde hair recommended things and tools


  1. Initially, your hair should be gently coated with coconut oil.
  2. Once done, Part your hair into 4 or 6 sections and secure with your hair bands.
  3. Don your gloves.
  4. Mix your bleach powder and developer together in your mixing bowl with your hair application brush until you reach the desired consistency (you don’t want any clumps or it be too watery. In fact, you just want it thick enough to where it won’t slide down the hair or drip everywhere – kind of like making pancakes, that’s the consistency you want)
  5. Get in front of your mirror, take one section of your hair down and begin to apply the mixture to your hair (start with the darkest part of your hair ie. The roots) and continue coating each section of your hair. You want to move quickly as you want your hair to process as evenly as possible (multiple sets of hands make this a breeze).
  6. Leave the bleach on your hair for no longer than 25 to 30 minutes , never take your eyes off of your hair.
  7. Now rinse , with warm water.
  8. Go ahead and follow with a violet shampoo and conditioner and style your hair as desired.

That’s it…!! You got your hair the trendy icy blonde look.

Now that we’ve dyed our hair let’s talk about some aftercare :

Your hair is going to be weaker after bleaching so proceed with great care. Don’t shampoo your hair as much especially the first week after bleaching.

when you do shampoo your hair, use a violet shampoo and conditioner to maintain the cool tones in your hair. Make sure to use cool water while rinsing the conditioner out of your hair to seal in that moisture.

icy blonde hair recommended conditioner

Like i’ve said before, you may not reach that ideal icy blonde shade of hair by doing this just one time. If you’ve bleached and haven’t reached this color quite yet, wait at least 6 weeks before processing your hair again and repeat this process.

You’ll get there! Patience is key.

Lindsey is an experienced makeup artist who worked as a permanent makeup artist at MAC Cosmetics, (United States) for almost three years. She was trained regularly on high fashion makeup looks and also has participated in many industry events for the company that she used to work for. Currently, Lindsey travels across the world while keeping up with current beauty things, fashion trends, and cultures all over the world. She is pretty much strongly knowledgeable in makeup - beauty and has more than 2000+ followers on her Instagram.

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