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How To Open Native Body Wash Pump: 3 Easy Steps

There is a wide variety of different brands to choose from for a body wash, but when you’re a label reader, then ‘Native’ is a great choice. Native is a brand in the US that has become known among those individuals who prefer fewer ingredients when caring for their skin.

However, some people seem to have trouble opening and closing the pump that comes with the ‘Native Body Wash Pump’ option.

So, why won’t your Native body wash pump open? How to open it the right way? Well, let’s take a closer look at what you should do.

How To Open The Native Body Wash Pump? 3 Easy Steps

How To Open Native Body Wash Pump: 3 Easy Steps

The Native Body Wash Pump is readily available at stores like Target, Walmart, Amazon, and more – making it easy to get your hands on this formula. The manufacturer has taken the time to create a pump dispenser that is smooth and comfortable to use.

To truly understand how you should open this native body wash pump, it’s important to get a better idea of how the mechanism works. This can shed some light on what goes on inside the pump, which also provides you with a more thorough understanding of the steps you have to take.

The pump itself features a pivotal function. This is why the dispensing of the liquid formula inside the bottle is so smooth – after opening it up, of course. There are several parts that play an important role in helping to ensure the pump works – and these parts are all found on the interior area of the pump itself.

Well, now let’s take a closer look at the standard way of opening the Native body wash pump. Here are the 3 easy steps.

  1. The first step is to remove the bottle from its packaging. Place the bottle down on a flat surface.
  2. Now, place your finger on the Native body wash pump itself, while holding onto the shaft of the bottle. Now, simply twist the pump.
  3. The pump should lift up. If you press down onto the pump now, then it should dispense some of the body wash inside the bottle.

Native Body Wash Pump Won’t Open? Try these Fixes

While the Native Body Wash with pump was designed to be a clean, convenient addition to your shower routine, some people have been experiencing certain troubles while opening the dispenser.

Yes, there are cases where following the above-mentioned 3 steps proves difficult. Perhaps the pump won’t twist or, even with a twist, it doesn’t pop up and allow you to dispense the liquid solution. If this happens, then you should get a firmer hold on the shaft of the bottle. Once you have it in your grip, hold onto the pump. Now, firmly turn the bottle itself to the right. This should help to open up the pump.

There are also some cases where the pump may be blocked. This usually happens at the nozzle. Sometimes, you might be able to open up the pump, but then it won’t dispense anything when you press down on it.

Fortunately, it’s quite easy to remedy this problem. If you turn the shaft of the pump, you can unscrew it from the bottle itself. This allows you to get access to the interior part of the pump and nozzle. Now, run the entire part under some warm tap water. Make sure to allow the water to run through the nozzle, as this will help to clear out any blockages that have developed. It’s quite uncommon for clogs to be present with a new bottle of the Native body wash, but it can happen after a couple of uses.

Once you have the pump open, it’s important to take the necessary steps to prevent the problem from recurring. Pressing too hard or too quickly on the pump dispenser is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Instead, use a light touch when pressing down on the pump. This can help to prevent air bubbles from forming and also reduce the risk of clogging the nozzle.

If it is a new bottle of the Native body wash pump, then be sure to gently press down on the pump a couple of times until you notice it disposes of the liquid solution inside. This helps to prime the pump before you actually use it in the shower.


Fortunately, when you know the right steps to take, opening or fixing a Native body wash pump becomes much easier. So, simply follow the tips discussed in this article to get your pump open and start using this nature-inspired body wash.

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