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Bird Sitting On Windowsill Spiritual Meaning: What does it Symbolize?

If you’ve ever seen a bird sitting on your windowsill you may wonder what this special visitor is trying to tell you. While it may not be rare to have a bird visit you this way, it certainly is a special phenomenon filled with spiritual meaning and symbolism.

You may be in store for some interesting changes in your life when you notice a bird sitting on your windowsill. There are many symbolic interpretations of a visit from a bird. The more details you notice the easier it will be for your interpretations.

So, What is the spiritual meaning of a bird sitting on a windowsill? What does it symbolize? What does it actually mean when a bird sits on your windowsill? Let us see now..

Bird sitting on Windowsill Spiritual Meaning:

Bird sitting on Windowsill Spiritual Meaning

When you see a bird sitting on your windowsill, it is symbolic of important messages coming your way. Birds are associated with communication because of their song. Also, because of their ability to fly, birds are often seen as messengers from the Divine.

Therefore, when a bird visits you, it is usually alerting you to pay attention to your communication with others. You may also need to check your mail or e-mail and be on the alert for an important notice coming your way.

In ancient times, many believed a bird flying through a window and into a house was bad luck and indicated death on the horizon. Yet when a bird sits on your windowsill, it can be seen as a sign of protection from death since it is not flying into the house. There are more details you can glean from this type of visitation depending on some of the details of the visitation.

Other traditions teach that a bird sitting on your windowsill is bringing guidance and protection from the Spirit realm. The bird may be a guide who is watching over you or a messenger from your loved ones who have crossed over.

Various Types of Birds sitting on Windowsill Meanings

If you know what type of bird is sitting on your windowsill, you can determine more about the message the bird brings. A dove for example is associated with love and may bring messages about an upcoming marriage. You may meet a new love when dove visits you.

Cardinals can portend change on the horizon. You may be starting a new job if one of these brilliant red birds comes to sit on your windowsill. Blue Jays can signify your need to protect what is yours or can be a messenger of confidence and the need to be assertive.

A blackbird can signify a time of dramatic change and transformation about to begin. Pay attention to these details and you’ll be better able to understand the type of message that is being brought to you by the bird on your windowsill.

A hummingbird is a delight to see. When this bird sits on your windowsill, it is a special visitation that may be a link to your loved ones in the Spirit realm and can also signify joy. You may need to reserve more time for playful activities that rejuvenate you.

The Direction of Bird sitting on your Windowsill – Symbolism

Bird sitting on your Windowsill - Symbolism

If you are an astute observer, you may notice the direction the bird flew from or the direction it faces while sitting on your windowsill. Paying attention to the direction the bird faces and flies off to, can help you further decipher the meaning of the message from this visitor.

In many traditions, the four cardinal directions have spiritual significance. While their meanings may vary depending on specific traditions, there are some universal associations with directions.

For instance, the sun rises in the east, so in many cultures, the east is associated with the dawning of a new day. If the bird flies in from the east, faces east, or takes off in an easterly direction, it indicates a message of hope, positivity and a new start on the horizon.

You are being shown that a new opportunity is coming your way. Now, combine this with the type of bird for the full meaning. For example, a dove sitting on your window facing east can indicate a new love or new romance coming your way soon.

Likewise, the west is associated with cleansing, healing, emotion, relationships, and symbolic death & rebirth. As the direction of the setting sun, it also can indicate closure or transition. Notice what kind of bird faces west when visiting you and you’ll have a complete message interpreted. For example, a cardinal facing west on your windowsill can mean it’s time to start looking for a new job, your current job has served its purpose and it’s time to move on.

North is often associated with abundance, stability and the need for patience. This association to the material world may mean better times are coming if a bird lands on your windowsill facing north. A blackbird may signify a beneficial transformation that brings you more good in the future.

And finally, south is a direction of excitement, passion, action and determination. A bird facing south may indicate a hectic time coming up. Be prepared to juggle your responsibilities and stay on your toes, you may have to prioritize.


The next time a bird visits you by sitting on your windowsill, you’ll be well equipped to determine the message your winged visitor is sharing. Take a moment to commune with the bird who has chosen to visit you.

No matter the specific meaning, a visit from a bird is an important time to pay attention to communication. You may have to refine your own message and most importantly don’t overlook people in your life who need your attention.

Your winged visitor may also come bearing messages from the realm of Spirit, so be open to other symbols and signs that emerge in the coming days. The more you can understand about the specific bird visiting you, the easier you can interpret the message they are sharing.

Angela Kaufman is a Certified Intuitive Consultant, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Empowerment, Life Coach and an LCSW. She is an amazon published author and was Featured on several shows like Discovery Channel’s A Haunting, Echoes from the Past (2007) 14 Degrees: A Paranormal Documentary, Tune In to Wellness Today with LisaMarie Tersigni, and Empowering Entrepreneurs with Melissa Carter as well as numerous radio interviews. She is the author of Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down - Unleash the Power of Your Inner Tarot Queen and also co-authored three books on metaphysical spirituality (Sacred Objects, Sacred Space; Everyday Tools for the Modern Day Witch | Wicca What's the Real Deal? Breaking Through the Misconceptions | The Esoteric Dream Book; Mastering the Magickal Symbolism of the Subconscious Mind). Angela regularly conducts workshops, the Inner Queen coaching program and loves writing articles, that blend social criticism with spirituality.