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What is the Druski ‘Hands up’ Meme? Explained

If you’re a fan of memes, then you might have seen the name “Druski” pop up when looking at the latest ones that trend. Druski’s social media accounts really started to grow during the lockdown, and he now has millions of followers on these channels.

Druski is known for many things, but when there is confusion or uncertainty, it’s usually that “Hands Up” meme that people go for.

So, What’s the deal with this Druski’s Hands Up meme? How did it become so popular? If you’re asking these questions, then read on as we explore details about the meme.

Firstly, Who Is Druski?

Image – Youtube cc3.0

Let’s start by first considering who Druski is. He has accounts on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, and his name is simply “Druski” on all of these platforms. The comedian’s real name is Drew Desbordes and the thing to note is that “Druski” is, of course, his nickname.

Today, Druski is considered a comedic influencer that has appeared alongside celebrities. He started producing content that he published on the internet, and over time, things began taking off.

He grew his own account to the millions they currently hold and continues to deliver content that mainly focuses on comedy.

The Druski ‘Hands Up’ Meme: A Viral Gesture of Druski

Druski has blown up the internet several times when a few of his posts went viral. In fact, he has become a meme more than once now. Well, one particular meme that Druski is known for is the ‘Hands Up’ one, and people have been using it in a variety of contexts.

Today, We explored the Druski ‘Hands Up’ meme, looked at where it originated, and also considered a few other interesting factors about this comedian.


In 2021, Druski posted an Instagram video where he made a certain gesture. The gesture included him holding both of his hands up. Many people refer to the gesture as either surrender or apprehension.

What is the Druski 'Hands up' Meme? Explained

Once this video was posted, it quickly led to the creation of a meme. The meme was a screenshot at the specific moment in the video where Druski made this gesture. This is where the ‘Hands Up’ meme originated, but since then, it has been used in a lot of viral social media content.

Usage and Spread:

We’ve seen the Hands Up meme being used in different ways. For example, some people have used it when they wanted to express confusion or fear in response to something specific.

There are, however, funny ways that people are using the meme too. In some cases, we can see people using the Hands Up meme that shows Druski with this specific gesture when expressing how it feels to meet someone new. It’s also sometimes used to express a level of confusion when there is a topic that feels complex to understand or discuss.

Since it’s been used in so many ways, the Druski Hands Up meme has actually become one of the more versatile options on the internet when looking to use a meme as an expression or response to a specific post or topic.

This is not the only meme that showcases Druski. In fact, one of the first memes showcasing this internet comedian comes from 2020. At the time, Druski was on a live with a rapper on the Instagram platform. During the live, he asked the rapper, “What do you mean by that?”. The video itself has become quite popular, spreading to platforms like TikTok and YouTube, as well as Twitter. A meme was also created, showcasing Druski’s facial reaction at the moment when he asked the rapper what he meant.

Many memes tend to go viral for a short time and then become outdated rather quickly. The “Hands Up?” Meme featuring Druski, however, has continued to appear on social media channels over the years.

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