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22 Various Breast Itching Superstitions and Meanings

Superstitions are woven into the fabric of our culture. It seems we can’t go too long without hearing about some sort of superstition.

As per the superstitions, if your breasts or nipples are itching, many interesting things could be on your way.

So, after doing the necessary research, sourcing, and crowdsourcing here are the list of breast itching superstitions/meanings I could find out. So read on…

22 Various Breast Itching Superstitions and Meanings –

breast itching superstition meaning

1) The weather is a-changin’:

I always heard, growing up, that when your bo*b itches, it means rain is coming,” Reddit user u/Mothsarethebomb wrote. She continued as “I’m not sure if the women in my family truly believe this or if they’re all goofin’ on superstitions.

Precipitation or (a) cold snap” are the changes in the weather that can occur, Catherine Buff wrote at Femme today.

If a girl itches … both nipples (simultaneously), this may foreshadow a change in the weather,” according to Fsetyt com. “It is possible that it will rain on the street.” However, they explained that the itching to the nipple will need to occur in the morning.

2) Someone who was once special to you wants back into your life:

This has been expressed in many ways, but the common denominator is the same: as HisLittleGirl LM wrote at Exemplore, itchy breasts means someone who once was special to you wants to be part of your life again.

Someone you used to love wants to come back into your life,” HisLittleGirl LM wrote on HubPages as to the itchy-breast superstition.

Itchy nipples means the last person that had you wants you again,” sumpthinspec02 also wrote at Lipstick Alley.

My grandmother used to say if your breasts are itchy, whoever was there last wants to go there again,” michelecastle also wrote at In Pure Spirit.

3) You are spreading rumors:

This happens if your breast is itching periodically, according to Fsetyt com.

4) Someone is thinking of you while playing with themselves:

According to Urban Dictionary, itchy nipples are “the result of someone thinking about you while they’re mas*urbating” or “When someone is thinking of you in a sexual way.

My nipples itch. Someone must be thinking about me,” is the example found on the hard-core glossary.

Kentucky apparently agrees: “If your left nipple gets itchy, someone’s mas*urbating while thinking of you,” it says at “Kentucky Superstitions” via And if it’s your right nipple that gets itchy, the person mas*urbating is “that weird uncle that your parents never invite.”

5) It’s time for intimate play – rather soon:

“Itchy breast” on Urban Dictionary yielded a bit of a different result than its “itchy nipple” counterpart.

You’re going to get lucky tonight!” it says.

6) You should remember why you feel guilty:

A belief is that nipples can be itchy in people who are sensitive to themselves and their “honor,” according to Fsetyt com.

7) You should wait for an early meeting with an old friend:

This is when the itching is in the cleav*ge area, according to Fsetyt com.

8) You’ll have conflicts with older relatives:

In this instance, “It is worthwhile to be more careful to conduct dialogues with relatives and not to succumb to provocations,” according to Fsetyt com.

9) You’ve been sexually active:

A Heidi wrote at Democratic Underground that her mother asked “Are you pregnant?” when Heidi said at 16 she had itchy “bo*bs.”

10) A full and busy life:

Itches in both breasts of the same size indicate a full and busy life, Buff said.

11) Changes are a-comin’:

And a more specific interpretation rests on the type of nipple, according to Fsetyt com.

12) A calm, steady life – with a caveat:

If a woman’s nipples itch in the evening, that’s the life she can expect, though she can make major accomplishments by working persistently, according to Fsetyt com.

13) Correctness of choice (or lack thereof) by a partner:

Buff said that itching in the evening or at night means that their partner may have made an incorrect choice.

Think of the time spent together,” Buff wrote.

14) A secret admirer:

If your breasts itch, a man is thinking about you, LOL,” AshleysSecond wrote at babycenter.

15) Negativity in general:

This is if the tender part of the breast itches, according to Fsetyt com.

Left Breast itching Superstitions & Meanings:

16) New income:

A raise at work or a sudden profit of some sort will happen if the left nipple itches, according to Fsetyt com.

17) You are waiting for positive news:

This is if your left nipple itches, due to the left side of the female body being accountable for both intuition and irrationality, according to Fsetyt com.

18) A women’s husband yearns for her:

An itch in a married woman’s left nipple means her husband desires her and is looking forward to getting together, according to Fsetyt com.

19) You should wait for positive changes in life:

This is if the left breast itched, according to Fsetyt com.

Right Breast itching Superstitions & Meanings

20) A predictor of future events:

Specifically, the right breast itching made “our ancestors” believe that may be a prediction of future events, according to Femme today.

21) A sexual relationship is at hand:

If the right breast of a woman is itchy, “it can mean an upcoming sexual relationship,” according to Femme Today.

Sometimes it can mean (an) upcoming sexual relationship,” wrote Buff, who also described itching of the right breast to be a “harbinger of infidelity.

Further, if a woman scratches their right breast, they are thinking about a blonde person. But if they scratch the left breast, they are thinking about a brunette, Buff wrote.

Perhaps this is due to the intended location of an angel on the right shoulder, and the bar on the left,” Buff wrote.

22) Envy from rivals:

Itching in the right breast means “envy on the part of rivals,” according to Femme today.

Of course, most of the breast itching meanings are simply myths. However, sometimes, it is quite interesting to know such unique superstitions, which came from our old ancestors. So, next time someone you know says that she had a breast/nipple itch, share her this article and see her reaction.

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