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Mormon Wife Rules: 8 Unique Rules & Duties of Mormon Wives

Followers of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, also known as Mormons, follow a strict code of conduct. Their practice of Christianity differs from other sects.

One of the unique features of this faith involves the rules for a Mormon wife before and after marriage. Mormon wives follow a list of expectations, unlike women in other Christian sects.

8 Unique Rules and Duties of a Mormon Wife

Mormon Wife Rules: 8 Unique Rules & Duties of Mormon Wives

1. A Mormon wife is not allowed to practice Polygamy:

When you think of Mormons, you may immediately recall hearing that Mormon men are allowed to have many wives while Mormon women are not. According to the Church of Latter-Day Saints, polygamy was an institution in the past, but has been banned by the church since the early 1900s.

Regardless of whether this practice still continues, the gender expectations in Mormon households is strict. When Polygamy was a staple of the Mormon church, it was a privilege only men could enjoy.

A Mormon man could have several wives, but women could not take additional husbands. Though no longer sanctioned by the church, the different standards for Mormon men and women is a stark feature of married life for people in this faith.

2. Mormon Wives need to play Traditional roles:

Men and women in the Mormon church follow traditional roles. In this faith, men spend their childhoods preparing for a life of missionary work, while women are trained to care for their husbands and children.

Mormon wives are devout and faithful. Their lifestyle focuses on being caregivers. They tend to domestic matters while their husbands prepare for leadership roles in the church. But they are not allowed to accompany their husbands to church meetings.

The men in this faith gather frequently for church-related meetings. But the affairs of the church is not something women partake in. They remain at home caring for children and the household.

The Mormon church has strict expectations for wives to be homemakers and to raise children. They do not cross the line into pursuing professions or working outside of the home.

3. Moderate Dress Code

Mormon wives are expected to adhere to a moderate dress code. They are not supposed to wear low-cut blouses or revealing outfits. Their attire must be professional and modest.

Women in the Mormon church are discouraged from drawing attention to their bodies or appearances. Their hairstyles must be traditional and unassuming. They are not supposed to wear makeup or jewelry that draws attention.

Furthermore, Mormons have strong views about piercings, tattoos, or other body alterations. These practices are not encouraged in the church. Thus, a Mormon wife would be judged for piercing her ears or getting a tattoo. These practices are considered taboo as they alter the purity of the body.

4. Divorce is Acceptable…. Only Sometimes

You may expect such a traditional church to look down on divorce altogether, but the reality is more nuanced. Mormon wives go through two marriages. One is a celebration with loved ones that resembles what people often think of when imagining a wedding.

The second wedding is considered a more somber ceremony. It takes place in the church and is considered to seal the bond between man and wife. Divorcing after this wedding is taboo.

Yet the Mormon church allows divorces after the first wedding, before a marriage is sealed. For a Mormon wife to experience a divorce still carries stigma. But it is not considered as damaging to her reputation as a divorce after the second wedding which makes the matrimonial bond official.

5. Caretaking and Attention to Home

In Mormon culture, the wife’s role is to stay home with the children and care for the home. The traditional roles stem from the division of labor within the faith. Men were expected to become church leaders and missionaries while Mormon wives were expected to maintain the home.

The devotion to home and family enables men in the faith to travel and preach their faith without worrying about child or domestic care. Even in the 21st century, Mormon wives maintain these traditional roles.

The Mormon wife’s duties involve caring for the needs of her children. Family life is central to her focus and it is preferred that she remain in the home rather than pursuing a profession.

6. Chastity

Chastity is essential in Mormon culture. Abstinence before marriage is part of Mormon code of conduct. Thus to lose one’s virginity prior to marriage is a significant taboo in this culture.

But even when a woman is married, she as a Mormon wife is expected to maintain a chaste and virtuous attitude and appearance. Public displays of affection are discouraged.

Also, Mormon couples are instructed to avoid arousing passion when kissing or being intimate. Sexual encounters are not supposed to be a source of pleasure but rather pertain to procreation.

Remember, virtue and morality are central to Mormon faith. Thus a woman is considered more attractive for marriage only if she adheres to the church’s moral code.

7. Unable to Lead Church Services

No matter how devout a Mormon woman is, she is not expected to lead church services. Mormon wives don’t hold positions of power in the church. They don’t hold office or work on church business.

The men in this faith have complete control over matters related to the church, which is central to community life. Though Mormon wives are the primary caregivers at home, they lack authority within the church.

Mormon wives are also not allowed to be active in the social aspects of maintaining the church. Their duties involve caring for the family. Thus, they lack autonomy and decision-making power in their larger communities.

8. Marriage at a Young Age

Another unique difference between Mormon communities and other sects of Christianity is the acceptable marriage age. There is no set marriage age in the Mormon church.

Boys as young as twelve begin preparation for missionary work and church leadership. Girls of this age are taught to domestic responsibilities. They can be prepared for marriage as children.

In fact, the tradition within the Mormon church is for couples to marry at a young age. The expectation allows the couple time to start a family by the time the husband is eighteen and able to undertake mission work.


Though the basic tenets of their religions may be similar, the Mormons have unique practices compared to other Christians. A married Mormon woman follows a trajectory that ends with marriage, family, and home responsibilities.

Mormon wives are expected to uphold a strict code of virtue and stifle any sign of passion. Men and women in the Mormon church are expected to abstain from excess and pleasure. They avoid caffeine and alcohol to remain pure. But Mormon wives are expected to focus on family and home in addition to maintaining this code of asceticism.

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