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How To Dap Someone Up? 3 Proper Ways of Dapping Up

Dapping someone up is a form of greeting between friends or people who are familiar with each other. It is practiced differently, though, in many cultures and even in different regions of the same culture. And it can be rather uncomfortable not knowing the proper way to give a dap.

To avoid such a situation, keep reading and find out everything you need to know about this form of greeting and how you should do it correctly!

So what does it mean to dap someone up? How to dap someone up properly? What is the correct way of giving a handshake dap, fist bump dap and the chest bump dap respectively? Let’s find out..

Dap up meaning: Why is this form of greeting called a Dap?

How To Dap Someone Up? The Proper Way of Dapping up

Dap stands for dignity and pride, and this greeting is a symbol of both these values. It is a declaration that none of the two people involved in the greeting is above the other, and they mutually respect and admire each other.

Also, some people believe the meaning of the word dap in this context relates to the “dap” sound created by the hands during the greeting.

How to properly Dap someone up? 3 Easy Ways

Giving a dap is common among men. Different dapping styles are not only specific to certain regions, but also to certain groups of people. 

1. Handshake dap 

Handshake dap 
kris krüg via wikimedia cc3.0

Handshake daps come in as many forms as there are countries. But all of them include some basics. Here are the main steps that will help you have a successful and proper handshake dap:

Look the other person in the eyes.

Nothing is more awkward than dapping someone up while you look at your hand or the ground beneath your feet. Look them in the eyes as you approach them or as they are coming toward you. Smile and have a socially pleasant expression before you dap them. 

Touch your right palm to their right palm.

Both of you will raise your hand more or less simultaneously. Keep your palm in such a way that it is facing their palm. Gently bump the palms with minimum intensity. Remember, this is not a slap or any intense gesture. It is a greeting, and you want to make the gesture as naturally as possible. It is like you are saying hi with your hand. 


Squeeze their hand slightly during the dap, which sometimes includes hooking thumbs. In other areas, people squeeze their palms together in a united fist. This shouldn’t take more than one to two seconds. When you release your hand, you can grab their fingers as you retreat your arm. 

2. Fist bump dap

dapping up fist bump

The fist bump dap is more accessible and less complex than a handshake dap. Many times, it is used to seal a handshake too. Here’s how you do it:

Make your right hand into a fist.

You will take this pose only for half a second. You don’t want your greeting partner to think you are treating them. 

Find the right angle. 

Make sure you don’t lift your fist too high or too low. You want it to be precisely at the same level as their fist.

Fist bump. 

Bump your fist against theirs in a frontal manner. Make sure you don’t put too much intensity into it, as it is only a symbolic gesture. 

3. Chest bump dap

The chest bump dap is more appropriate between good friends or people that haven’t seen each other in a long time. This dapping form is a bit more affectionate than the previous ones. 

Grab their hand with your opposite hand. 

You will use your palm to face their palm and squeeze your hands together during the dap. 

Pull them close to you.

As you squeeze your hand to their hand, gently pull them closer to your body. You will have to pull them so close that your shoulders touch in a mirror-like style. 

Give them a chest bump. 

Hold your hands still, squeezing at the abdomen level, and let your chests touch for one second. If you are greeting a dear friend like this, you might feel that prolonging this time is also okay. It will look closer to a hug and might even become one. 


Let go of their hand during the chest bump as a silent signal that the greeting gesture ended. 

Final words

If you are new to a group, observing how other people are dapping each other up is best. But if you don’t get the chance to do that, you can resume a dignifying handshake, and you can’t fail.

Dapping is a socially accepted gesture that is learned, and you will also get a grasp of it. Apply the three types of dapping someone up in this guide as they are commonly accepted, and let your friends guide you towards the details of a specific group dap if needed.

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