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20+ Stunning 4 Cornrows/4 Braids Hairstyles that are Actually Cool to Try

Bored and tired of your old hairstyle? Looking for something fresh and spunky? You have got to try the 4 braid cornrows.

Cornrows also called Canerows (in the Caribbean) are of traditional African descent. They look intricate and tedious but are actually quite easy to do – all you need is a little time and lots of patience.

How To Do The 4 Braid Cornrow Hairstyle?

  1. What you need first is a plan – what is the pattern you want for your cornrows? Once that is decided it gets easier to move ahead. Now dampen your hair with water.
  2. Brush it out thoroughly to make sure you remove the knots in your hair.
  3. Part your hair and use sectioning clips to section each of the 4 parts of the different braids.
  4. Now use the cornrow cream to add moisture to your hair.
  5. Start braiding your hair from the top adding more strands to it as you go along. Along to lines of a French braid but tighter and staying in the same section you want to braid.
  6. Once you braid the hair along your scalp, use the simple braiding technique or as the style requires for the rest of your hair.
  7. Repeat the braiding along all the sections.

Owing to its uniqueness this style has great aesthetic appeal and is quite popular in pop-culture. What are you waiting for? Pick a style and start braiding!

20+ Stunning 4-Cornrows / 4-Braids Hairstyles that are Actually Cool to Try

1. A Simple Sway 4 Braid Cornrow

This is one of the simpler 4 braid cornrows you can do. As you can see the partitions sway across the scalp giving the braids a great flow. If you are venturing into cornrows for the first time, you could definitely try this one – it is simple and it could suit just about anyone.

2. The Punk Style 4 Braid Cornrow

This one is an extremely interesting cornrow style for those who are bold, want something edgy and different. The hair is parted into half and sectioned into 4 on both the sides. One side is cornrowed to give the illusion of hair shaved off and the other side has 4 simple braids – totally badass!

3. A 4 Cornrow Top Bun

Top buns never go out of style, and you can add a good amount of oomph to it if you pair it with cornrow braids. This one is done so well with braids in a concentric pattern giving the style a crowning glory.

4. The Dutch 4 Braid Cornrow

This again is a fairly simple style that uses a rather loose Dutch braiding technique instead of the tight traditional one. It adds a great deal of character to the simple pigtails. So next time you want to go over the top – glam up your plaits with this cornrow number.

5. The 4 Braid Cornrow At An Intersection

A very sharp look – this one has clean, straight partitions that make the hairstyle stand out. Two tight braids starting right at the top and mid-way a braid from the side joins the main braid creating a bold geometric shape. The burgundy colored hair adds the right zing to this cool- sporty look.

6. A 4 Braid Curved Cornrow

Getting into the more complex parting styles this one is super cool and artsy. The sections are created diagonal to each other and the braids are curved to create this soft, intricate, 4 braided style.

7. A 4 Braid Cornrow Low Bun

4 main braids neatly parted with two small braids in the center of each section that together, beautifully spiral into a low bun. This style is as easy as it is complicated. If you are into cornrows, you’ve got to try it.

8. A Simple 4 Braid Cornrow

Yet again, one of the simplest 4 braided cornrow hairstyles – 4 simple sections with straightforward braiding. You know what they say, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

9. The Halo 4 Braid Cornrow

A simple cornrow braid with unique halo like braids stemming out of the center partition – this one is truly notable. The sections are made on the extreme sides with the whole center bit flattened out. The lifted braids along the sides of the head look angelic.

10. Cornrow Patterns With 4 Mohawk Style Braids

This style is complex but beautiful. The sides are braided into small cornrows that join the thick mohawk like braids in the center. What a lovely tribute to the punk style!

11. The 4 Braid Curved Cornrow With Mini Braids

Taking the simple 4 braided sway to the next level this one has the addition of smaller braids in each of the 4 sections. It is more complex, and that definitely makes it edgier! You can’t miss this one.

12. The Tapering 4 Braids At The Intersection

A version of the 4 braided cornrows at the intersection, this one is a much softer style. It also uses the tapering braid style starting thin at the top and thickening up as it progresses. The intersections are softer, which means no sharp partitions. The side braids organically weave into the main ones finishing the style with two thick braids.

13. The Criss-Cross 4 Braid Cornrow

4 sections parted, as usual. The two braids on the sides done as per normal. But it gets interesting with the braids at the center. They crisscross from right from the top until all the way down, creating more sections naturally. It is an interesting style that must be tried!

14. 4 Dutch Braids Rounded Off Into Buns

More on the rugged side, this one uses the Dutch twists to create the cornrows. 4 simply sectioned partitions come together to create this soft, feminine style. Two braids on each side roll up into rather messy buns. You could recreate this style very easily.

15. The 4 Braid Swayed Cornrow That Rounds Off Into Buns

Swayed partitions braided off and curled up into neat buns on either side. This style also uses pretty gold add-ins that adds a whole new dimension to the look.

16. The 4 Braid Cornrow Rolled Up Into A Messy Bun

The sections on this one is made differently. The hair is parted in a cross pattern with two braids fitting in like a hair band. The other two braids taper down at the back and are joined with the braids on the side. The hair on either side is then clumped up into a messy bun creating a very elegant hair-do.

17. The Celestial 4 Braid Cornrow

What crosses your mind when you see this one? Isn’t it like the hairstyle of a Greek Goddess? Primarily this style consists of 4 braids but the style itself is not as simple as that. 4 sections become 5 and the braids are crisscrossed to fall into a neat drape at the nape of the neck. Smaller braids are used at the sections making this style even more coveted. You have to try this one!

18. The Dutch Maiden 4 Braided Cornrow

This might not be a traditional cornrow but it is a take on it. The hair is parted in a zig-zag pattern and the Dutch braiding begins. The braids taper down and are fastened together at the bottom using u-pins. It seems like there are 5 braids here, but the last one is one braid that goes all along from side to side. This style resembles the hair of a Dutch maiden, and therefore the name.

19. The Jumbled Up 4 Braid Cornrow

This style ends with 4 straight-forward looking braids but there is a lot more going on here. The partitions are not traditional and the braids run all around the scalp in the most unconventional way, and yet this hairstyle looks chic and contemporary. If you are into braiding, you are going to love carrying off this one.

20. The Tapering Sway With Candy Floss Add-In’s

The center partitions are swayed from the top right to the end and the two corner ones are ‘triangled’. The braids begin in a tapered manner starting off thin and ending thick. The two center partitions are finished with smaller braids. The side braids have candy floss add-in. While you might read this and think too much is going on, it ends up looking totally on point. You can’t disagree!

21. Tapering Halo Braids Dutch Maiden Style

The hairstyle has 4 braids, two on each side that forms a halo around the head. The first braid running all throughout is a thick one, and the second one is thinner and tapering. A neat swayed off-center partition brings the whole style together. This is a look that will suit just about anyone and will look stunning with absolutely any outfit. True story!

22. The Off-Center Parted 4 Braid Cornrow

This hairstyle is a spin-off on one of the hairstyles seen above, but it is still very unique. The off-center partition is swayed and the braids start right at the partition. They run parallel to each other creating a lovely intersection at the crown of the head. This hairstyle is simple yet charming and it cannot be missed!

You have got to agree that this list of 22 cornrow hairstyles has left you spoilt for choice..

While you might want to rush into styling your hair right away (you can’t be blamed, the styles are just so amazing!), you could look back here for some easy cornrow care guidelines.

  1. Moisturize your cornrows every day using a braid spray or your hair could get oily and waxy.
  2. Wrap your hair tight before you sleep every night.
  3. Try not to play around with your braids or wet them. Using a comb or brush on them is also not advisable. All these things could make your braids dry and frizzy.
  4. You should remove the braiding in six-weeks to avoid extreme tangling.
  5. You could wash your braids once a week using a shampoo solution and a wet cloth. It needs to be done very gently.
  6. Never braid your hair too tight, it could result in hair damage.

These pointers should help you enjoy your lovely hair-do while not damaging your hair. Now go ahead and braid away!

Shirin Mehdi is a fashion and beauty expert who completed her Diploma in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. She worked as an editorial intern for a fashion magazine namely Beaumont Publishing Pvt. Ltd., (Singapore) and later joined as a full-time content writer for the famous emagazine Stylecraze. Shirin loves writing content and shares social media posts on beauty and fashion..

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