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How To Fake Cry? 7 Ways You Can Trick Yourself Into Crying

If you want to be an actor, you will need to master the technique of crying on command. Knowing how to fake cry, can help you in a variety of life situations as well. And fortunately, this is not so difficult to do.

So, How to Fake cry? Don’t worry, we gathered the best methods that you can apply every time you need to shed some tears even if you don’t genuinely feel like crying. So, without any further due, here are the best ways to fake cry and be credible while you are doing it!

How to Fake cry? 7 Easy Ways For Fake Tears

How To Fake Cry?
  1. Use eye drops

There are actually substances that produce tears. These substances can come as tear drops that you put in your eyes or as a lotion that you put underneath your eyes to create tears.

If you choose the lotion version, you will notice that these products are mentholated which might bother some people. But bottom line is that you will cry just like a movie star. Apply the lotion less than five minutes prior to the time you need to cry for the best results. If you decide to use the teardrops, know that these have an effect that is almost instant.

  1. Think of a sad event

Fake crying doesn’t need to be all the way… fake! A great strategy to create some tears is to think of a truly sad event. You can choose a sad event from your life or someone else’s life. You can even choose to think of a sad event or scene from a movie or from history.

Try to focus on that event mentally and feel its vibe until you get the tears flowing. This method is not a sure one as it takes some more acting and even more empathy since you really have to feel the sadness of the moment you have in mind.

  1. Skip blinking

Not blinking can result in fake crying and pretty fast. If you don’t blink, your eyes will become dry in a matter of seconds and they will start producing tears. It is important to not blink until you can feel the tears falling out of your eyes.

The trick with this method is to make it look natural. Other people shouldn’t notice that you skip blinking or they will not believe that your crying is genuine. Also, the more you try to skip blinking, the more your eyes will tolerate this so try not to use this method too often.

  1. Rub your eyes

If you start rubbing your eyes, the other people will definitely notice this gesture. But they might not connect the crying that follows with the rubbing eyes gesture, especially if you do it in a discrete manner.

For this method to work, you will have to rub your eyelids for about 25 seconds. When you are done rubbing your eyes, open them and reduce the blinking frequency as much as possible. You might have to practice this method a few times by yourself before you truly master it. The only aspect you need to pay attention to is to not rub your eyes too much or too hard.

  1. Bite your lip

Biting the inside of your lip in a discrete manner can also help you fake cry. You will have to bite it hard enough to get some tears going though, so there is nothing pleasant about this method. The pain you feel from biting your lip will make you cry in a matter of seconds. And considering that the pain is real, your cry might not even be so fake.

You can combine the lip biting method with thinking of something sad method to be sure that you get more genuine results and cry in a more convincing way.

  1. Look at a cut onion

If you stare at a cut onion for a few seconds, you will notice that you will start producing tears. The onion though has to be unwashed and you have to cut it beforehand.

This method could be difficult to do if you want to be discrete, as you can’t just get the cut onion and look at it before you start crying if you expect other people to believe you are genuine. But you can still do that if you manage to go to another room and return after you stared at the cut onion for 10 to 20 seconds.

  1. Force a yawn

Yawning is a very interesting process on its own. Yawning is hard to force through, but if you do manage to force it fully, you will notice that it makes your eyes watery. Most people are not aware of this effect of yawning so you can get away with it in certain situations.

To be sure that your crying is more genuine you can cover your mouth or try yawning with your mouth closed. It will take some practice but once you manage this strategy you will be able to shed some tears, any time you want.


You can combine two or more methods as you see fit, in order to create the genuine crying that you want to impress people. Remember, some people can cry easily while others have serious trouble trying to get some tears out even when they feel truly sad. But if you are an actor or if the situation calls for it, you can always use these methods to create a fake cry scene!

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