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Zibu Angelic Symbols Explained: Various Symbols, Meanings, & How to use them

Throughout history, scores of cultures have come and go, leaving behind mysterious symbols.

This can be seen in cultures such as the ancient Norse, where these magical symbols are called sigils. Ghana has birthed the Adinkra symbols, which help the user connect to the spiritual significance that each represent. More recently, we even have the Reiki symbols that were brought to us in the 1800s out of Japan to help with energy healing.

So how did these people come up with these symbols as well as their meanings? Were they passed down by a god? Today, we’ll dig deeper into the most recent example of these symbols and answer all of these questions.

It’s known as “The Zibu Angelic Symbols”.

The Zibu Angelic Symbols are a great example of what can be conjured from the astral realm.

So, what is zibu symbol? What are the various zibu angelic symbols? What are their meanings? What is the zibu symbol for money, love, and success? How can we use them today? Well, let us find out..

What Are The Zibu Angelic Symbols? Their Origin

The Zibu Angelic Symbols are spiritual symbols that help the user tap into a specific energetic frequency. There are 88 symbols in total, representing high vibrational concepts like gratitude and peace. These symbols are gateways to the divine energy that exist as around and within us all.

Back in 2004 a woman that goes by the name of Debbie Z Almstedt had a spiritual experience where she was brought these symbols to pass to us all. As if this wasn’t spectacular enough, the icing on the cake is that this all happened during a Reiki healing session, which is another spiritual practice that uses symbols that were brought to the creator through the spiritual realm.

After this whole experience, Almstedt went on to create the symbols in the physical world and teach their meanings and sell them as Jewelry that you can still buy today. Almstedt made them specifically to allow an easier time focusing in on the key points of divine energy and emotion. This is what allows these symbols to be of so much use in anyone’s spiritual practice.

Various Zibu Angelic Symbols & their Meanings

Zibu symbol for Gratitude

Focus on the feelings and memories of gratitude when using the gratitude symbol for yourself. As you do this more and more frequently, expressing and feeling gratitude will come naturally to you.

Zibu symbol for Love

A routine that utilizes Zibu love symbol could look like this:

  • Wake up and draw the love Zibu Symbol in the air
  • Write an entry in your journal with the love symbol drawn on the cover
  • Periodically think of the Zibu love symbol along with a person or thing you love

Zibu symbol for Kindness

Zibu symbol for Money, Success & Prosperity

Zibu symbol for Abundance

Zibu symbol for health, life and creativity

Various other Zibu Angelic symbols

How to Use/Utilize Zibu symbols?

There are a multitude of ways you can put these zibu symbols to use in your life. The energy behind symbols like these are expressed, by whether we know their meaning or not.

By learning how to draw them (as well as knowing their meanings) you begin the first step to building a more intimate relationship with them. Drawing these symbols on a notebook, on your skin, and maybe even in the air with a finger can all be productive ways of using these symbols. Through these avenues, you can allow the energy they represent to more easily be accessible for you.

Also, the main things to focus on when looking for the results are – your specific routine and practice. You need to adopt new behaviors that include the use of these symbols as well as your imagination for the most significant results.

As humans, we are very emotional creatures. The way anything gets done is through an emotion that you felt in conjunction with a thought that triggered an action. These symbols bridge the gap from the spiritual, mental, and emotional planes down to the physical plane. After consciously working your imagination for a while, the feelings represented start to subconsciously bubble up whenever the symbols are used.

With behaviors like this, you will eventually have fully integrated the use of Zibu Angelic symbols into your daily life. With this comes the control over your emotions you may not have had before. Now you can call up the feelings associated with a symbol just by drawing the symbol or wearing jewelry that features the symbol.

In your own practice, having a few symbols that you focus on can be a game changer in your life when overcoming obstacles.

Ways to Combine Zibu Angelic Symbols With Other Spiritual Tools

Any symbol set are considered tools that are used to connect to the source energy they represent. In a more advanced practice, you could use the Zibu Angelic Symbols in conjunction with other spiritual tools to get a more personalized effect.

Using these symbols along with some of your favorite stones or crystals can supercharge an intention with the energies they both represent. For example, meditating on the zibu symbol for love while holding a pink quartz crystal can supercharge loving intentions. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what these Zibu Angelic Symbols allow in your personal spiritual practice.

What are the benefits of using The Zibu Angelic Symbols?

Zibu angelic symbols are a powerful tool that when used in your spiritual practice can help bring a multitude of experiences into your life.

The time and energy spent learning about the symbols is well invested. However, advanced use of the symbols requires you to learn what each symbol means and, as well as how to draw them. When you do this, you will be able to have a deeper understanding of divine wisdom and also have a way of utilizing it.

Meditating while drawing these symbols or simply contemplating their meanings can have a profound effect on your mind’s well-being. Impressing these meanings into your subconscious allows you to easily flow into being with the divine energy that is represented by each symbol throughout your daily life.


The Zibu Angelic symbols gain their power through the energetic signature that they represent.

It is true that you could make your own symbols that are personal to you and get similar effects. Choosing the Zibu Angelic Symbols is for those who feel they have a deep connection or at least desire to build a connection with them. Also, it is convenient to already have a set of 88 high vibrational symbols already made for you to use.

These zibu symbols are valuable tools in taking control over our lives on all levels. By all means, go and try them out for yourself!

Caleb Smith is a metaphysical practitioner who lives in Charlotte North Carolina. He researches metaphysical and spiritual texts to combine the knowledge with his own experience. This usually is manifested in writings, music, YouTube videos, and advice given through his counseling sessions. Caleb currently leads a breathwork class teaching attendants the miracles of the breath and how to direct the life-giving breath into self-improvement.