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How to Whistle Loud Without Fingers? Here are the 2 Easy Ways

Everyone knows how to whistle with fingers. However, there are times when it will not look good to stick your fingers in your mouth. Maybe you want to be more discreet while still offer a loud whistle to spice up the atmosphere. Or maybe you just want to impress someone with your whistling talent. 

If that’s the case, you are in the right place. Here we will show you how to whistle loud without using your fingers at all. Yes, you read that right! Now, let’s dive in!

2 Easy ways to Whistle Loud without Fingers

Method 1: Whistling with your lips

All you need for this first method is your mouth. No use of fingers or hands or any other device. It is easy and everyone can master this whistling method with a little practice. Here are all the steps you need to follow for a great and loud whistle!

Step 1 – Get your lips in kissing position

This means that you will try to create an “O” shape by using both your bottom and upper lip. It is easy and you do it more often than you realize. You can even think of the way you would move your lips to make the “O” sound if that makes it easier for you.

If you want to get a louder whistle, you should wet your lips a little before this step. This position of your lips will create the right space for air to flow and ultimately create the whistle sound you want.

Step 2 – Position your tongue behind your lower teeth

Believe it or not, this is the key of the entire process. If you fail at this, you will not get a loud whistle or even a whistle at all. You should place your tongue right behind your lower front teeth. Let it rest in your mouth without contracting it.

The secret to this step is to allow your tongue to still touch the top molars while you relax it. This position of your tongue will direct the air flow through your lips and generate the loud whistle you want.

Step 3 – Create the whistle

Now that you got your lips and tongue in the right position, all you have left to do is create the whistle. Take a deep breath in and blow the air out slowly. There is no strict technique to this so you will have to experiment and see how much air you should blow at once to get the whistle you were looking for.

A good tip is to blow the air out slowly so the whistle will be clear and longer. But you can find your own rhythm as well by practicing. The force you use to blow air out will also impact the quality of your whistle. If you blow harder, your whistle sound will be stronger and more defined. If you blow slowly, it will be loud but less intense.

Method two: Whistling through your teeth

But the method we just introduced you to, is not the only one. Here is a second method that will turn out to be just as efficient. Again, all you need will be your mouth, so no other items or fingers!

Step 1 – Fold your lips over your teeth

To do this you will have to fold your upper lip over your upper teeth and your bottom lip over your bottom teeth. You can do this simultaneously or one at a time. The more you practice, the easier this technique will become. So take your time, to begin with.

Step 2 – Move your bottom jaw forward

You don’t have to exaggerate with this step. Simply push your bottom jaw out a little bit, in a gentle way, push it as much as you are comfortable to and don’t force it. Also, try to do this slowly until you master the movement so you learn just how far you should push without feeling uncomfortable.

Step 3 – Pull your lips towards your ears

This sounds more complicated than it actually is. All you have to do is drag your lips in a natural way towards your ears. You can do that like you would be simulating a smile or a grin. But don’t overdo it either! The corners of your lips should point towards the ears without being overly stretched.

Step 4 – Position your tongue

Your tongue should lay flat and relaxed in your mouth. Do not arch it or try to use it in any way. Make sure the tip of your tongue touches your upper lip without covering it. This means that it will leave a small gap in the middle, while just the edges of your tongue are touching the lip, sealing the sides.

Step 5 – Get the whistle sound out

With your lips and tongue in these positions, all you have to do is breathe in air and gently leave it out. You should inhale on your nose so you don’t change the position of your lips. When you exhale, make sure to direct the air through the little gap left between your tongue and upper lip.

This method will create a high-pitch whistle once you do it correctly. It might seem a little more difficult than the first one but is definitely an efficient technique.


It is not hard to whistle without using your fingers, once you get used to it. Try to practice these two methods and see which one suits you best. We are all different so you might be able to perfect the first method, the second one or both. One thing is for sure, though. You will get the loud whistle you want without having to use anything else but your lips and tongue!

Featured Image: “pict7967” by djupp is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 

Irina Maria Tracy is a published author, writer, and journalist who lives in Bucharest, Romania. She completed her journalism and mass communication degree from the University of Bucharest and went on to publish some top books in the fiction genre. Some of her top books include 'Haunted Aliens' 'Vampires Rapture' 'Adverbs of Love' etc. Irina also worked as an investigative journalist for a year and even collaborated with a TV channel for a political talk show (Bah TV). She loves writing and has contributed to many top magazines and newspapers such as the 'Story Magazine' 'Curentul Newspaper' and many others.

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