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30+ Pretty Pink Acrylic Nails Designs You Must Definitely Try out Next Time

Pink is a color that has been associated with sugar and spice and all things nice! It is the ultimate feminine color that instantly suggests love and compassion. There is not a thing to not love about pink.

Psychology suggests that pink symbolizes hope. It is a super positive color that gives you a sense of “everything is going to be alright!” It’s not for nothing that the adage is “I hope you are in the pink of health”.

Is pink your favorite color? Well, then all this aside that reason is enough for you to paint your nails pretty pink! It is interesting to know that pink was one of the first few shades of chemical nail paint produced during World War I.

So, No more waiting…

Let’s get right into some great Pink acrylic Nail designs that you can flaunt to get everyone’s eyes onto you.

Quick Trivia: In the early 1900’s rose pink was a color for scandalous women!

30+ Pretty Pink Acrylic Nail Designs you must Definitely try out in Your Next Manicure

1. Dry Pressed Flowers On An Acrylic Nail

Talk about pretty nails! This design exuberates beauty. It is done using real pressed flowers. These flowers are made into a gel-based nail paint that can be applied to your very well-done acrylic nails with ease.

You can use them as is, on all your nails, or as an accent nail like the picture below. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this floral number.

2. Bright Pink And Glitter On An Almond Shaped Acrylic Nail

Blue and pink is a match made in heaven. Taking from that, this is one amazing design that had to make it to this list. It has such a chill, holiday vibe to it. Using the right shades of bright pink and baby blue this one is a winner. Don’t miss the glitter in the same shades of pink and blue that totally amp up the style quotient.

3. Pink Powder Coffin Shaped Acrylic Nail With 3D Roses

pink acrylic nails coffin shaped

The dirty rose/ powder pink color has become a popular choice for nail art in the last few years. It is a very pretty color that gives out this super elegant vibe. The ceramic 3D roses on the accent nail just accentuate the beauty of this lovely color.

4. Fuchsia Pink Tropical Acrylic Nail

Fuchsia Pink Tropical Acrylic Nail
Sophia Lumia via Youtube

Pink and yellow are such tropical colors. This style uses both those colors in an across the nail ombre. Using the sponge technique to merge the colors, this style is both unique and interesting. Those diamonds on the accent nail give this design the right amount of bling.

5. Light Pink & Gold Glitter Acrylic Nail

A real crowd pleaser, this one uses light pink and pinkish gold glitter to transform your nails into something understated and elegant and yet super cool.

Each nail has something different going on – matte, shimmer, glitter, translucent – but it comes together in blissful unison. Pink and pretty!

6. Pink Acrylic Nails In Chrome Finish

Pink Acrylic Nails In Chrome Finish

Nowadays when you talk about nail art, you can’t escape talking about the chrome finish nail. It is a trend that has truly taken over the nail world by storm. Applying a little chrome powder to any nail paint can turn it into this shiny metallic beauty. Look at how amazing it looks in pink. You can compare both the light and the dark pink, and you surely aren’t going to be able to pick a favorite!

Pink Acrylic Nails designs In Chrome Finish

7. Neon Pink Square Shaped Acrylic Nail With Diamonds

Neon Pink Square Shaped Acrylic Nail With Diamonds
slavomira rusnakova

Neon was a craze a few years ago but even today no one can say no to it. It is bright, vibrant, and fun! If you are looking to ramp up a simple outfit or just bring in some zing to your life, this is the design for you!

8. Baby Pink And Glitter Coffin Shaped Acrylic Nails

Baby pink is delightful there is no denying that, but add a little bit of all-size glitter on the French tip of a coffin nail and that is when the magic happens. Do you contest that?

9. Sensual Dark Pink Glitter Acrylic Nails

Black and pink is a great combination! This style combines the enigma of true black with the charm of dark pink glitter in an ombre effect. It is such a good idea for an evening out or an occasion – it is sure to be a conversation starter.

10. Baby Pink Embossed Square Shaped Acrylic Nail

Embossing is another great find in the nail art gold mine, it gives so much character to your nails. Plain is great, but you can’t say no to those beautifully embossed roses on that light pink acrylic nail! This one should definitely make it to your pink nail art bucket list.

11. Different Shades Of Pink With An Ombre Accent Acrylic Nail

Different Shades Of Pink With An Ombre Accent Acrylic Nail
CLAVUZ Nail polish

This one is for those days when you pick up a bottle of pink nail polish but want something more, while not wanting to go all out. It looks great! Different shades of pink on each nail, with stripes of those same colors on an accent nail just shines!

12. Animal Print In Pink Acrylic Nail

Animal print never goes out of fashion. While people have done it time again, in the most creative ways, this number in pink truly stands out.

Bright pink with the cheetah print French tip on a clear base is perfect for a girl on fire. On the other hand, the rose-pink shimmer with an animal print accent nail is for that power-puff girl. Tough competition between the two, don’t you think?

13. Cross Stitch Decal In Pink Acrylic Nail

Cross-stitch is a beautiful form of embroidery. It is delicate and profound at the same time. While it won’t be long before you see actual cross-stitch done on nails, this decal is so close to the real thing. That black base is a perfect canvas to bring out the true potential of that pretty cross-stitch decal in different shades of pink.

14. A Polka Dot Heart Accent & A Light Pink Acrylic Nail

Simple and sweet, this design makes the best use of that very pretty pink. Use your favorite shade of light pink but leave out an accent nail for polka dots crowding together in a shape of a heart. CUTE AS A BUTTON!

15. Bright Pink With A Peacock Feather Accent On An Acrylic Nail

Call this bright, call it neon – this one is for anyone who is out there to make a statement. If you love color, you’ve got to try this. This design uses a matte finish bright pink on two nails, a shimmer on one, and a beautiful peacock feather on the accent nail. Not something you should miss!

16. Orange And Pink Acrylic Nail With Metallic Trimmings

Now nothing beats the pink and orange combination. It is timeless and is one that will never fail you. So why not use it for your nail art? Two shades of pink and a vibrant orange demarcated with metallic strips is bold and beautiful. What do you think?

17. Light Pink Watermelon Themed Acrylic Nail

Name a fruit that is pink? Did you say watermelon? Caught you!
This design is an interesting take on the watermelon – a pink ombre finished off with a green French tip on a round acrylic nail, and embellished with teardrop crystals. Dare to try?

18. Pop-Art Bright Pink Acrylic Nail

Pop-Art Bright Pink Acrylic Nail

Pop-art is evergreen. This style is a celebration of pop-art, in pink. It is simple, vibrant, and happy. The little pop of color says so much about your personality. If you resonate with it, you’ve got to try it.

19. Victorian Pink Powder Acrylic Nail

When you think Victorian, you think pink. It is such an integral part of the jacquards and tapestries. Using the iconic florals in pink on an accent nail with a peek-a-boo double layered style on the other nails – this one is very well done. Not one to miss!

20. Water Marble Pink Square Shaped Acrylic Nail

The water-marble nail art is so intriguing. It is a true example of science meets art. You can’t beat it, and you can’t escape it. So, if you are thinking pink, you should totally give this beautiful marbled nail art a shot!

21. Nautica Floral Square Shaped Acrylic Nail

Who said the nautical theme could only be done in blue? This one is a refreshing change. The aloha hibiscus flowers pair with the anchor to give out some true-blue island vibes. Are you feeling it?

22. Light Pink & Black Stylized French Tip On An Acrylic Nail

So, you started off with a light pink base on an acrylic nail, and then thought to yourself, “I want more”, no problem! A fun and fluid black French tip perfectly accentuates that already pretty pink.

23. Baby Boomer Pink Acrylic Nail

The baby bloomer quite simply is an Ombre French style. It takes inspiration from the classic French Manicure and was first seen in the 1940s (the baby boomer years). The soft pink beautifully fades into a frosted white tip – quite a winner!

24. Chevron & Golden Glitter Coffin Shaped Acrylic Nail

A combination of soft pink and golden glitter has this romantic quality about it. Add to that the chevron theme, and it is sure to send a bit of a flutter to your heart. Love is in the air!

25. Light Pink Minnie Mouse Accent Round Shaped Acrylic Nail

You’re going light pink alright, but if you want to add some spunk to it, you need the Minnie mouse accent nail. The iconic bow does the trick. For the love of Disney – try this!

26. Matte Powder Pink Acrylic Nail With Silver Accents

Nail art is all about bringing out your creative best – this one is for those times when you are feeling really artsy. Powder pink, white, and silver are used in the perfect combination of patterns to create something of real beauty. This has such a regal quality about it.

27. Neon Glow In The Dark Acrylic Nail

Neon Glow In The Dark Acrylic Nail

Glow-in-the-dark nail paint is something you must try if you love nail art. It has such a funky vibe to it. If you are looking at a night out, opt for neon pink glow-in-the-dark nail paint to take your night from blah to wah!

28. Baby Pink Coffin Shaped Acrylic Nail With Diamonds

Baby pink on those beautifully shaped coffin nails with a sprinkle of diamonds on the accent nail is elegance at its best. Simple and classy!

29. Polka Dot French Tip On An Acrylic Nail

Polka dots exuberate happiness. This is a great design – A French tip of crowded polka dots in different shades of pink and white on a clear base. Feeling the positivity?

30. Hearts On A Square Shaped Acrylic Nail

You can’t escape the heart theme when you talk about pink. With Valentine’s day just around the corner, this one just had to be added to the list. Three shades of pink, a beautiful acrylic canvas, and lots of hearts – you can’t go wrong!

31. Crinkled Pink Foil In A Coffin Shaped Acrylic Nail

Coffin nails yet again! Baby pink translucent nail paint, seen that before! But that crinkled foil effect, that is what truly makes a difference. It illuminates this design in the most unexpected way. Tempted much?

32. All Textured (Matte, Glossy, & Shimmer) Coffin Shaped Acrylic Nail

Pink is such a versatile color and this style is a true example of that – use different hues of the color, with different textures and you still have something that looks like a piece of art. Matte, glossy, and shimmer this design has it all. Light pink and dark pink you’ve got them both. What more can you ask for?

They say, “you can never go wrong with a little pink”, Don’t you agree?

Shirin Mehdi is a fashion and beauty expert who completed her Diploma in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. She worked as an editorial intern for a fashion magazine namely Beaumont Publishing Pvt. Ltd., (Singapore) and later joined as a full-time content writer for the famous emagazine Stylecraze. Shirin loves writing content and shares social media posts on beauty and fashion..

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