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How to Tie A Knot With Your Tongue? Tongue Knot Tutorial

If you saw those TikTok videos of people tying a knot with their tongue and you are wondering how could you do the same, you came to the right place. You can use this tutorial to tie any kind of knot with your tongue including cherry stems or any string. It is simpler than you would imagine but it definitely comes with a set of skills that you would need in order to be successful.

So, wondering how to tie a knot with your tongue? How to tie a cherry stem with your tongue/mouth?

Without further due, here are some great steps you should follow if you want to tie a perfect knot with your tongue.

How to Tie a knot with your Tongue? Tongue Knot Tutorial

Once you understand and follow the next steps you will not have to wonder about how to tie a knot by using your tongue. We recommend you, trying the following method in front of a mirror. By doing so you will be able to observe what you do with your tongue and correct it accordingly. Even if you might not get it right from the first try, you should be able to master this skill fairly rapidly.

  1. Get a string that is long enough

When you choose the string make sure you can comfortably hold it with both your hands. You will hold the ends of the string and place it inside your mouth, on your tongue. At the same time, choose a string that will not cut your tongue or injure your lips in any way. If the string is not long enough, you will have problems managing it. You will only use your tongue to actually tie the knot but you will need your hands to manage the string correctly.

  1. Wrap the string around your tongue

Once you have your string, place it on top of your tongue, wrapping it gently. Your tongue should be in the middle of the string as you hold it with your hands from both ends.

Carefully wrap the string around your tongue until you obtain the shape of a loop. Make sure your tongue stays inside the loop at all times. If your tongue gets out of the string loop, you might have to start the process all over again. When your knot will be formed, you will be able to remove your tongue from the string loop easily and with no hassle. But doing that ahead of time, might compromise your entire technique so it is important to be patient.

  1. Use the tip of your tongue to tie the knot

Using the tip of your tongue is the most complicated step. You will have to use your skills to get this step covered as well. With the string gently wrapped around your tongue, use the tip of your tongue to reach out to one of the string sides. You will have parts of the string coming in each side of the loop and you will still be holding them with your hands.

Grab an end of the string with the tip of your tongue and pull it inside the loop. Be careful not to slip your tongue of the string loop.

  1. Get the tongue out of the loop and pull the sides of the string

Once the knot is created all you have to do is tighten it. This is fairly easy. Simply remove your tongue from the string loop and pull the ends of the string. You will get a tight knot and it will not take any extra time either.

Bonus tip:

You can also help yourself with your front teeth. Using the upper and bottom teeth can help you tighten the knot faster and without relying on your hands to hold or pull the string ends. To do that you will have to grab the string between your teeth and pull the loop by using your tongue. Your hands will simply just hold the ends of the string but will not have to pull it with them.

It would be a great idea to try the teeth bonus tip once you mastered the basic method. Otherwise, it will frustrate you if you don’t get it right the first time. Plus, it is easier to apply the teeth tip once you know how to tie a knot in the basic manner.

The entire process should take you less than a minute, once you master all the steps.


Tying a knot in your mouth by using just your tongue might seem challenging at first but you will manage it greatly over time. It is one of those things that everyone can learn how to do. All you need is a bit of practice and enough patience to keep you at it until you are happy with your result.

Try this method of tying a knot with your tongue and make your very own TikTok video to amaze all your friends and not only them! It can be a fun skill to develop and it is not complicated at all!

Irina Maria Tracy is a published author, writer, and journalist who lives in Bucharest, Romania. She completed her journalism and mass communication degree from the University of Bucharest and went on to publish some top books in the fiction genre. Some of her top books include 'Haunted Aliens' 'Vampires Rapture' 'Adverbs of Love' etc. Irina also worked as an investigative journalist for a year and even collaborated with a TV channel for a political talk show (Bah TV). She loves writing and has contributed to many top magazines and newspapers such as the 'Story Magazine' 'Curentul Newspaper' and many others.

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