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30+ Beautiful Blue Acrylic Nail Designs You Must Try Out This Weekend

Are you feeling blue today?

Well, that is not necessarily a bad thing! Although ‘feeling blue’ refers to feeling low, people in general, are drawn to the color BLUE. It is said that blue is the most non-threatening color, and it can have this amazingly relaxing effect on you. The color in question usually symbolizes royalty, stability, and reliability.

Blue is such a positive color, associated with all things peaceful and honest. Also, it seems like a good choice of color for your nails, isn’t it?

It is interesting to know that it wasn’t until recently that women opted for this striking color for their nails. So, Today Let’s explore some ‘fun’ designs in different shades of blue for your acrylic nails. You are definitely going to want to try them all!

Quick Trivia: Did you know acrylic nails were invented by a dentist in 1978?

30+ Beautiful Blue acrylic Nail Designs You must try out this Weekend

1. The Bold Cobalt Blue Matte Acrylic Nail With White Accents

This beautiful shade of blue is extremely attractive and catches the eye very quickly. It looks great on round or almond shaped acrylic nails. To break the monotony the white accent with abstract nail art done in a light and dark shades of cobalt blue seems perfect.

2. The Royal Blue And Gold Winter Wonderland On Acrylic Nails

Royal blue always makes a bold statement. The square-shaped acrylic nails make the right canvas for snowflake decals, while the gold accents add just the right amount of bling. This one is truly a winter wonderland.

3. The Clear & Blue Coffin Shaped Acrylic Nails

For those of you who don’t want to go all out blue, this style is an amazing option. You can’t go wrong with translucent white nails and a tinge of blue. The coffin-shaped nails with a tiny bit of glitter and baby blue floral decals is a sure winner!

4. The Matte Blue & Gold Glitter Chevron Acrylic Nail

These dark blue, square-shaped acrylic nails look extremely classy! Adding the chevron detailing with gold glitter takes it to another level.

5. The Striped Blue Ombre Acrylic Nails

blue acrylic nail designs
Image: Youtube HannahRoxNails

You can never go wrong with round or almond shaped acrylic nails. This style is simple yet chic using stripes in different shades of blue to create an ombre effect. It is a must try!

6. The Dark Blue & White Nautica

The Dark Blue & White Nautica

When you think of blue, you can’t help but think of the ocean. One of the best themes you can opt for using blue is the nautical/sailor theme. The iconic anchor and sailor stripes can totally uplift those square-shaped acrylic nails. The glitter accent adds the right amount of oomph to the cool and casual thematic nail art.

7. The ‘Ikat’ Inspired Blue Acrylic Nail

Have you ever heard of the Indian weave Ikat? It is basically a woven pattern made from resist dyed yarn. It looks like the image below. Beautiful right? This style is inspired by that weave in shades of gold, white, and blue. Stunning!

Indian weave Ikat

8. The Royal Blue Acrylic Nail With A Golden Twist

Simple and understated, this style is a must try! Round shaped acrylic nails painted in that rich royal blue color and a golden triangle, dropped down from the cuticle gives a multidimensional effect.

9. The Light Blue Coffin Shape Acrylic Nail Net

Look and how cool and casual this style is! The addition of simple light blue and grey on those very well done coffin shaped acrylic nails completes the look. Not to mention the aesthetic value add of that geometric net pattern on the accent nail.

10. The Glitter Blue French Style Acrylic Nail

These nails resemble snow globes, don’t you think? If you love glitter this is a style you have got to try. Blue glitter in different sizes seamlessly painted on clear nails definitely makes a statement!

11. The Baby Blue Geometric Pattern Acrylic Nail

Two tones of baby blue, some white and a dash of chrome make for some killer nail art. The geometric pattern is a classic.

12. The 2- Tone Blue Aztec Acrylic Nail

blue acrylic nails aztec style

Aztec is an age-old art form which has universal appeal, so quite obviously it has been adopted into nail art. Why miss out on this smart print when you want to go blue? Pick your favorite shades of blue and paint away!

13. The Blue Watercolor Square Shaped Acrylic Nail

Watercolor nail art is another trend that is making the rounds. It is subtle and sophisticated and you just cannot resist trying it out. With the different shades of light blue, this one is a masterpiece.

14. The Baby Blue Square Shaped Acrylic Nail With An Accent

This shimmery baby blue number is a sure winner. That accent nail is so easy but so pretty, how can you not try it?

15. Acrylic Plaid Nails In Nude And Blue

Plaid is an evergreen trend. This one is done beautifully in nude and dark blue. The golden hearts add a nice vintage touch.

16. The Baby Blue Winter Themed Square Shaped Acrylic Nail

So simple, yet so pretty – this winter-themed nail art in baby blue is a must try irrespective of the season in play.

17. The Matte Blue Acrylic Coffin Nail

Matte nail paint has this striking quality about it. It makes such a bold statement. The french tip with the abstract design on the accent nails makes for the cherry on the cake. You can never go wrong with blue, matte, and a coffin-shaped nail!

18. The Hues Of Baby Blue On A Square Shaped Nail

Floral patterns on square-shaped acrylic nails are always pretty. This style in baby blue is for that girl next door. Simple, and sweet!

19. The Abstract Blue On A White Acrylic Nail

This abstract nail art trend has become exceedingly popular off late. How can you resist this edgy design? It is literally art on your nail. Oh! And that blue color – it’s gorgeous!

20. The Royal Blue With Gold Glitter Acrylic French Tip Nail

The scattered gold glitter uplifts that beautiful royal blue color, making this coveted french tip design a super success!

21. The Light Blue Army Print Acrylic Nail

The army print has taken the fashion world by storm in the last couple of years. It has now been overdone and yet, people across the world can’t get enough of it. This take on that very popular pattern, using light blue and orange looks like a lot of fun!

22. The Polka Dot Acrylic Nail In Shades Of Blue

The Polka Dot Acrylic Nail In Shades Of Blue

If you are feeling blue (quite literally), this is a design that you must try! Polka dots have this amazing vibe about them, they give you this fresh and happy feeling. This style in different shades of blue just takes happiness to the next level.

23. The Water Marble Blue Acrylic Nail

If you are active on social media, you couldn’t have missed this! The marble effect has fascinated women all over the world, and therefore, it had to make it to this list. Blue and purple is a great combination and the square-shaped acrylic nail makes the best canvas for this design. Take a look at this quick tutorial.

You must also try a french tip with the marble effect on a coffin shaped acrylic nail in shades of blue of course!

24. Cobalt Blue Acrylic With The Polka Dot Accent Nail

This style had to make it to this list because; a. It has polka dots and b. it truly stands out. The blue on square shaped acrylic nails looks fantastic. This design is so easy, you can do it yourself!

25. The Two Texture French Tip Acrylic Nail In Dark Blue

This is yet another stunning design that uses matte and glossy textures to create an added dimension. It is such a good idea – A matte nail with a glossy french tip, in dark blue on a square-shaped acrylic nail. The sparkly dark blue accent nail is optional but you have to agree, it looks great!

26. The Chrome Finish Blue Acrylic Almond Shaped Nail

chrome blue acrylic nails almond

The chrome finish has taken the internet by storm and women all over the world want to give it a go. This style is usually very popular in gold and silver, but the blue just stands out!

27. The Royal Blue Round Shaped Acrylic Nail With Gold Tape

One can never get enough of this color combination! Royal blue with a gold stripe gives you the illusion of a french tip. Quite enchanting!

28. The Two Tone Blue French Tip On An Acrylic Nail

This design uses two shades of blue, some silver giltter and white on a clear acrylic nail. What can go wrong? Inspired by the french tip, this style is a sure winner!

29. Scattered Floral On A Baby Blue Acrylic Nail

Baby blue is a lovely color and adding a scattered floral print to it is a very good idea. Just look at the clean, fresh vibe that this design gives out!

30. The Blue Greek Pattern On A Simple Acrylic Nail

If you are a minimalist at heart and love your neutrals, this is for you! The greek pattern is simple and understated.

31. The Teenage Dream In Blue On An Acrylic Nail

Another spin on the thematic design, this one is amazing for those who are young at heart. It is fresh, spunky, and gives out that uber-cool vibe.

32. The Starry Blue Clear Acrylic Nail

Glitter with stars is a popular nail art accessory, therefore, this design had to make it to this list. Quick and easy, this style adds so much spunk to your nails.

33. The Royal Blue And Gold Rhinestone Acrylic Nail

Here we go! Royal blue and gold again. When you talk about nail art you have to talk about rhinestones. These stones have a diamond-like sparkle to them that uplift your nails making them look so festive.

34. The Pierced Baby Blue Coffin Shaped Acrylic Nail

Nail piercing is a recent trend. Women use funky metallic trinkets to embellish their acrylic nails. It actually looks so cool! The baby blue acrylic nail forms a great canvas for those pierced silver chains and metallic seashells.

35. The Spooky Theme Blue Acrylic Nail

The Spooky Theme Blue Acrylic Nail

There are times when nail artists out-do themselves, this is one such example. Look at the details in this design! Since there is so much blue on this one, it had to make it to this list, and yes, art like this has to be on every woman’s nail bucket list.

This list could go on-and-on because there are way too many options when it comes to using the color blue on your very chic acrylic nails. These 30+ designs are going to give you enough options to try for the weekend. Which one’s your favorite?

Shirin Mehdi is a fashion and beauty expert who completed her Diploma in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. She worked as an editorial intern for a fashion magazine namely Beaumont Publishing Pvt. Ltd., (Singapore) and later joined as a full-time content writer for the famous emagazine Stylecraze. Shirin loves writing content and shares social media posts on beauty and fashion..

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