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All the Superstitions & Old Wives’ Tales About Finding Hair in Food

There are a lot of superstitions that circulate around the world’s population.

People from different cultures, historical backgrounds, and religions have some myths about a variety of things; one of them is finding hair in food.

While some people beleive it a sign of bad luck, some others consider it as a clear symbol of good luck. However, a majority of people only agree with the first one and strongly beleive that finding hair in food is as an omen of bad luck.

Of course, it is a fact that human hair’s biochemical features are unhygienic, acidic. But, what do people of various cultures actually believe? What are the various superstitions, beliefs surrounding this? Is finding hair in one’s food considered a sign of good luck or bad luck? What is the spiritual meaning of finding hair in your food?

Don’t worry, Let’s review further about this popular superstition and I’ll reveal all the beliefs that are associated with it.

Various Beliefs/Superstitions on Finding hair in one’s food:

Finding hair in food superstitions

In Asian countries, if hair lingers on food it is considered as a very bad vibe. People here believe it as a sign of bad luck. There are so many Indians and Pakistanis who report that they find hair in their food plate frequently i.e. even twice a day under rice or curry. They find this really disgusting and some people even leave their food, considering it a very bad sign. In fact, people who find hair in their food often consider it a clumsy act on the part of the person who cooks it.

In Buddhism, finding hair in your food is believed to be a sign of bad luck that is brought by one’s bad thoughts and actions. They also think that if they are regularly finding hair in their food, they must consider eating less and must do fasting to control inappropriate behaviors, and other unhealthy behaviors that are behind this outcome. Although age is less concerned with this superstition, some even beleive that this bad luck is more relevant, especially in the case of children.

In Europe, the beliefs attached to the superstition of finding hair in food is more related to cleanliness, attracting it physically, as per the law of attraction. There are many people who report it happens even in a very clean environment on a daily basis. This means the law of attraction is working for them. Although people here are neutral about the stigma connected to finding hair in food that it is about luck, they agree with the belief that this is about physical manifestation.

Indians (A few of them) also beleive this as an omen and thus follow meditation and recommends fasting for a week to shed off this bad luck of finding hair in food. In doing so, they believe that their good energy increases and thus the potential to fight off bad behavior enhances too. Some also do chanting, make spells and modify eating and drinking behaviors if they regularly find hair in food. For example, drinking boiled turmeric milk, repeating their god s name RAM RAM at least 500 times and reading some holy books like Ramayana, etc.

What is the Spiritual meaning of Finding hair in your Food? A Spiritual Perspective on finding hair in food

Finding hair in food superstition spiritual meaning good luck or bad luck

Spiritually, this superstition holds a different perspective. A spiritual person from any religion, if he/she finds a hair in their food, they tend to beleive that there exists a higher power and superpower in the universe that is currently working on their destinies.

Thus thinking that there is some kind of negative energy that is surrounding them, they trust that it is good to take care of oneself after finding a hair follicle in their food.

Historical Perspective:

In historical cultures too, finding hair in the food is treated as a bad omen since centuries; history told us that Chinese, Koreans and Japanese used to try remedies for a few days to prevent themselves from the bad luck of finding hair in food again.

They also preferred to chant some spiritual words and remain to fast to restrain from other food-related evils. However, there is very limited information available in history regarding this superstition.


After evaluating the dimensions from this article, you can see how finding hair in your food is considered a warning of bad luck. In fact, there is a scarcity of evidence about this superstition as a symbol of good luck.

Although it is a superstition and an old-wives tale, many people from many cultures, still beleive it even today. So, why to just ignore it. Just try to stay safe and be positive. Make your surroundings, thoughts, body & mind, pure and free from all kinds of negative and unhelpful feelings and sensations.

Nazish Idrees Chaudhary is a psychologist who currently works at Dr. Khalid Clinic, Lahore. She completed her Master of philosophy, clinical psychology from the University of central Punjab and worked as a Sr. Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist at Lahore psychiatry clinic. She also has a master's degree in HDFS-Human Development and Family Studies and even worked as a lecturer and consultant. Her biggest hobbies include Astrology, Tarot reading and loves sharing her immense knowledge to people.

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