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How To Tie A Neck Scarf? 6 Styles Of Wearing The Neck Scarf

Are you big on accessories, and do you like to have and wear something with a pop of color? Are you a fan of layering pieces? If so, you have to have and incorporate a neck scarf into your everyday styling!

Simply find the right print and enjoy its smooth luxe silky texture, allowing you to transform any outfit from casual to chic! Keep on reading and figure out how to wear neck scarves.

So, how to tie a neck scarf? How to wear it around your neck? What are the various styles you can try with a silk neck scarf? Let us see..

Wearing a Neck scarf: How to do it and tie it around?

Not too sure if you can pull off a neck scarf look? Sure you can! Nowadays, there are a ton of different prints, sizes, colors, textures, and fabrics that one woman can go for, leaving you with a variety of different styles to pick from.

When worn with the right outfit and shoes, a neck scarf can complement a businesswoman just as well as it can complement a teenage girl going out to a party. To master the basics, here is how you can get better at tying the scarf:

How to tie a Neck Scarf? 6 Styles of wearing the Neck scarf

1. Classic & classy neck knot:

Also known as a stewardess look, this way of wearing a neck scarf looks amazing on businesswomen. You will enjoy it with a pop of color, perfect for girls who wish to stand out, and who will pull the look off with a statement lippie!

Step 1: Hold your neck scarf diagonally to create a triangle. 

Step 2: Roll from crease to corner until you have the proper tube shape.

Step 3: Place it at the center and wrap it around, tying a knot or bow in the front.

2. Quick loop

Sometimes, you may be running out the door where you might have only seconds to spare. In cases such as this one, you can always count on a quick loop tie-around method. This tie hack is for moms who want to look well-put, yet they want to do it on the go.

Step 1: Drape the neck scarf unevenly around your neck.

Step 2: You should tie the short end and let it hit the upper chest area.

Step 3: Let the longer end go around your neck twice before letting it hang.

3. The pretzel

A funny name yet a technique that works! The pretzel way of tying a neck scarf is perfect for those cold winter months where you might need a bit more coverage and protection. It is a method that can complement any outfit, perfect for women who wish to look serious.

Step 1: You should fold the scarf in half and place it around your neck, leaving one small loop on either your left or right side.

Step 2: Pull one end through the loop and take the other part to place it on the top of the loop.

Step 3: Now, all you have to do is pull it through the opposite way to get a secure little pretzel shape – voila!

4. The cowgirl knot

Embrace your little retro vibe and try out this boohoo style of cowgirl tying method! Women who want that perfect ranch look or western safari vibe will like this fit. If you have a trip and you plan on spending a ton of time outdoor, this fit is for you!

Step 1: Fold the neck scarf in half so you have a triangle to work with.

Step 2: Use the long side of the triangle that is facing towards you and pull the two corners around your neck.

Step 3: Once the scarf touches your chin you should loose the knot and secure it in front.

PS: For additional style points you can use a pin or a broche to add that twist to your look.

5. Scarf cape (Longer Neck scarf needed)

A scarf cape look is a look often worn by younger women who wish to make a statement with their OOTD. A scarf cape is achievable only with a longer neck scarf that is on a thicker side. In most cases, it is a must-do look for the winter season.

Step 1: Let your cape be loose and unfold it properly.

Step 2: Drape it over your shoulders like a cape or shawl.

Step 3: Leave it cape flying over your shoulders or tie the ends in a double knot in the front.

6. Rectangular scarf

Why not give a twist to your look by wearing the scarf in the opposite direction? This works so well for layered looks and for those women who wish to show off their shirts & blouses without hiding them with a scarf on top.

Step 1: Pick your scarf up loosely to create natural folds in the fabric.

Step 2: You should wrap the scarf around your neck only once, but try doing a tug at the loop you’ve created.

Step 3: Push the ends in the back and style them in this chic and retro way.

Other Styles of wearing/tying a Neck Scarf:

Who said you can wear a neck scarf only around your neck? There are a lot more ways you can use your neck scarf to style yourself. Let’s find out.

Use Neck Scarf to Accentuate the bag:

how to tie a neck scarf

How many times have you seen a stylish tie being wrapped around a bag and have wanted to create that look? Well now is the day you figure out how this is done! The look itself can be worn by any lady, no matter the age.

Step 1: Twist your neck scarf around the handle of your bag.

Step 2: Grab and tie the excess ends into a bow. You can also opt for a knot.

Step 3: Let them hang loose and now you’ve copied the look!

Tie Neckscarf as Headscarf:

Headscarves will always be in fashion! Although they do look a bit old-school and Amish-like, with the right outfit, accessories & makeup, you can pull off a miracle! Aim for them if you want to try out something new when going out for a cup of coffee, or even when shopping.

Step 1: To get a head scarf look you should fold the neck scarf and create a triangle.

Step 2: Place the triangle portion over your head to line your upper forehead.

Step 3: Place the two ends under the chin and tie the knot at the back of your neck. 

PS: Make sure that your scarf is big enough for this bold look.

Long Neck Scarf as a stylish belt:

If you wish to bring back the old-school 2000s trend, this look is for you! Women who want to rock a bold belt look (or those who have maybe forgotten theirs and need a back-up) will enjoy tying the neck scarf around their pants or a skirt. Overall, it is a must-do for teens who are off to a party.

Step 1: Use a thinner neck scarf yet go for one that is long enough so it can reach all over your waist. 

Step 2: Loop the scarf around your waist but tie the knot or bow to add some texture.

Step 3: Secure it in place so that it doesn’t move throughout the day, but also to prevent it from falling off.

Neck scarf as a Bandana:

Bandanas used to be a huge trend back in the 80s era, while nowadays it seems as if we’re pulling them for mostly parties & festivals. The bandana look is ideal for party women, along with those who wish to make a statement with their outfits for everyday wear.

Step 1: It all comes down to how you plan on tying your hair (up or down). If you want, you can put your hair into a low bun or let it hang, but be gentle with the tying process, you don’t want it to tangle your strands.

Step 2: Put the neck scarf down at the nape of your neck, then fold your scarf on the diagonal to create a triangle. 

Step 3: You should tie the ends into a knot at the back of your head for a secure look.


Ready to add this accessory to your everyday styling & fashionable outfits? If so, just pick out a bright and stylish neck scarf that will complete your fit. Let us know which style is your favorite, we can’t wait to see what you pick out!

Featured Image: Alicia Bruce cc3.0

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