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How to Tie Hoodie Strings? 10 Stylish Hoodie String Knots You Can Try Today

When it comes to casual wear, it really doesn’t get better than a hoodie! Chances are you already have several of the comfortable everyday staple in your closet. It’s a great choice for pretty much any non-formal occasion.

But if you’d really like to elevate your look, and not compromise comfort for style, you’ll want to try something that no one is doing but everyone will copy once they see how cool you look.

The big tip? Tie the hoodie strings! Yes, the secret to standing out in a crowd and impressing the masses when you are at your most casual lies in the little companions of what gives the “hoodie” its name: the hoodie strings!

10 Stylish Hoodie string Knots you can try Today

Below, you will find 10 creative ways to tie your hoodie strings, bringing both style and intrigue to your look in just a few steps! Find the style that works for you, and with a little patience, you’ll be rocking a new unique look to your classic favorite in no time!

1. Flower Power

A little twist and a little pull and suddenly you have two matching flowers on your hoodie strings, giving you a fun look.

2. Knotted Vine

A compact knot style that modernizes your classic hoodie staple to one that is current and cool.

3. Duo Bow

These duo bows add a preppy feel to the hoodie, which makes the overall look very sweet.

You can then match your duo bow-tied hoodie with a pair of sneakers (I personally recommend classic ones like these Skechers sneakers) to give a trendy look.

4. Knotted Loop

Add shape and dimension to your look with a hoodie string style that exemplifies both.

5. Single Bow

Sophistication is the word for this style which adds a formal look to a very causal piece of outerwear. You can try your hoodie with a matching hoodie string tied as a single bow, to give out a classy decent look in outdoors.

6. Cool braids

This look is very versatile and compliments many personal styles from sporty, to classic, to modern.

7. Cubic Tie

A simple yet unique cubic tie for a look that is fun and interesting.

8. Loop Bow

Looser than the Duo Bow, this style stands out with its dramatically oversized loops making it less formal and more fun.

As said before, You can try This or this hoodie with a matching hoodie string tied as a loop bow, to give out a classy decent look outdoors.

9. Classic Bow

This style is probably the easiest to recreate and a very classic tie style that you’re sure to master quickly.

10. Four Leaf Clover

Fill your days with luck with this ingenious tie style that is very happy and bright.

And a Bonus Style!

11. The Pretzel

A unique tie style with a cool geometric look that is sure to wow. Can be worn single or double as shown in the photos!

These are an array of whimsical to classic styles that everyone is sure to love!

So, How to tie the above 11 Hoodie string knots?

Follow along with the YouTube video from the team over at “5-minute Crafts” for full instructions on how to recreate these styles yourself! They go over in detail how to loop and where to swoop your way into some fantastic hoodie strings styles! You will find every look shown here in that video. Best part is, the looks are listed as they appear, so finding your favorite style is easy peasy.

So, Running between your government and bio class on campus? Grab a hoodie! It’s after dinner and your adorable pup Chewy is begging for a walk? Throw on a hoodie! Or you’re having a late start to your Saturday morning after an even later end to your Friday night (whether hanging out with friends or binge watching a new Netflix series there’s no judgment here), and the delicious cappuccino and toasted bagel with cream cheese on the side from your favorite coffee shop around the corner is calling your name? Splash some water on your face and zip up a nice comfortable hoodie.

In today’s busy times, we should all step out in comfort unless the situation specifically calls for the opposite. Unless absolutely required, there’s no reason to not go for the endless snuggle that is a hoodie. The all season outerwear with the convenient hood is not only simple, it’s brilliant.

But as much as well all love comfort, we don’t want to walk around looking too comfortable. Coming off too relaxed gives off an impression that you just don’t care. And as you only get one chance to make a first impression, simply not caring about your appearance is as much of a fashion faux-pa, a style no-no, as socks and sandals.

So, how do we dress up the dress down hoodie? Well, with so many stylish ways of tying hoodie strings, you could try a new pattern for every day of the week! Finding your personal style and adding edge to your signature look has never been easier, or more fun! So get to practicing, and share with us your favorite hoodie string style in the comments!

Featured Image – Marco Verch via Flickr cc2.0

How to Tie Hoodie Strings? 10 Stylish Hoodie String Knots You Can Try Today
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