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5 Yondr Pouch Hacks: How to Open a Yondr pouch without Breaking it?

Yondr phone pouches had grown in popularity fast since 2014, when they were launched. Graham Dugoni created the Yondr company in America, and its products reached a global market quickly. These pouches are made for storing phones during specific meetings and events such as classes, concerts, court meetings, or any other official event that requires full attention from the participants. 

The Yondr pouches close with a magnet and can only be opened using another magnet compatible with the closure. When you purchase a Yondr pouch, you also buy the magnet you will need to open the pouch.

But how can you open your Yondr pouch without its original magnet? How to unlock a Yondr pouch without breaking it? Well, We’ll reveal the best hacks to help you do that without damaging the bag! 

5 Smart Hacks to open up a Yondr pouch:

5 Yondr Pouch Hacks: How to Open a Yondr pouch without Breaking it?
Image: Reddit

1. Use a screwdriver 

Using a screwdriver is one of the most popular hacks to open a Yondr pouch without a magnet. You will need a wedge shape screwdriver with a flat tip to perform this method with little to no damage to the pouch, so you can reuse it again.

You will use your fingers and the screwdriver to detach the two parts of the closure that lock the pouch. You will find recommendations suggesting using a blade as it is thinner and easier to slide between the locks. However, cutting yourself is dangerous, so the small screwdriver will still be the best option. If you control the force you use, this method should bring no damage to your pouch. 

2. Hit the closure against a hard surface 

This method might be the handiest since you don’t need other tools to try it. To successfully use this method, find a flat, hard surface such as a table. Hold the pouch so that you will only hit the closure against the flat surface, so you avoid damaging your phone. Use your left hand to hold the part of the pouch with the phone in place and your right hand to hit the closure on the surface in a controlled manner. 

Strike the pouch’s closure against the surface three to five times before you expect it to open. Note that there will be a loud noise created from the impact of the metal in the closure with the hard surface you choose to use. Also, the closure might get slightly dented, depending on the force you apply when you hit it. 

3. Use a pen or a key

You can help yourself with a sturdy pen or key to open your Yondr pouch. This method requires a moderate to high level of force to succeed. Plus, you will also have to pay attention to not stab or hurt yourself, as the pen might be accidentally pushed out of your grasp as you are using it to open the pouch. 

Place the pen with its lid on between the cover of the pouch so that its tip gets in contact with the needle. Apply pressure on the pen to weaken the needle and force the cover open. This method might damage the needle, but you could straighten it afterward. 

4. Use a different magnet 

You can purchase different magnets online and even use a regular Neodymium magnet. As long as the force applied by the magnet is stronger than the magnet in the pouch, you should be able to open it without much effort.

This method will not damage the pouch’s closure and will help you get the phone out of it in a matter of seconds. 

5. Bend the needle 

This method is the last one on the list, as it is the most damaging. If you tried anything else and still couldn’t open the pouch, wearing off the needle will give you access to your phone. But this method will also damage your Yondr pouch permanently, which is why it is recommended to use it as a last resort. 

The Yondr pouch stays closed thanks to a needle connecting the cover’s two sides. If you force the needle and bend it, you can get your phone out, but you will damage the needle forever. To bend the needle, you will need a lot of force as it is made of metal, and you want to flex its linear structure. If you don’t have enough strength for this method, it might not work. 

Final thoughts 

Depending on the circumstance you find yourself in and the tools you have handy, you should be able to apply one or more of the hacks above to open your Yondr pouch and jailbreak your phone out of it.

Note that your safety should be your first concern. Also, you want to cause as minor damage as possible to the Yondr pouch, so you can reuse it. 

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